Thursday, May 23, 2024

Thankful Thursday May 23, 2024, More changes at Cozy Place Family room

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.

Ephesians 1:3 NIV

Greetings  Sweet Friends,

How are you doing today?? Doing well I hope.

Can't believe it is Thursday already,  where do these weeks go.  

I am in process of making Cuban food for din din. Haven't made it in quite awhile, so today is the day.

In case you are interested, .

Here is the recipe!

Pictures today are of a few changes to the family room that I have talked about in the past few weeks. Thought you might enjoy seeing them since you have heard about it already.

From the birdhouse

To Mother's Day flowers.

On with my Thankfuls.................

#1 and 2

Thankful that we got our car into the dealership for normal maintenance and to fix a potential problem, which turned out to be a problem, so they got that fixed as well. Always glad to know your car is in good shape. Thankful for this dealership we take it too,  it is an hour away,  but we get such good service there, even tho we would like it to be closer,  we don't want to change because the fellows that we work with, our so great and so honest.  Whoever, heads this place up must be an awesome leader as everyone is so kind, helpful, cheerful and polite, no matter their job.....and these days that is so refreshing!!

     Here is a sneak peek at my Mother's day

gift.  Same rods but added the gold hooks

and thought it was cool that our rods had

the same shape as the leaves in the curtains.


Thankful that we have a Dunkin Donuts close to us now, for about 6 months or so, and we have been treating ourselves to their breakfast sandwiches once in awhile. They have hash brown, as well, but they are so greasy, we make our own in the

 hot air fryer. We buy "Crispy Crowns" by ore-Ida, in the frozen food aisle and keep them in the freezer and then just pop them in the hot air fryer for about 8 mins., then turn them and cook another 5 or 6minutes, and they are nice and crispy. I also lay the crispy crowns on top of 2 coffee filters, in the hot air fryer, and that takes away most of the grease, and then sprinkle them with granulated garlic before I cook them.  Um Um!!


Thankful that hubby was able to put some new weather stripping on our garage door today. We could see daylight in a few places which also means snakes or whatever can get in, so one less thing to be concerned about.

and here they are in full view

Previously had some wall words up there with the other curtains but took them down as it just looked too busy for me.  but thought we needed to ad some pazazz to this room, and they really did. 

Found this older photo.....this is what our curtains (and our family room) looked like before the new ones........I still like them a lot,  so they will be revisited at some point whether in another room or here, or make something new out of them.  lol


Thankful for a fun day with lil darling, Playing games, making rice krispy treats, watching the kids baking championship, and she played on her Ipad off and one throughout the day.  She does something called Roblox, and they can build their own house and decorate it, and they have to have a job and pay for it.  All virtually, of course, but it is teaching some true principles which is good.!!  Just for the fun of it, I had seen these new Krispy cream donuts advertised, and they had partnered up with Dolly Parton and the donuts were so cute and looked so good , and we knew lil darling would love them too, so for a surprise we got some to have with our bacon and egg breakfast.  They had them at our Publix grocery store. Have to say, altho it was fun to try them and to some degree and we did enjoy them, but they weren't quite as good as the Ad we will probably stick to our tradition of pillsbury orange rolls.  lol  Cheaper too!!  lol


Thankful that we got a good bit of rain this week, which we really needed, our grass was crying out for   Nothing like heavens rain for your grass and plants.


Thankful for what I call "Blasts from the Past" That is something that takes you back to years ago, and just a neat reminder of days gone by typically. Hubby just came in from the garage and handed me one.  It was a pretty hot pink skinny pencil ( in mint condition, I might add) that was from a job I started about 46 years ago when my Son was just a one year old.  If you are older some of you might know about it.  It was a Home Party Plan called Home Interiors and Gifts, and we went into peoples homes and showed our Home decorating wares and how to use them, and sold them. The pink pencil was used to fill out their order form. I loved working for that company and it is where I learned a lot of my decorating skills even tho, I only did it for about  3-4 years. My mind has now been flooded with tons of good memories.

Love that!!


Thankful for 2 long phone calls with our girl this week. Always enjoyable, as we share whats going on, and the new things we are trying life style wise.  Sometimes we get into decorating  suggestions and advice too.  Such fun! Cause we are a lot alike and seem to like a lot of the same things.


Thankful that I read recently and there was research to prove it,  that listening to classical music helps builds neurons in our brain and builds more gray matter in our brains.  Cause as we get older supposedly our brains shrink in gray matter.  So I have made it a point to listen to at least 30 mins. a day of each classical music/ and christian music as well. Both are good for us.  I need all the help I can get when it comes to memory!  lol   We already had a bunch of CD's our  Son gave his Dad years back, but somehow we just quit listening to it...but we have really been enjoying it and have been taking in more than 30 mins. a day somedays.

So that gray matter she is building!!  lol


Thankful that we figured out where a noise that we kept hearing in our kitchen, that sounded like it might be mice, and turned out to be the raffia on our bench we moved to the kitchen.  Every time we would sit there,  hubby would say do you hear that?  and I would say NO, and then he would get up and look in the pantry and the noise stopped,  so the other day we were both sitting there and I said do you hear that?  Is that what you have been hearing?? and it sounded like it was coming from behind the fridge and we were like Oh I was leaning over to see if I could hear it more and just happened to  put my hand down on the top of our bench as I leaned in and I hear the noise up close and personal,  and said, it's the bench, the noise is coming from the crinkle of the raffia.  So we had a good laugh and was quite relieved we didn't have mice or worse.  lol


Thankful we put some new cards in our shop this week.  I haven't been doing too much in there lately as other things have needed our attention. Can't believe how much stuff you can forget in a short time.....I had to think so much about everything I did, so I feel worn out!!  lol  But..... did accomplish quite a bit,  so that was nice.


Thankful for a fun phone conversation with a friend of 54 yrs. Met her where I worked when I was only 18 yrs. old, and became fast friends, they were at our wedding as well, and shared our first  Anniversary with us, before they moved away when her hubby got out of the Navy. We have kept in touch over the years and seen each other a few times as well. She was and still is a wonderful and funny lady, always enjoy talking with her.  She and her hubby have weathered some very tough storms in their lives,  but she never loses her sense of humor.


Well, that's it for Cozy Place this week!!

Thanks for sharing some of your time with us.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week,

Love, Hugs, and

Mid May Blessings,


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  1. #1 & #2, I know what you mean! That's why my truck is 20 years old! I bought it brand new in 2004 and the dealer has done great maintenance on it over the years!
    #3. Yes, praise the LORD, and a new McDonald's in the same area!!!
    #4. Praise the LORD for His protection from the critters getting into mine as well!
    #5. What a joy she is for you both to have such a blessed time together!
    #6. It's amazing how it greens the grass so quickly!
    #7. What joy for blessed memories from the past!
    #8. Thank the LORD for His blessings upon her life!
    #9. Thank the LORD for His assistance in our older years!
    #10. Oh my! Thank the LORD it was nothing serious! I have pops occurring all over the house up in the roof! It happens when the heat and cold occurs throughout the day!
    #11. Yeah!
    #12. I praise the LORD for His care over us!
    Love you, Susan


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