Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Beautiful Sunny Day on the Porch.

Good Afternoon Sweet Girls.................and Boys!!
(Just in case there might be a few)

My husband usually read my blog, so at least I know there is one.

I am feeling much better than yesterday, but still not totally up to par,
but I was thrilled to be able to sit on the porch this morning.

I have not been able to do that since my last post on "Glorious morning
on the Porch". It has done nothing but rain here for almost 2 weeks.
Our grass looks like no one lives here, and we are hoping it might
stay dry enough to get her mowed, maybe today, probably not.
Suppose to be 60% chance of showers again today.

Although, I have been extremely thankful for the rain because it
was so needed, because our water table is very low, plus our scorched grass needed a good soaking that the sprinklers just don't seem to be able to accomplish at times, and it cleans the air of pollen and dirt, and causes everything to grow and look so wonderfully lush and green from all that nitrogen in the rain. I have to say I have mourned the loss of the Sun, and missed
the joy of sitting on my porch, and doing my typical routine things. I did not like the dismal, gloominess of all the rain and overcast skies. It was just plain hard to enjoy!!

that is why I am rejoicing so much over the lovely Sunshine
and being able to return to normal activity, altho it will probably
begin to cloud up soon, but I am basking in the glory of these few hours
or whatever of sunshine.

I got to thinking about this and how happy I was about the weather,
and realized it is because I have not had it for awhile, we so take for granted
what we have all the time. In Florida it is definitely Sunshine (at least most of the time),
But I also realized if we never had the rain all this time, I would not be so
thankful for the beautiful weather, and I got to thinking about how this really
compares to our lives.

Oh, we love the Sunny, bright, encouraging days when all is well, and things
are going our way, but then we begin to take them for granted..........
we take our spouses for granted, our children, parents, friends, health,
you name it we take it for granted and sometimes lose our gratitude
and thankfulness for these everyday blessings.

But then the Lord begins to bring the rain in the form of trials, hardship or testing.
Maybe we are taking his goodness for granted, or maybe our faith is low
and needs to rise to a new height, or maybe our soul is parched and needs nurturing, or
maybe we have bitterness, anger or some other sin that needs to be cleansed, or maybe we are missing the Son because we have been to busy. The Lord allows the rain,
So that once again, we will grow in that abundant life He wants to give us,
and so that we can look a little more like Jesus.

Whether we have Sunshine or Rain we have to learn to be Thankful for both,
because they both come from the God who loves us and wants our best,
and because they both have a good and special purpose, envirionmentally and spiritually!!

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you
know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance, Perseverance must finish it's work
so that you may be mature, and complete, not lacking anything.
James 1:2-4 NIV

That is a cool thought - not lacking anything!!

Hope you enjoy my musings,
and that they are an encouragement to you.

Thanks for stopping in,

Love and Blessings,


Lois Christensen said...

What a lovely post. To be thankful no matter what the weather is we are experiencing in our lives! Read through most of your other posts and am sorry about you son and his wife. How awful for him! Thanks for visiting today!!!

BECKY said...

Hi Sweetie,
Lovely truth-filled post, Nellie!! Our trials come sometimes overcome us to the point that we can't see God's goodness, and then we're in trouble. Thankfulness and praise is where the turn around begins. Don't you think that as we thank Him, we find more to thank Him for?

Have a great day!! Me and Maddy are off to the beach!! YAY!!!

Love ya,

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Such a good reminder for us; I try to thank the good Lord each morning when I awaken.
Loved the photo of the bird house-did you hubby make it? We had rain all weekend too and thunderstorms. This is the time of year for that but I too miss the sunshine.
Glad you're feeling better. Have a great day!

Neabear said...

I am falling behind again here. That happens to me regularly. Anyway, we had some rain yesterday and there were sprinkles today. Very unusual for us at this time of the year. Today was also cool. Love that part. I don't like being too hot. Even though it was cool outside, I was burning up at times at work. Probably the hot flashes making their appearance again. I had issues with that last year. Then they went away. Guess they are coming back again. Darn homones.