Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Back Porch

And A very Good Morning to you all,

Hope you are feeling well and happy today!!

I just came in from one of my favorite places, my back porch that overlooks my
wonderful backyard that I have worked on for years, to make it the haven
of peace and refuge that it is. Hurricane Charlie tore it up completely
5 years ago, we thought we would have to lay new sod and everything
cause of the heavy equipment they had to bring in, but God...........

The Spring brought a true miracle that only He could have done.
The restoration that took place was amazing, especially with our lawn.
Well, that is another story for another time. Maybe when we get
into hurricane season I will share it and the pictures and you can see for your self firsthand.

Back to my porch..........and why I love it SO much.
It is my favorite place to spend time with the Lord, I sense his presence
when I am on my porch overlooking the beauty of
this refuge he has given us, for a 2Nd time!!

 Like this beautiful pink fluffy
cloud sky in the evening, and this
scene beside our shed and of course,
there is Joey our grand daughter dog
looking for lizards. She is just hysterical.

If you check my May 7Th blog you will the other reasons. I I just recently renewed our porch a bit, as I love decorating and I love my home to be a beautiful haven. Don't feel the need to have the best of everything just to make the best of what I have, that is my motto. The main thing that needed help were the rugs, they were beautiful when I got them 5 years ago, but well faded from the Florida sun. Sooooooo........ I got busy on the Internet looking for some reasonably priced rugs, and there they were on!! They were very colorful and tropical looking. Loved the colors so I ordered them, and when they came and I first put them

down I thought maybe a bit too bright, and possiblyI had made a big mistake. So I rolled them back up and had plans to take them back, but another thought hit me, maybe it was just the pastel tablecloth and maybe if I changed that it would make a difference, so I went out in search of tablecloths, and found one in just the perfect colors and at a grand price of $5.00. Works for me, and it worked for the porch, made all the difference.

then I added some new accessories from inside the house, and added a few lime green pieces, and I was amazed at the transformation and all for a grand total of $52.00. Thought that was excellent considering I got 3 small rugs
to go by the doors as well. So now I call my decor out there country Tropical!!

In case you never tried it, when you feel like you want a new look or you want a change in your house, take and move your accessories from one room to another. Put them all in the middle of the room, and then put them all back, or you could do the same room and put them back in different places. It makes your rooms look like new and gives you fresh new look and change you were hoping for. I do it quite often.

I'm back, had to take a break and eat some breakfast, only had an iced coffee while on the porch, so my stomach was starting to stick to my ribs. Feel much better now, ate one of my favorites................. Smashed up blackberries with sugar on them, and bread and butter with a glass of milk. Now that is fine eating!! Wish I could say I picked them myself, but unfortunately we don't have any blackberries around where we live, so we get them at Sam's, theirs are the best they actually taste like the blackberries you would pick, some I have gotten at the grocery store really have no taste.

Well, back to the porch.............

Here is my new table decoration,
compliments of my living room
Look great on the table out there,
don't you think. I am planning
to get some new flowers for the
watering can soon as I can find
what I am looking for.

And as you can see, I am not the only one
who enjoys the porch. My husband loves it
too, especially on the days he works at home,
he works out there until it gets to hot!!

He says, Ahhhhhhhh this is living!!

I agree, it is definitely a part of the type of living I enjoy.

So see who else loves the porch below.

This would be Molly my kitty getting ready to enjoy a nap,
and Joey just sitting around being cool!!

I read a book once called the "messies manual" and they say the difference between
messies and cleanies (as far as housekeeping goes) is that cleanies are always
scanning the area to see what look unkempt or dirty or unseemly, and then
they fix it by cleaning it or changing it or whatever. Like for instance your
sliding glass doors had finger prints all over them, but the rest of the room
looked good, they would clean the sliding glass doors first and leave everything
else be. or maybe it's the floor, they would just sweep or vacuum.
I adopted that thinking years ago and it has truly been a blessing
and made my housekeeping job easier.
I think we can do the same with decorating, my porch is a good example,
I have had those same cushions for 5 years and a lot of the same accessories,
but by just replacing what looked bad (the faded rugs) and adding a few
inexpensive accessories it looks like a whole new porch and has a totally
difference look to it.
Hope if you want to make a change some of my ideas will get you inspired.

Have an inspirationally good day,

Blessings, Nellie


  1. cute porch! i love that it's big enough you can have that swing in there to enjoy anytime of the year!

  2. Hi Nellie!! Well I love your back porch!! Love the watering can and my fave...the swing and the lovely view!!

    I also really like your motto!! Ditto for me!!

    Have a blessed day, sweetie!!

  3. Your porch looks like a wonderful place to relax. I can so see myself sitting out there and doing my cross stitch or other stitchery or crocheting or whatever project I am working on.

    I also have a craft blog. You can get to it by clicking on the sewing maching in my sidebar.

    Regarding following others: When you are on someone's blog you will see at the very top the words "Follow Blog". Click on that and it will set you to follow a blog. That is how I became a follower to your blog.

    I so enjoy reading your posts. Have a great day!!

  4. I love your porch! So pretty! And I love how you explained that you refreshed it inexpensively and make it seem all new!:)

    I hopped over here from Becky's to say hi and welcome to blogland!

    I am becoming a follower before I leave here! Feel free to stop in for a visit anytime:)

    Linda C

  5. Hi there Nellie....Becky said I should come over and pay you a visit. I can certainly see why you love your porch so is lovely. I'll pop back by again.

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  6. Hi Nellie! Becky invited us over to say hello - hope you don't mind the intrusion! I love porches - they are a blessing! We are 'side porch' people - a bit shy for the front porch, but loving the cozy feeling of sitting outside on the side porch enjoying the view! I hope you have a lovely day!

  7. Hello Nellie
    I'm stopping by from Becky's to welcome you to blogging!

    Your back porch is wonderful. I have a special place in my heart for back porches!

  8. Hi Nellie, What a wonderful back porch you have-I loved all the blessings the Lord has given you.
    Wish I could come by your place and Becky's for tea...that would be so fun.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Hugs to you.


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