Thursday, May 9, 2024

Thankful Thursday May 9, 2024, and pictures of a few changes we have made to the kitchen and master bath in the last 7 months with very little $$$

“The LORD is my strength and my defense ; he has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise him, my father’s God,
 and I will exalt him.
Exodus 15:2 NIV

Morning Sweet Friends,
How's You??
Hope this finds you having a good day and a good week, so far!
Been a good week here, a lil busier than usual,  which is fine.
Well, You know what time it is.........
Time for Thankful Thursday!

Pictures today are of some things we have been swapping around in the house lately, for a new look, they are  pleasant inexpensive changes, and some 0 dollars ones as well.  Hope it might spark some creativity for you as well..............

Coffee Table Before


  Starting my Thankfuls now................


Thankful for pizza from lil Caesars. We haven't gotten it in a long long time and it was just cheese pizza with the crazy crust, but  have to say we enjoyed every bite!!


Thankful that we did some more yard work on Saturday., still more to go but making progress, so that is good!!

Now some changes to Our Kitchen - Before


I have always loved banquette seating so decided to see if we could accomplish that in our kitchen and happy to report we did.

At one time these stools were at the breakfast bar, but then put

 them under our sofa table in the family room for awhile, then moved

 them to the kitchen a few weeks ago. This is working out great as it

gives us more room to get in the fridge on the left and the pantry on

 the Right.

 This bench was at our dining room table, up until last year when we used it at the breakfast bar (lil darlings idea) and now here it is in the kitchen and Just threw some pillows I already had on there, and now we have a fun banquette area.

Now the chairs that were in the kitchen are at the breakfast bar...
Love all these changes were made and not a cent was spent..............


Thankful for a fun visit with a long time friend of 42 years, who came to see us on Saturday.  We see each other most every Sunday, but just not long enough to really catch up with each others lives that much. So that was a well.


Thankful that we have the freedom and ability to go to church with no problems and  for a good day at church, one of our younger Pastors spoke again today, and we got to talk to visit with a lot of folks after the service,  always enjoy that too!


Thankful for dinner at what was our fav Mexican restaurant with our Son and lil darling. (The last 2 times they have changed their taco salads for some reason, and I tried both of them and definitely did not like the new ones, but I was very Thankful for the Company we got to enjoy, and then got to spend the evening with them at their house. So that was fun and got us out of the house for awhile.


Thankful that we got frozen yogurt on Sunday evening, from our race trac store and gas station.........we had forgotten that they even had it, and all of a sudden remembered as we were on the way home, so got some and it was awesome.  The yogurt place we used to go to all the time closed years back, and we have missed it so much, but there is no place to sit down, so we went a few times to race trac then went back to getting smoothies.  Think we will be going back again real soon!!  lol

Note:  We did on Tuesday


Thankful that we now have a new MacDonalds that just opened real near our house too. We have lived here a long long time., so it is really nice we are getting a few places close to us.


Thankful that the Lord helped us find a huge "Huntsman" spider that was lurking in our bedroom. Just before we went to bed my hubby saw this huge spider on the ceiling right over his side of our bed, so he ran for the bug spray and I ran for the broom. I got on the bed with the broom and ran it away from over the bed, and he sprayed it but didn't have time to get it really good, only to have it drop behind our armoire, So now we don't know if it is dead or alive, so we are carefully looking and he found it again and it ran under the bed, so we were looking as much as we could with the flashlight and down on our knees (which neither of our knees were feeling up to this task), so I am already thinking we are sleeping on the couch tonight, but then I started praying for the Lord to help us find the spider....hubby decided to raise our adjustable bed as high as it would go, and lo and behold there was the spider under my mattress. Praise the Lord,  So he put something against it to try and kill him cause it was in a wierd position and thought he had him, only to have him run again, but think he wounded him enough that he slowed down and hubby finally got him with our grabber!! We used to make fun of those things when we were younger, but as Seniors we have had one for quite a while now,  and that thing really comes in handy. So anyway, we went to bed praising the Lord for helping us find that big guy!!  and for being able to sleep in our bed.

#9 and 10

Thankful that we just got back from hubbies pre- op appts. for his eye surgery, and that went well, only to find our car would not start, so we are very thankful we have what you would call a battery booster we keep in our car, and he used that and the car started right up. We highly recommend the battery booster as it has bailed us out quite a few times, with batteries and with putting air in our tires. We got them as Christmas or birthday presents for both of our kids.

We did a lil facelift on our master bath last Sept. 
and used the Grout pen we got from Amazon. Works well and is easy to use, and is still
looking great, and love when I mop it that it looks so clean.  Got
where I didn't even feel like cleaning our bathroom, and told hubby I think it is because this floor never look clean even when I clean it.  Grout can really make things look happy this fixed our problem.

                                           This is before

This was after, I love it, cause it makes the floor look so much cleaner. It had a tich more yellow than I would have liked but none of lids on the grout pen were actual color, so we had to send the first ones back thru amazon, and get another color. Definitely easier than ripping up all the floor tile or regrouting.

We added this new shelf for the towels,  have been looking for

something to go there for years, and had tried a number of things

that just never worked and were returned.  Did have a basket there

with the towels in it, and it was okay, but we love this so much more.

Note:  The above is for Coco over at the Crowned Goat,  she read about it in my Thankful post and said she would love to see our shelf,  so here it is....better late than never!!

Here it is all filled up.  Did have to find a new way to fold the towels in order to  make it look nice and neat.


Thankful we had to get a new car battery today, and thankful

it happened this week and not next week,  as we are taking our

car into the dealership next week to be serviced.  If we had it

done at the dealership it probably would have cost us 3 X's

as much, and hubby was able to just go to "Auto Zone" today

and buy one and they even put it in for him, and then got rid

of the old one.  Now that is service!! 


Thankful for early Mother's day Flowers from hubby today.

He did great, they are the right colors to go with our new curtains.

and are gracing our coffee table now.


Thankful that we got the hooks in for our curtains already, so we

were able to do the family room curtains today, and we love how

it looks,  really brightens up our family room.  Will show yall

next week.


Well, that's it for Cozy Place this week.

Thanks for spending time with us here,

and hope you have a lovely Friday and weekend.

Love, Hugs,

and Early May Blessings,


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  1. It's always so much fun reading these posts, Nellie! I love the way your towel rack came together. It's pretty and practical which is amazing. All the changes you guys have been making look really good. And I can't get over how you've done it without spending a lot of money too. That is so cool! I'm also thankful that you found the spider. Oh my word, I would have been running to a hotel immediately. You guys are so brave. I'll be keeping your car and your hubbies eye appointment in my prayers. Big hugs, CoCo

  2. Hi Coco,
    So glad you came by and happy you enjoy reading my posts. Thank you for your kind comments about our changes, we have been very happy with them. and yes, we were
    so excited to find that spider, as we were exhausted and wanting to go to bed. Hubby read up on them, and there are these gadgets you plug in that makes some short of high pitch noise, that runs them and some other varmints away. lol Hubby ordered them from Walmart I think, so we should be getting them soon. He read that the spiders start coming inside cause they don't like the heat.........course, I really can't blame them!! lol
    But we had a number of them last year, so even tho I am empathic, I am not looking to go thru that again!! lol Hubby also put some screen in our A/C vent registers in our bedroom, as he thought they might be coming through there. Not the actual Air Conditioning ducts. We were only brave cause we had to
    Thanks for keeping us in your prayers, we so appreciate that hon.
    Hope you have had a good week. I read your last post about the lady in the grocery store. Wow, the Lord knew just who to send her how you handled that situation, and that lady will remember you and your kindness always. Thanks again
    for coming by............have to come again so I can read the rest of your post, I have been busy sending out Mother's day cards.
    Take care, Love and Blessings, Nellie

  3. #1. Sounds delicious! Thank the LORD for take out!
    #2. Praise the LORD for Steve who cares for my yard!
    #3. Our friends are a blessing from our LORD!
    #4. Another praise for GOD's blessings to worship Him in America!
    #5. She is definitely a blessing from GOD!
    #6. Another blessing from GOD for take-out!
    #7. Yes indeed! It is so nice to have it close to us!
    #8. I don't know how these bugs get into our house!!! Yes, praise GOD for you being able to get rid of it!
    #9 & #10. Praise the LORD for his appt. I pray the LORD's blessing on him and the Dr.
    #10. Always great to know the dependability of our cars! PTL!
    #11. How wonderful for him to get them for you!
    #12. Until next week!!!
    Love you, Susan


Special thanks to all who take the time to leave comments..........They are very encouraging and very appreciated. I enjoy every one of them so much!!
May the Lord Bless You!!

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