Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I am almost 11 weeks old here

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

Hope yall had a good Memorial Day,
and got to see your loved ones and/or
 friends, and had some good yummy
 food, and of course, remembered 
why we celebrate Memorial Day.

At church on Sunday they did a very nice Memorial
Day presentation that really was representative of 
what the holiday is really all about,  they had a video
 that showed some sad scenes of grieving families
 and military cemetary's and things like those that
 really make you thankful for what these men and
 women have done all these years to protect and
 preserve our rights and freedoms that daily we
seem to be losing.  Such a good reminder.

Since we just got back from vacation on Saturday
we didn't plan anything cause really didn't even 
think about it as we were in our beach mode.  lol
So ours was quiet but lovely, just the 2 of us.
  Sat out in the backyard for awhile in the am,
since there was shade and such a nice breeze,
and because we are used to being outside all
day while we were at the beach.....now I just
want to be out there all the time,  but after
awhile, it is just too hot.
 We got subs from Publix for lunch and Sonny's
 b-b-cue for dinner, since we like to take our 
vacation to the max,  did more on our marriage 
retreat stuff , and  did do some yard work too.

Think I overdid it in the yard, and that is why 
I am up so late, back and neck are bothering me
 and can't get comfortable enough,  so got up to
 eat a bowl of cereal, and hoping it might help.
We got so much rest while on vacation we came
back raring to go with some productivity, and
think we got a lil carried away!!  lol

Am watching Brooklyn all day tomorrow too,
so am praying I am feeling a lot better in the
morning.  So if you feel so led,  a few prayers
wouldn't hurt................lol

Thought I would tell you something funny
that happened to us last night while we were
watching a movie,  The Hobbit.  Our TV sits right 
next to our french door going to our porch.  All
 of a sudden I noticed a lil face outside our french
 doors, and  said, oh my gosh and jumped up,  
thinking I hope I locked that back door.  It was a
 racoon watching us...........watch TV.  The back
 porch light was on too,  and we did have one try
 our door handle once before, and thankfully it
was locked, which is really my force of habit,
but just the shock of it makes you think that.
Course, as
soon as I jumped up he took off............
Hubby said, we were expecting some creatures
in the movie but not on our back porch.
Anywho,  we got a kick out of it....

Have you ever had that happen???
We thought it was sort of fun ourselves.....
cause you know how we like wildlife......lol

Well, have a great day,  I will 
probably post some vacation pictures 
on Wednesday,  Lord willing................

But today I am playing with my
 lil sweetie all day..................

Hugs and Blessings,

P.S. Figured I would report back about last night
since I had a few minutes.
 That cereal did help.....finally got to sleep I only
 got 4 hours of sleep,  but I slept like a rock,  so after
 being up an hour and a half,  I am now fully awake
 and feeling great......thank the Lord!!

Now just waiting on Brooklyn to arrive,  Scott called
at 7:30 and said she was still sleeping, and they put
her to bed at 9pm.  They went to the beach yester-
day so must have been all the fresh air,  and the
naps he said she missed,  plus she is probably going
thru a growth spurt since she is 12 weeks old as
of yesterday,  and she is starting to teeth as well.

Have a Sweet Day!


Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Such a sweet picture Nellie! I bet you were surprised to see a racoon watching you...too funny!
Hope you have a GREAT week!

Rebecca said...

Your beach vacation sounded wonderful (I didn't leave a comment there - not sure how I missed it earlier.) We had a low-key Monday/Memorial Day, too. We didn't sit outside as it rained the ENTIRE day...but hubby worked on projects in the garage and I did some clean up chores and put away after our guests on Sunday. I napped, too - catching up from Saturday, I think :)

Sue said...

I think sometimes we forget that things don't bounce back quite as fast these days. I did a different exercise video on Saturday and Sunday, my legs were killing me. It took me a while to realize that it was just changing to a different routine...that wouldn't have happened at 30!

I'm sure you are having a great time with that pretty one, but you will be really tired tonight!

sistersusiesays said...

Brooklyn's pictures just get cuter as she grows!

You've been busy since you got home!

I meant to tell you there were two nights that I think the raccoons got into Molly's food. She had none the next morning on those days, but they must have moved on, because she had food left over the other days. When we had a dog door to our back porch, the raccoons used to come in it to get to Sarah's food!

I surely enjoyed my visit with you and Brooklyn today! You are a "great" grandmom! (great in the manner of wonderful, ha!)
Love to you all, Susan

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hello. I've been reading your blog the last few weeks and catching up with your corner of the world. I had a blog a few years ago, but had to quit due to health reasons. I'm doing much better now and have been checking some of the bloggers I used to follow. And of course, I thought of you. I'm glad to see you're doing well.
I'll be by from time to time to say hello.
God bless you.
(formally wethreebears)

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