Tuesday, February 2, 2010

welcome to Heart Tips Tuesday & breakfast and snack ideas

Hello Sweet Friends
and Welcome to Heart Tip Tuesday!
Today I want to share with you basically what we were 
told to start with, about diet of a person with heart disease.
Also, the things I share here could keep you from 
becoming a heart patient, and if you slowly change
some of these things now,  it could keep you healthy
in many ways!
First off our  Dr. told us to stick to a Mediterrean Diet, 
 which I had no clue what that meant accept for olive oil,
 and I didn't even like olive oil that much accept for on
 salads that my Italian step Mom used to make. 
 They were awesome!
The second thing was to stay away from "hydrogenated 
or partially hydrogenated oils".  These are oils that have
been chemically altered and they stay solid and do not melt
 at body temperature.  Packaged foods are full of them.
Cookies, crackers, margarines, breads, cake mixes, 
practically anything that comes in a box has them.
They are major artery cloggers!!
  I have found some products that I can use that are
 fat free that don't have bad oils.  As we go along 
every week I will be sharing products that we have
 found that are heart healthy, because half the battle
 is just finding a decent replacement.  The Lord has
 been good in helping us with that,  we pretty much
 have a replacement for everything but cool whip, 
 and we love it,......... but it is loaded with
 hydrogenated oils.
I have to say too,  that all the replacements we
have found we really enjoy and love just as much.
So it is doable folks.  Actually, we live in the
best time frame for all this because they are
changing a lot of products to have better oils.
One of the news changes is "Palm or Palm 
Kernel oil",  it is a lil bit better choice,  but
it is still an artery clogger,  so you want
to avoid that as well.
The Best oils are Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
Almond Oil, Avocado Oil,  Canola oil,
and Peanut Oil.  The reason they are the
best is because they have the Most
Monounsaturated Fats!
  And Monounsaturated Fats are the
Good Guy Fats!!  The ones you want
to eat,  because everyone needs fat in
their diet.  You just need to get the 
right kind of fats.
There are 3 kinds of Fats,  well really
there are 4,  Saturated Fats, Trans Fats
(which basically are hydrogenated oils),
Polyunsaturated Fats,  and then the
best Monounsaturated Fats.
The Heart Association tells you to stay
away from Saturated and Trans Fats,
but they think polyunsaturated are okay,
but Jim and I read a Christian book
called the "Makers Diet" by a fellow
called Jordan Rubin, I think it is,  and
after research he did he thinks it could
be the polyunsaturated fats that clog
the arteries,  so we try as best we can
to avoid them as much as possible too,
but sometimes they use soybean oil
in many products.
All of the above named oils have all
3 oils saturated, polyunsaturated and 
monounsaturated,  but the difference is
the amount of each.  The ones above
that I told you are the best, have 
way more monounsaturated oils than
saturated or polyunsaturated,  so the
monounsaturated overrides the damage
of the others.  Does that make sense!!
If you don't read labels on the products
you buy you will need to learn to for sure.
For instance, you might read on the label
that something has no saturated or trans 
fats,  but if you read the label you will
see it has "hydrogenated oils".  That is
because, if it has less that .5 grams. The
Food and Drug Administration does
not require them to report it so 
they can say it has Zero!  So if the
serving size is small you can be getting
way more saturated or trans fats than
you think!  and over the course of a day
and a month that can really add up.
My rule of thumb is if it has "hydrogenated
or partially hydrogenated oils" on the label
anywhere.........it stays at the store.
I am amazed that there are products
that are hawked as products for people
who have heart problems that have
"hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated
oils" and people think they are safe.
Benecol spread is one of those,  but
check the label,  also some of South
beach diet products are the same.
Our Dr. told us not to use margarine
just to use olive oil,  but who can eat
olive oil on toast for instance.  I have
done that and then put a mix of seeds like
they put on everything bagels and
that is good,  but I found a spread that 
we love that tastes good,  and has
no bad oils and is made with canola
oil.  If you leave it out on the counter
for a lil while, it will melt in the container.
Now that is a good sign, because that is exactly 
what it will do inside your body, 
 and that my friend,  is what you want
to eat.
Here it is,  look for it at your local grocery store,
I think you will like it really well.

If you start slowly changing some of your products
over for new ones,  it can make a huge difference.
For instance, buying 1% milk instead of 2%,
or if you are drinking whole switch to 2%
buying lowfat cheese made with 2% milk, 
 light sour cream,  lite cream cheese or
we found these Laughing Cow cheeses
that are only 1 gram of saturated fat per
wrapped wedge.  It comes in light original
Swiss cheese, French onion, and garlic
and herb flavors.  We use them all.
The lite swiss goes well with fruit.
We also loves these multigrain sandwich thins and eat
them for breakfast and for snacks too!
Remember this from last week,  sandwich thins
with lite swiss and strawberries.  If you like you
can sprinkle just a tich of sugar on it,  I usually
eat 1 top and bottom of the sandwich thin,
and split 1 wedge of cheese between them,
then add and eat all the fruit you want,
unless of course, you are diabetic..
Gives you protein, carbs, fruit & fiber.
If that doesn't fill you up you can always
add a couple of lean ham slices and/ or
a glass of milk.
This is the same but with peaches.  Both are great,
and make a good morning breakfast or a great
healthy snack.  Try it you'll like it!!
Well,  more next week.
Make sure to stop by tomorrow, because I have
a very Special Guest Blogger !!
You will enjoy it .... I am sure!
Have a Great Evening with your Family!


Sister Susie said...

I have been using this Land of Lakes spread for a long time. I had tried the Smart Start, but it just didn't have any taste. I found I wouldn't use it at all. When I use the Virgin Olive Oils, I have to use it sparingly do to it being too strong on my stomach. I will have to try the sandwich thins! They look really tasty! I have been eating much of the fresh pineapple Publix has cut from a whole pineapple. It is so sweet! I also have found a brand of egg noodles that does not use the yokes. I can't tell any difference in the taste. It is good for mixing with tuna or chicken salad. I bet that would taste good on those sandwich thins (noodles and all!)
Happy eating,
Sister Susie

Michael Lee West said...

A great post. The "good" and "bad" cholesterols can be so confusing, and so can labels, as you pointed out. My poor cholesterol level is sky high, so I really need to stop and pay attention to what I'm putting into my grocery cart--before it finds its way into my arteries. I buy pineapple at Publix, too--isn't it the greatest?

Heather said...

i buy the same exact butter (not light though) and olive oil as you! I love the Land O Lakes butter made with canola oil. So yummy!
I own a copy of the Maker's Diet too. What a great book!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Great post! i use to buy that spread but have forgotten about it. Going to add it to my list. I use those sandwich thins. They are the best! Never tried the cheese with the peaches. Looks good!!!

Great ideas Nellie! Keep them coming!

Bonnie said...

Nellie this is great and a good reminder. I just started buying land of the lakes after trying it at Laura's. We buy butter but use it very rarely. I never use margarine. Usually if I have toast I just use a little jam.

Do you guys have Trader Joes' in FL?

We buy fat free milk and the little cheese wedges and the sandwich rounds. Your cupboard and frig look like mine I bet! I did not think to try the cheese with fruit though but is also great on tortillas as a spread for a wrap and on pitas too. Jim also likes to melt it in his soup.

We are label readers from way back. Especially since Spencer has been diagnosed with his peanut allergy. I am always looking for new products Laura can use for him. He is also allergic to soy..that junk is in everything! Seriously it is probably what is causing all the health problems!

This is good stuff..keep 'em coming! Have been a little distracted, worried and wondering if I am going to be heading to Utah. So far I think Hazie is getting slightly better so maybe I won't have to go again. It is going to be a long recovery.

Talk to you soon!

Love, B

Hugs, B