Friday, August 25, 2017

Thankful Thursday August 24, 2017, Spring Golf Cart home Tour #12

 The Mighty One, God, the LORD, 
speaks and summons the earth from 
the rising of the sun to where it sets. 

Psalm 50:1 NIV

Greetings  Sweet Friends,

Hope you have all had a really 
great week...........

Mine was a lil better at least
I got some things accomplished,
which was a good feeling......and
 got to spend a lil more time with
 lil darling,  looks like our days
are gonna be even shorter as she
 has dance class and has to leave
earlier now.  Sad to see them 
grow up sometimes......but that
is life...........

Today pictures are the last of
the Charleston, S. C. Spring
 Home Golf Cart Tour.....can
you believe it I finally ran out

I am thankful

that all my bloodwork and both
sonograms came back mostly fine
The only things they found were, I was
 deficient in Vit D (and I live in Florida,
 go figure on that one, but he said he sees
 lots of that with his patients and he said 
it makes you wonder how bad it must
be for people up north) and thenI have
one kidney stone but the Dr. said it had
 probably been there my whole life and
 would  probably never cause me any
 problems, so hoping he is right about all I have to do it take
a Vit D supplement daily and go back
for a recheck in 3 months.....and we
will be praying it goes up up up.  lol

for our old favorite...a chocolate
Elvis from Plantet Smoothie. Our 
fav frozen yogurt place closed
some time ago and we tried race
trac gas stations yogurt and it was
fairly good,  but got where we didn't
like the flavors,  so we went back
to planet smoothie...........

we got to watch a really good
 heartwarming movie on Friday
 night called "I am Sam". Very
Touching...You will probably need
your kleenex,  I sure
There is just a teeny bit of bad
language, and a hand guesture, 
but thankfully it was quick and
over with...........

for a good laugh at myself. I 
was waiting at a traffic light
behind a dark SUV and I saw
something on their back door
that looked like a hologram of
a white jack-o-lantern, and I
was staring at it trying to figure
out what in the world it was,
and then the light changed and
the car started to move, and things
 began to come into the right per-
spective all of a was a
 reflection of my white van.....but 
upclose it really did look like a
 white Jack -o-lantern.  lol

that I found a new bathing suit
at a great price, that I am very
happy with......just in case some
one might not know.......this is the
 best time of year to buy a bathing
suit, in Florida, anyway!

for some information my SIL
Susan gave me about the  Solar
eclipse that happened on Monday. 
 She said it was a reminder of the 
day Jesus died on the cross for our/
and the whole world's sins. That 
makes perfect sense to me, as God
 leaves his reminder about Easter
 which is about Christ death and
 Resurrection from the dead all 
over the place in the Spring.
 So here could be just one more the bible says
 darkness came over all the land 
from the 6th to the 9th hour
 (which in the commentary it says
 from the Jewish method of 
designating time that was from
 noon until 3 P.M.)
So it seems that the time of
Jesus' death was 3 P.M. 
Exactly the time the Eclipse ended.
 I find that very interesting!

If you would like to see for 
yourself check out these

See Matthew 27:45-54
Mark 15: 33-39
Luke 23:44-47

for the solar eclipse and how it
brought America together again
in a type of celebration as they
watched this marvelous event.
It was wonderful to see the eclipse
and all the Americans so excited
about was like the old 
America we knew so well......

and pleasantly surprised that they 
haven't found a way to blame
 Pres.Trump for the Solar Eclipse. 
I figured the news media would
 have him colluding with God,
 to orchestrate the Solar Eclipse
 to bring a sense of unity to the
 American people. 

Sorry.....just couldn't resist
Can you tell I am over all the
ridiculous accusations and
interruptions to keep him from
doing his job........and I find
it truly amazing that he did
not somehow get blamed
for this since some people
really believe that people can
 control the weather .......

I loved the shadows of the trees on
their driveway and the unique house
of course........

 for a new type of Grapes that we
 found at our local supermarket
 Publix.  Never thought anything
about the name of them until I
ate one. They are called "Cotton
Candy Grapes", and the first bite
they tasted just  like cotton candy,
so then I looked more closely at
the name on the bag, and thought
well....they definitely have the
Oh, and they are delicious.....

for the wonder of all the amazing
electronic gadgetry there is....had
to get fingerprinted at the prechool
where my grandaughter goes, and
it is all computerized, you just 
stick your finger on this lil device,
4 separate times, and your done,
no ink necessary, and when I go
to pick her up,  I just sign in on
the computer by putting my
finger on there and my name 
and her name comes up, and I
click signing her out, and away
we go..............Amazing!

for dinner out with hubby at Texas 
Roadhouse on Wed. night.......


for something exciting that is coming
up for us soon,  just can't say what
it is yet.............

Well, there you have it folks,

a lil glimpse into our lives
via our Thankful list.

Thanks for coming by

Hope you have a
 Super Duper weekend

Love, Hugs and
late August Blessings,

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  1. #1. Praise GOD from Whom all blessings flow! GOD does answer our prayers!
    #2. GOD is so good to bless us with taste buds to enjoy taste! I still love my Chocolate Frosty from Wendy's! I haven't had one is quite a while!
    #3. Just think of the tissues for joy we will need when we see Jesus!
    #4. Was the reflection in the window or bumper? The window glass was probably curved.
    #5. With the problems of skin cancer, I have to pretty much cover up if out in the sun for very long. I think I have a new one on my right arm. I'll have to check it out with Dr. Jawkauskau when I see him next month.
    #6. It was interesting how the different areas that had the full eclipse went from daylight to total darkness. There were even reports of cows in the fields fainting and falling due to their fright at what happened! Afterward, they were back on their feet as though nothing happened!
    #7. It really had to be something to witness in person! We were supposed to have gotten 85% of the eclipse here, but with the overcast, it seemed just like other days when the dark thunderclouds and rain come through.
    #8. Nothing that "positive" could ever be expected of them, sad to say! GOD protects His people, of which President Trump is one who testifies to Christ's Salvation!
    #9. I'll have to try them! I have been getting their Red Grapes for me and my birds!
    #10. That's great. I remembered as a teacher we had to be fingerprinted with the messy ink! Yuk!
    #11. Since Alice moved, I haven't been going out to eat other than brunch with Sylvia!
    #12. Now you have me excited wanting to know what it is!!!
    Love you all, Susan


  2. Morning Susan,

    No the reflection was not on the bumper or window, just on the back of the black SUV itself

    I news encouraged us to go outside and just feel the temps, and it was amazing how much
    cooler it was, the porch said 80 but it felt more like 70.....and it had been in the
    high 90s. It was interesting to me how at each state that they showed was a lil
    bit different. Dee and Jerry actually got to see it, but many in charleston couldn't see
    it due to cloud cover. She said Rosie was acting very scared as it was getting darker.

    Thanks for coming by and for your various comments.

    Love ya, Nellie



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