Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Wedding

Good Sunday Morning, course, it will be Monday Morning for you, since this is my Monday
Morning Post..
It is 2:56 a.m. - and I can't sleep, well........I was asleep until my cat was crying to get in cause there was something out in the back yard, so since I was startled awake, guess I must a lil adrenalin rush going on and am now wide awake!! So figured if all I was gonna do was
toss and turn I might as well make good use of the time, and do some blogging.

Well, we left Friday afternoon about 3 P.M. to go to St. Augustine, Florida for the Wedding.We checked into the Holiday inn a lil before 5P.M., and were starting to settle in when we kept seeing things in the room, like stuff on the floor, open food in the fridge, the coffee table in front of the sofa with smears, the bed spread up.... but the bedspread off on the floor and the pillows looked all funny like someone was leaning on them, oh yea, and problems with the commode as well. Great!! The commode and the bed was the end, I called and said we want another room, I am not sure this bed has been changed, and they said oh yea, it has and I said No, I think if you saw it you would probably agree with me, so they gave us another room, and it was much nicer and cleaner. Thank the Lord!! and the commode even worked to boot!! I meant to take some pics of the room, but left the camera in the car. Later I was able to take a few pics just as we were leaving.... I took pics of pics that were on the walls cause I found them intriguing, especially the one with the roses and birds, but I was not gonna make up the bed for yall...... After all this was a get away, no bed making, Sorry!! We did take another pic of the room, but it didn't come out well, so there you go!! I would have retaken it but hubby was ready to go. You Know!!

Did you know if you double click
on the pictures they will enlarge.

The Wedding was held in an old bldg. or possibly an old home, in the historic district called the "White Room". The bldg. has 3 floors, the Wedding was held on the 3rd floor, out on the rooftop overlooking the city and the bay under a glorious sky of blue @ 7 P.M. The Wedding, and the weather was perfect (we heard it rained for the rehearsal) it was breezy, shady and a touch warm, but very very pleasant.

The Bride of course, was stunning!! The groom happy as a clam, and so handsome in his attire, as all men are, don't know what it is about a Suit........... but guys sure look great, course, we ladies
look pretty good when we are all gussied up too. Their colors were tan and coral orange. She had orange Tiger lilies in her bouquet, and of course, her attendants all had on coral orange long flowing dresses, the guys had the coral orange cumberbunds and ties, with tan suits. Had never seen that before, but very striking.
The Brides Bouqet

Attendants Dresses
The Pastor did a phenomenal job on the ceremony. As people who really believe in the sancty and commitment to marriage vows and who love to teach marriage classes, my husband and I
were overjoyed with his charge to them, and the neat vows he had them take. Wish we could have recorded them. He had the young man vow to spiritually lead his wife, and He had her vow to be submissive to his leading. Course, that is not a popular or politically correct statement in our day. Oh Well! He made them vow to walk together thru good times and bad times as well, think that was a good one too, in this day of as soon as things aren't good I am outta here
thinking. Anyway, he said a lot more and we wanted to applaud. We have been married close to 39 years now, and we, as everyone else have had our ups and our downs, but you have to work it out, and I am so glad we have stuck it out cause life just gets better and better when you do. We have seen so many marriages go south and then they get remarried and (maybe) have some temporary happiness and then they wind up right back where they started in the first marriage usually, dealing with the same ole problems. Don't hear me criticizing cause I really am not, I well know there are biblical grounds for divorce, and my heart definitely goes out to those in that situation but sometimes it is not a matter of infidelity or abuse or anything. Anyway, let me get off my soapbox now!! ha

The reception was on the 2nd floor in a lovely large room with mirrors and pretty architecture.
We dined on Roast Chicken, a lovely vegetables mix and something called "Martini Mash Potatoes", it was very cute.......they put the yummy home made mashed potatoes in a martini glass and then you could put any or all of the toppings you wanted. They were delicious, I could have been happy with thepotatoes alone, they were so good, and of course, while we were waiting they had all sorts of yummy fruit and veggies with dip, and crackers and cheese, Baked Brie and other goodies.
It was a lovely evening, and we so enjoyed watching the bride and groom, and their parents bask in the joy of it all. We stayed for all the festivities of the garter throw, the bouquet toss, and the cutting of the Wedding Cake. It was delicious and delightful. Never saw a cake like it before,
very different but very beautiful!! You can see the pics below. Also note the lil salt and pepper shakers dressed up in wedding attire - think that was a take off from the move "Fireproof."

In Case you can't tell those are chocolate covered

strawberries on the top of the cake

Aren't they adorable mr. and and mrs. salt
and pepper shakers.
They also had the
champagne glasses
done the same way.
Wish I had thought
and taken a pic of
the whole table.

We left and returned to our room at the hotel, got cozy, talked about the wedding and the fun, watched a little HGTV and hit the sack, then we got up and spent the morning together and left the hotel about 1:30 in the afternoon and took in some of the shops in the historic district of St. Augustine. We kept seeing ice cream shops and my husband and I eat only lowfat type foods because he had bypass surgery about 3 or so years ago, and we want to keep him around for awhile. Anyway, we found a place that had peach yougurt and he had it put in a homemade waffle cone, talk about delicious, it had large pcs. of fresh peaches in it. The only thing wrong with it was we would have to go too far to get another one!! I had a pecan caramel turtle, course, we each sampled a bit of each. That was a yummy and fun treat for us both. Then on the way home we stopped and had dinner at a Longhorn steakhouse. It was an excellent, and very enjoyable meal and we had a very sweet young lady that served us. Doesn't it make such
a difference when you have such a nice server, course. It's also nice for them when they have nice guests to serve, so always remember that!! It was a fun day, and a nice change of scenery for us. I will post pics of St. Augustine on Tuesday.

Well, have a mighty fine Monday............... It is 3:40, I am going to beddie bye land!!

Blessings & hugs to you, Nellie


  1. I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

  2. Hey Gal, I'm glad your weekend went well!! The wedding sounds lovely, and of course LOVE what the pastor said!! Glad you got a better room, too!! Our getaway was absolutely flawless!! I'll do a post on it for tomorrow!!

    Hope your day is going well. Mine is, but I have to get a move on and run a couple of errands!!

    Blessings and hugs,

  3. Hi Nellie, Loved the pic's of the wedding. Congrat's on 39 yrs-wow, I'm 8 yrs behind you.
    Isn't life grand when we are older and can't sleep-my hubby has been gone and I can't sleep well when he's not here.
    Have a great week.

  4. Sorry I am a little behind reading again. That happens to me. Sounds like the wedding was wonderful. I am glad you got a better room too. Crazy that your first room was still messy or like someone had gone back in messed it up.


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