Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Ideas

Good Morning..... my bloggy friends,

I woke up for some reason thinking about creative Mother's Day ideas, probably it was the realization that I no longer have a Mom to do anything for, don't really know why but thought I would share some of these ideas with you in hopes it might help you....... if you haven't figured out what to do yet.
My Mom and Mother-in-law have passed into Glory, so since I don't have Mom's to do something for anymore, I sometimes pick a Mom (like a single Mom) who might really need for someone to do a lil something special for her. Upon wakening I thought I haven't even thought about Mothers Day at all. So now I have a woman in mind, and now I will be thinking too, about something nice I can do for her.

My Son, Daughter, and Husband are all pretty creative I must say, so some of my ideas come from nice things they have done for me over the years, and some are just off the top of my head,
either way, I hope you will find them helpful.
Mother's Day Ideas

1. I don't know too many Mom's that don't want to see their children on Mother's Day and just be able to enjoy them. If a Mom has small children the operative word is ENJOY, not take care
of, so Dad you do the parenting for today, let Mom just bask in the glory of having fun with them for a change. You feed them, you change them, you give them a bath, you run after that toddler, you discipline if need be, and just let Mom sit or lay on the couch, sleep in, lay out by the pool whatever her heart desires, but mainly give her a day off from being a Mommy and let her just ENJOY being honored as the Mother of your Children!

2. If The Mother has older children, she will be elated just to spend some time with them, since
they are usually very busy with school, friends, working, or their own family etc. - So the gift of time is a very important component to your gift if at all possible.

3. My daughter has made a fun day for us by going to get a pedicure, a facial or out to lunch, something we experience just the two of us, and she pays for it all. We don't do them all in the same day, of course, but it has been a very special and fun time we both look forward to, and usually happens after the event, giving me something to look forward to.

4. Make dinner for your Mom, set a nice and pretty table, serve her for a change and make her feel special, she will love you for it. Also, plan ahead - find out where everything is in the
kitchen or ask her ahead of time, so you aren't having to do it on her special day. Also make
sure you clear the table and do the dishes, that is a biggie!!

5. Buy tickets for some event that you know your Mom might enjoy, like a concert, a theme park, movie, art gallery, or science center.

6. Buy her a gift card for a special clothing store, craft store, home decorating store that you know she loves, or better yet, take her out shopping and tell her the amount she can spend.
You can be an encouragement and help especially if she is trying on clothing. I always know if anybody will be honest with me about how something looks, it is my daughter. I so appreciate that about her.

7. Once for my birthday (my idea), my Daughter and I picked up subs and fruit salad (from good ole publix supermarket) and went to a nearby park and ate and visited and played on the swings and sat in the sun. It was a lovely and memorable day. Just she and I. But it would work for Mother's day too. Even if you can't do it on Mother's Day.... a card with a promise to do it soon, would probably make her a happy woman. A word of caution, just make sure you make good on your promise.
8. My son has a degree in Agriculture, and while he was getting his degree, he worked for the college in the Ag dept. growing and caring for the plants, and they allowed them to take some of the plants at times, and many times he would bring me things like poinsettias that were a new variety that weren't even out on the market yet. I cherished those plants because he had grown them and tended to them, so that made them all the more special. Maybe you have a talent or something you do well that you could make or do for your Mom, I bet she would treasure it as well.

9. One year, he knew I wanted to plant some stuff on the side of the house, so he came armed with plants that had the same growing environment, then he and my husband prepared the area for me where they were to be planted. that saved me a lot of hard work!! and it was very appreciated, and then I was able to put them where I wanted and it looked wonderful! I had never even heard of the one plant "Cuban Buttercups", they have pretty yellow flowers, and then he had also brought "Blue Daze" to border them with. I would have never picked them.......but I loved them, and still have them to this day and every time I see them I think of him. Doesn't get much better than that for a Mom!
Well, hope you have gotten the idea that mostly what Mom wants from you is your time, or something that she can see and be reminded of you, or a memory of a good time she had with you. If you can't be with your Mom on Mother's Day, make sure you send her a nice card, and call and have a nice long chat with her if possible.

Another tip, if you don't have any $$ to spend that is okay with her, but make sure you either buy or make her a card or write her a letter. Now you can go to some sites( is one of them, and send an ecard or email her a letter. A card or letter for any occasion is far more important than gifts to a Mom, don't get me wrong we enjoy the gifts, just make sure you don't forget the card. Your card or letter is a way of telling her what you think of her and how she is doing in her relationship with you, and it is precious like gold to her. Also, if you do buy her a card, make sure to write a lil note of your own in there. We Mom's love to know what you're thinking and how you feel about us, so indulge us on this one special day of the year!!

I know some of you out there might have a difficult relationship with your Mother, I know firsthand about that, and I am sorry about the pain of that relationship for you, but always try to find some way to honor her, even if it is just because she gave you life. One thing that helps me is to know my Mom knew the Lord and is with Him in heaven, and when I get there our relationship will be perfect, cause everything in heaven is perfect!! Amen!

And if you are a Mom, Happy Mother's Day to you!! Hope you have a Super Cozy Mother's day!
Make sure and check back tomorrow........... For my Mother's Day edition,
Blessings and hugs, Nellie


  1. Hey Gal,
    Love all of these neat ideas!! Especially the "park" one. Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together to share!!

    Love ya, and hope you had a great day!! Talk to you soon!!

    Oh and I love your profile pic!! :o)

  2. Becky sent me over here. I am glad too. Becky is one special bloggy friend of mine now. This a is great post with some wonderful ideas. I posted about what I did on Saturday. That was my day with my mother, visiting a beautiful rose garden. Then we took her and my dad out to dinner. Good thing I spent some time with her on Saturday. Since I ended up being sick on Mother's day. Missed work on Monday too. I'm better now. I am so glad to meet you and added myself as a follower so I can keep up with your posts. Welcome to Blogland!!!


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