Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Thoughts to Ponder #2


Morning  Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you and yours doing well.
I happened to come across what I felt was
 a fun article (actually a slide show)
 online this week, and thought this would be good to share with you today. Can only take credit for sharing it, but think you might get a kick out of it.
I think my Mom taught me most of these
things, but some, have maybe never heard
of them.  They bear repeating..... and they
updated a few of them for today as well.

Click here  - You will get a redirect notice, but just click on the first link and it will
take you to the correct destination.


We ran into a gentleman who did 2 of them for us yesterday, and he was so pleasant  as well. 
 Ya know, these things really do make our world seem brighter and they don't really take that
 much to do . I walked away feeling good....
He did 3 of them actually, he opened the door for
us from the outside as we were coming out and with a big smile and a simple greeting, it was lovely....really!!

Spurring you on.............

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