Monday, February 15, 2010

Would you like a bowl of Black Bean and Rice soup??? Here's the recipe.

Hello Sweet Friends,
Hope you all had a Super Sweet
Valentines Day with your Honey or Honey's!
(Honey's being children or other's that you love)
For those of you who couldn't... I am truly Sorry,
but hope you had a Good day in spite of it!!
Well,  one of our Honey's is this cute lil
Chijuajua,  our grandaughter dog,  Rosie!
We got to have her for 4 days now,  and we
are loving it,  cause she just is the sweetest lil dog,
to humans that is,  but she becomes Miss Killer attack
dog to any other animal.  I truly think she believes
she is a German shepherd!
Her mommy is coming to get her tonight, so
we will be dogless again.
Think I just heard our cat Molly say "YES"  Finally!! lol
As you can imagine killer attack dog and her don't 
get on too well.  Plus since Joey moved out a few
weeks ago with her daddy,  Molly has totally been
enjoying the run of the house,  and sleeping in sweet

Can hardly tell what she is.  It was a cold day
and she was in about as tight a ball as you can get!
Could think it was a skunk!!
This is what she looks like normally.
OOPS,  Interrupted her nap with the flash!
She really is a pretty kitty,  when she isn't pulling
 her fur out!!  She has allergies and gets hot spots
or something,  It's wierd!
Go figure!!
We had a lovely Valentine's day ourselves,
went to church and got a very Sweet Surprise,
Scott's girlfiend came to church with him for
the first time,  and the service was great as always.
After church we went to get a "Chocolate Elvis",
then went and got take out from Olive Garden,
since we had our Valentine's Day dinner with
the kids on Thursday evening.  Came home ate
and took a nap,  then Scott and Megan dropped
by for a short visit,  they had come back from
a nice dinner at a place called "The Garlic",
they said it was really a nice place and the
food was excellent.  For those in the area
it is in New Smyrna.
We are gonna have to check it out sometime.
They ate outdoors and they have an outdoor
fireplace and heaters when it is cold.
So they loved it!!
After they left we
 we watched a nice Romantic Comedy
called "Return to Me",  it has a pg rating and
I think a lil language, but we have a TV guardian
on our DVD so have no idea what they said.,
but it is really a Sweet movie,  that leaves you
wishing it hadn't ended yet!!
We had seen it before and loved it,  but it has
been awhile.  We usually watch "You've got
Mail",  we love that too!  but couldn't rent it
at blockbuster this year.  Guess we are gonna
have to check online and see if they have it
and buy it!
I just made a nice easy breezy soup for lunch.
I think you will enjoy it very much if you like
black beans.  I will leave the recipe since it 
is so easy.  I know all you girls up North that are
freezing would probably love something simple and
warm to eat, to help keep you warm.
I just love soup on a cold day!!
Black Bean and Rice Soup
2 - 15 oz. cans of black beans
3 cups of water
1/2 cup of diced onions
1 envelope of  Good Seasons Italian dressing mix
1-1/2 cups of instance brown rice, uncooked
Place 2 cans of beans undrained into sauce pan.
Add water, onions,  and salad dressing mix and
stir until well blended.  Bring to a boil on medium
high heat.
Stir in the rice,  Reduce heat to low; cover,
 simmer 5 minutes.  I let it cook a few mins. 
longer just to be sure.
Serve it up in a bowl,  add a dollop of light
sour cream,  some chopped fresh tomatoes
and cilantro,  and
20 mins. total time
Just had a bowl for lunch and it was De Lish!!

This recipe was on the front of a Good Seasons
Salad Dressing Packet.
I altered it just a bit,  cause they tell you to put all but
a half can of the beans into the blender; cover and to
blend till smooth,  then proceed with the above directions.
The first time I made it I didn't catch it was to go
into the blender first,  so just did it with the whole
black beans and it was fine, and it is much easier.
Well,  Chickies.........................
Hope you have a Dandy Evening
I will leave you with one more shot of our
lil Rosie,  just cause I think she is so cute!!
Humor Me!!  lol
She is excitedly looking at grampy for her doggie cookie!!  lol
We can never get a pic of her that her eyes look like
that,  if it was red I could take it out with photoshop,
but it doesn't work for gold or whatever color that is.
Hugs and Blessings,


sistersusiesays said...

Your soup sounds great. Does the Italian seasoning make it taste tart? I just so happened to have some black beans! But, no sour cream. :-( I'll have to wait until I get all of the ingredience! Rosie is as cute as she always is! I just love Molly's marking of a butterfly on her nose! She definately looks like shes enjoying the warmth of your house. I have been sitting Tia and she has greatly enjoyed being in the house during the cold! I have to get a hold of her and Dolly. They are rip/romping all over the house, lol! Alice and Boddy will be home tomorrow. I hope the weather will be warmer, since she has been used to being in the house! What a fast 3 days it has been! Back to work tomorrow!
Love, Susie

Lois Christensen said...

Well my day is ending nicely with a visit to you! Sounds like your day was perfect! Glad your son's girlfriend made it to church! That little dog looks really cute! And so does your cat. And yes, she looks a little annoyed that you woke her up with the flash!

It's snowing again! The kids are hoping for no school again tomorrow. But I had to remind them that they'll just be in school longer at the end of the year making the days up. But I don't mind. I've really enjoyed them being home these past few days.

Enjoyed visiting with you!

Renee said...

Gosh I think your cat is gorgeous! And "granddaughter dog" is such a cute word :p

To answer your question, I don't make money everytime someone clicks on my blog, but that would be SWEET :p I make money when people visit the links I have listed on the blog. ;) I really like adsense, but i have known others to have complications with it. What it does is it puts out advertisments based around the words in your post, but somehow another girl who ran a christian blog had an ad about scientology on hers. Im not sure how it happened. Luckily mine has been kind to me so far :p

Rebecca said...

I will DEFINITELY make that soup! Thanks for the recipe!

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