Thursday, February 25, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - February 25, 2010

Hello Sweet Friends,
How is your day going???  Having a nice Thursday???
Hope So!!!
I have been busy working on Birthday cards, visiting
a few blogs, the routine straightening up,  making
 breakfast and lunch and exercising. Hubby works
at home Thurs. and Fridays, which is great cause
we can get our exercise in early during his lunch
hour,  I love to get it done and over with early.
It has been a beautiful day out,  but chilly and windy, 
it's like we want to go out because of the sunshine but
once we open the door we think, maybe not!!  lol
Guess I had better get on with Thankful Thursday!
Before I write a book about something else. lol
I am Thankful to My Heavenly Father today
The exercise equipment we have: the gazelle,
stationary bike (my sister-in-law gave us), videos and
 weights because they help us rotate our exercise 
which helps us not to get so bored with it.
I am thankful for
Being able to spend the afternoon with an
old friend yesterday, and give her a copy of my
favorite book. (Lost in the Middle) and hope
it blesses her as much as it has us.
I am thankful for
What a nice day out I had on Tuesday all by myself,
 and that I got the birthday shopping done for my sil
 and hubby,  and got the grocery shopping done for at
 least this celebration.
I am thankful for 
the answers and the ideas that the Lord gives me
about so many things.  Cause they are just so 
neat and surprising and simple sometimes.
He is just too amazing to comprehend!
I am thankful
when I see someone looking downcast and then
spend some time talking with them,  then see
them walk away with a smile.  What a blessing
that is!!
I am thankful
 that I live in America,  with all her problems she is still the best
 place in the world to live. I often wonder what it would be like to 
live in Africa or India where people are starving.
I am thankful for people who serve us all the time,
like our postmen and refuse collectors, imagine
if they didn't come everyday or week what that
would mean for us,  and the people who work for
 the power Company who have to get out in these
storms in the freezing cold and rain,  even more so 
our precious servicemen and their families who sacrifice
 their lives for us and our country.
God Bless them all for their hardwork and sacrifice.
I am thankful
 that Bonnie over @ one designing woman
finished her work for her  Blogging Seminar, and is giving
 it tonight, so pray for her if you think of it.  She also got a neat
blessing today.......another blogger who evidently is quite
popular in the decorating world did a post of her new
bathroom and 5 other posts that she has on decorating.
Go check her blog out it will take you over to the
blog that is hosting her.
I am also thankful that she finally was able to get her
new bathroom remake after waiting 32 years, and
she did a great job indeed!
God is good!!
I am thankful
that I get to enjoy all the neat things that happen in the lives
of all you Sweet and Wonderful ladies. I just love to see
people that I think are so neat, get Blessed!
I am thankful
for Life Beautiful Magazine that I found this week,
it has already been a real blessing. I have decided
to just read 1-2 articles a day so I can savor it till
the next issue comes out in April or maybe March.
It is quarterly anyway!!
I am thankful
but sad that our Sunday School class will be ending
this Sunday, thankful because it will free up our Saturdays
so we can finish our bathroom and because we are gonna
have a lot of yard work soon, but sad because we hate
for it to end, it has been so good for us, and for others,
and we have all really bonded over these 6 months.
I am thankful
that my hubby made a decision that will help him
spiritually and physically, and the Lord has really
blessed him these passed 2 weeks, and has given
him some neat spiritual opportunities with a co-worker!!
How Neat is that!
Well, Sweet folks,
What are you Thankful for Today!!!
Have a Super Evening,
blessings n' hugs,


  1. Always nice getting a glimpse into your life with your thankful list. I'm thinking of getting a stationary bike as well. I think it won't hurt my back too much. I can't walk on the treadmill anymore but think the bike would be nice. Now if I can just find one that will come already together!

    Enjoy your day. Heading over to that other blog now to see the bathroom!

  2. Nellie...Your such a doll, I love your thankful heart as I've mentioned before...If we all had that mindset our hearts would be transformed.
    Love it when you stop by...I can't help but smile , your such a dear.
    Glad to hear about your husbands opportunities with his co-worker...I do love that!
    Have the best week...xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. Well, my oh-so-sweet and precious friend,

    What a lovely 'Thursday Thanksgiving' list!~I read each word in detail!~ What a precious gift you are to those of us who have had the pleasure of meeting you in the 'blog world'!

    Yes the Lord does reveal such marvelous things to us in that "still small voice", from deep with in our inner most being, with the enabling of His Spirit, that the bible refers to!..,

    Just the other day , although I was deeply thankful, even joyful on many levels,nonetheless I found myself missing my recently dearly departed loved ones very much and felt so sad, longing for their company!~ Yet I as surely as someone was talking to me face to face in a room Nellie, inwardly and with calm assurance inwardly I "heard", not audably, yet 'inwardly' withing my spiritual innermost being;..,"Casting all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you!".., And yet another time; when I was deeply discouraged,for a much different reason,..,"And the God of all comfort will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus" ~ How precious and beyond compare are those life saving words of God and realities of the grace of God in our hours of need in this life!..,

    Yes my dear friend, I did recieve your message via your recent comment,yet I was veruy busy today so I'm sorry it took awhile to get back to you my dear!~It is an excellant suggestion; I will email you with the info., in a few moments!..,( Or better yet, you may simply log on and obtain our number again with the info., for our web site address, listed below)..,

    Cheers and hugs; it will be such a joy and pleasure to talk to your on Friday;(tomorrow), God willing!..,A delight!

    Blessings to you dear Nellie from, Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

    P.S.~ The web address is: ~(Early afternoon is best, you are approximately two to three hours behinds us with regard to time).

  4. Oops, I'm wrong!

    ~ My time here is; (believe it or not Nellie,2:24 P.M.), and your time according to the time recorded at the time this comment was left was clocked @ 1:22 P.M.!

    ~So I guess you're only and hour behind our time! If you want to call at 1 P.M. your time, that would be great!..,


  5. i always think your thankful lists are so wonderful that they can't get any better. but each week they do. this weeks list was very sweet and I truly felt God's presence on this list, very strongly. I hope you two enjoy your weekend :)

  6. Thank you Nellie for sharing your thankful lists. It helps me think of things that I take for granted. You are a true inspiration.

    Hugs & Blessings

  7. Dearest Nellie,

    I'm having a wee bit of a frustrating time with emailing you may dear, (certainly through no fault of your own to be absolutely sure)!.., Yet I thought I should mention why I have not done so! I had tried to send you my B. and B. web address, my phone number, as well as my own personal email address to you as requested Nellie..,

    Whereas I have a different email set up,I have never seen so many questions or "hoops to jump through", so to speak; my oh my! ~ Then the email program, "tossed me out";(it wanted to know my name, which was also on the email from and then required further info on something called Pop3).~ Do you perhaps know what this could be or is? So in esssence Nellie, I don't know whether you recieved the message or not?!

    So sorry for the "ke-fluffle"; (which is a crazy, funny, sort of 'non-word' my sister coined for such ocassions)~lol!..,Hehe!.., Yet mercy me, I do not know what else to do my dear!..,

    My best suggestion is to use the info I posted yesterday my friend and to go via that route to contact me.., I'll be very much looking forward to hopefully hearing from you my sweet bloggy friend!..,

    Cheers and hugs Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen and also @; (the phone number is there).

  8. Hi Nellie, I always look forward to your Thankful Thursdays!

    #1. I'm thankful for your exercise equipment too. That means I don't have to do it,lol! No, I do much fast walking about six times a day from one side of the campus to the other. I use to leave early and just walk slowly, but since have turned up the quickness.
    #2. Isn't it great to share with others! Especially when it has to do with God and His leading in our lives.
    #3. I am thankful the LORD has blessed me to be able to be a good stewart of what he has given me. I find He blesses me so much when others are thought of first in my life.
    #4. The LORD moves in mysterious ways. I am always so thankful to Him when I am still and listen for Him to lead me in the ways I ask Him about. He wakes me an hour before I need to get up and I lay in bed with His thoughts filling my mind for things in the day.
    #5. Just this morning, I had a mom that was in this manner when she approached me about her daughter. It made me feel so good to share some great news about her child and I ask if I could hug her. She was so moved, and received my outreach of God's Love with joy on her face that she did not have when she approached me.
    #6. I love my country too. When I want to gripe to myself about things, I always think of those that are not as blessed in other parts of our world. I then feel ashamed of myself, asking my LORD to forgive me.
    #7. I feel the same way for our public workers. When I can, I always tell them "thank you for your service. I appreciate what you do for me!"
    #8. I have lifted Bonnie up in prayer that our LORD will richly bless her and give her success in the seminar she is leading.
    #9. Isn't it great how God blesses us with the love that each shares in their blogs! This is another way He speaks in our hearts as we uplift one another.
    #10. I'll be sure to look at this amazing magazine when I come to visit on Sunday!
    #11. I am so sad that our class is ending too. Even moreso this Sunday since I can't be there due to being in the sound booth! But, God will place in my heart all of the things we have share over the passed months; bringing up the important things in my times of need for them.
    #12. I am always blessed by the LORD blessing you and hubby. I am so proud of you both as well as my nephew and niece!
    I love you all,
    Sister Susie

  9. Nellie, it is always fun to come to your blog and hear what you have been doing. Thank you for including me in your list. My two classes went pretty well last night. I have never worked so hard at being prepared and I teach a lot. This was just a little out of my comfort zone with the time limitations and trying to make it instructional and meaningful and then trying to keep my remarks in perfect sync with my brother's simulated internet PowerPoint presentation. I was exhausted when it was over like I had been running a race. But no one seemed to notice that so that was good. I know your prayers and Susie's really helped!

    The funny part of the evening was that the person in charge was our children's old chorus teacher from high school. So in the beginning we 6 ladies that were the presenters had to sing a song (together). So we had practice for that and then we all had to do a little 60 second intro to our classes and be clever..So I was kinda wrung out by the time it all started in the classroom. I told the other ladies it was a bit like being in the Junior Miss Pageant that Laura participated in for a scholarship in high school. We asked Virginia if there was also a long white gown we had to wear...she was cracking up over that one! Anyway I did sleep very well last night and just lounged around today basically. So tomorrow Tax prep awaits. Boy there's fun, huh?

    Well I think you get the longest comments of anyone in the blogsphere.

    Thanks for sending your followers to visit my bathroom. That was sweet.

    Love you, Sweet Nellie, and that is what I am thankful today! And I am praying my hubby doesn't freeze his tush off snow camping tonight!

    Take care and enjoy your last class in Sunday School.

    Blessings, B


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