Monday, February 8, 2010

What we were up to over the weekend!!

Good Monday Morning
 Sweet Friends,
So how was your weekend?? Can't believe I am
asking that again,  these weeks just fly by so fast
anymore I can hardly believe it,  can you???
We started off our weekend by watching a movie
we recorded off the Christian station.  I just happened
to see it earlier in the week and had hubby record
it so he could watch it, cause I knew he would like it.
And he loved it too!!  I knew he would.  Problem
is you can only get it thru netflix cause blockbuster
doesn't carry it!  Our you can buy it online.
Course, you know what you should check you
blockbuster or other video stores cause who
knows,  where you live they might have it!!
Worth a try anyway.
It is called "The way back home".  It is a charming
southern movie,  filmed right here in the Central Florida
area,  by a fellow who grew up in WinterPark, Florida
and he now lives in Orlando, Florida.  The movie
was filmed in Sanford, Florida and it is a spiritually
and relationally wonderful movie.  
If you would like to read what it is about go to then look for reviews
on the top bar (it's dark blue) and then you just
type in "The way back home" and wait for
the review to come up, or you can just type
in "The Way back home movie"  and a lot
info comes up.  Hope you can find a way to
see it cause it really was a terrific movie.
Actually I liked some of the reviews from just
typing in "the way back home movie" better.
Also, you don't need to use the parenthesis,
I only did that for your benefit.
We got Joey Saturday morning around 9am,
and we had a nice breakfast,  and just chatted
and read some and played with Joey. 
 Then I just said  to hubby, hey, 
 what do you think about starting
to take that bathroom wallpaper down,  and
hubby said sure why not!  Cause remember
we got the watercloset and shower area
done by November,  but now we have to
do the dressing room area.  Just thought
I never did show you the pics,  maybe
sometimes this week.  It is such a small
room it was hard to take great pics in
there,  but they came out pretty good.
I just forgot to post them.
 So back to the wallpaper stripping......
 we started at about 3 and worked till about 5:30, 
 and we had made way more progress that I expected.
We only had one half wall left to do,  so we
stopped and had dinner (remember the Spinach
 Manicotti I was making on Friday) and it was really 
delicious I might add,  it was a Kraft recipe and very easy. 
 If  anyone is interested just let me know and I will post it.
After dinner we went back and finished it,  so the
whole bathroom is ready to be painted now. we were 
so happy it came down so easily.  It only took us about
 3 1/2 hrs.  all together,  so we are thrilled.
  We have to prime it first cause of 
the wall paper glue,  and also cause we are
gonna paint some of the dark woodwork
white.  I am sort of sick of all this dark wood
work after 30 years,  so I am very excited
about that.  We will still keep the dark
cabinets and doors tho,  they are back in
style now anyway!! lol

Here is what it looked like before we took the
wallpaper down.  I sort of hated to see the wall
paper go,  cause I really did love it,  but it doesn't
match with the bedroom anymore,  so it was time
to go bye bye!!

We have had those same mirrors for 30 yrs.,
but they have been every color under the
sun,  (lol) so I am excited that we have some
new square ones to put up when we finish.
Here's a better shot of the wallpaper.  I am gonna
miss my berry red in there.  But I know when it is
done I will love the new look just as well if not
better.  I am funny like that........I just have to 
get used to the new look,  it takes me a lil bit
anytime I do something new.  Are you like that???
I am really not thrilled about painting right now,
but I know once we get started I will be fine.
Cause I would really like to finish it before
Spring gets here since we are gonna have a
lot of yard work to do.  So ya gotta do what
ya gotta do,  know what I mean!!
Sunday we had a great morning at church
and afterward when for a "Chocolate Elvis"
which was crazy since it was cold,  but
it sure was good!!  Had some lunch, Scott
dropped by for a bit on his way to his
girlfriends house to watch the SuperBowl.
Hubby and I watched the SuperBowl too.
We really weren't rooting for either team,
but were happy for the Saints, cause they
probably needed something good to happen
for NewOrleans!
Oh Yea,  did you get to see the Tim Tebow
commercial???  If not,  just go to
you can also see the interview they did with
his parents,  it is really good!
Then Scott came back about 10:30 and
got Miss Joey,  and took her home.
She would hardly let him out of the
house earlier,  she is so funny!
and the it was off to Beddy bye land.
Today I am planning for Valentines day
and working on cards still!
Hope you are having a good day,
and you are staying warm, especially
if you live where all the snow is right now.
Praying for you Girls,  I know you are
just getting a lil bit sick of this weather!!
But you know................It is because of all
this darn global warming!!  lol
Hugs and Blessings
Lovely Ladies,


silk purse said...

Well my oh my, what and interesting post!..,

I'm just out the door with hubby to go to Home Depot to get some more stuff to finish his new studio, just thought I'd pop by and say 'hi' once more!..,

I also am tickled to also mention that I am delighted that my little, Tuesday Tea For Two, cyber blog tea party is back, with a special Valentines theme this week!.., Yay!..,

All the best with your bathrom redo and I'd love to see those dressing room pics, (as well as to have you please post that yummy recipe)!

The movie sounds wonderful and uplifting!

Cheers from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

Sounds you you had a busy weekend. I hate wallpaper stripping. When we did our in our kitchen it took forever. What is your paint color?
What is a Chocolate Elvis? Is that something for a drink down south?
You asked about my granddaughter Emma. She is from New York. My other grandchildren are in Oregon and they will be visiting this weekend so I am so excited.
I need to look up the review of the movie sounds like a good one.
Have fun working on your Valentines. I mailed my New York ones out today.

Sister Susie said...
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Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Nellie,
I always enjoy reading of what you have been up to.
I tried taking wall paper down a long time ago, it was a very large area,my dining room and a hall way, never, ever again. lol. I know you are going to enjoy your bath when it is finished. I thought the paper was pretty too.
The movie sounds familiar, I think I will check it out.
I am so much better. I started back on my exercise today, and it felt so great, thank you for all your prayers and well wishes.

Sister Susie said...

:-( I really loved that wallpaper in your bathroom. It was going into a springtime of blossoms (especially during this cold weather!) I just know that what you are replacing it with must really be gorgeous! How's Molly taking this cold weather? I bet she is enjoying quiet time without her "nieces!" lol

Bonnie said...

Wow, Nellie I thought you were all done and here you are at it again! LOL! I have a love/hate relationship with wallpaper. I think some of it is so pretty but after removing several rooms of it last year I am pretty sure I am done with it. I love how it makes a room feel gift wrapped but I do not love how the second time around if you don't get all that glue off and then you add primer or paint..holy smokes what a mess you get. It took four people about three days to get our kitchen back to wallboard. I am so glad you had an easier time than we did! Another reason I don't like it is it almost always has to come down before selling. It can be a real deal breaker for people.

Cannot wait to see the finished product! Ours should be ready to peak at really soon.

I will order the movie on Netflix too, thanks for the recommendation!



Pedaling said...

what a warm and inviting blog you have here.
i love wallpaper- but you're right, probably time for a change. looking forward to see the finished paint project!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Oh I love that wallpaper!!! And your bathroom is so pretty! I had to read your post twice to make sure that was the wallpaper you were taking down. But I understand completely. Once you update one room, everything else follows!

Sounds like a great weekend! Things here are okay. I went back to the doctor again and my sinus infection is still not gone. He put me on another antibiotic. But I'm not blogging about it as I didn't want to tell my mom, silly huh? Just didn't want to worry her or hubby.

Enjoy your day!! Thanks for the visit today!

Jennifer said...

Don't you just love a productive weekend - or day in general? I know I do. I am so curious to check out this movie. My daughter, and quite a bit of family, live in Orlando/ cool is that? Are you in that area? The weather has been my kind of perfect and I am so "envious" every time I talk to my daughter. I just wanna be there and take that grandbaby to the park:)

Will sure be interested to see that bathroom once it is painted! Have a wonderful week:)

Jess said...

Hi Nellie,
Peggy Broda and I were just enjoying your beautiful wallpaper! What a sweet room!
Have you started painting yet????
Okay, we are wondering just what a "Chocolate Elvis" is? Sounds like alot of a calories!
Hope your day has been a blessing!