Monday, May 18, 2009

St. Augustine

This was a pretty

fountain that we saw

in front of some

little shops.

Impossible to get

pics without people in them.

Well, Happy Morning to you,

Want to come along for a little train ride...........................
Just had to take a pic of that because it reminded me so much of the Key West
Conch train, my husband and I grew up in the Keys. I spent summers with my
dad and Grandparents, and he lived on Big coppitt Key, about 20 mins. out of Key West.
We met and married there and lived there our first year of married life.
It is a beautiful tropical place, hot tho, I might add, very humid!!

Take a shower get out, feel like you need another one humid.

Anyway, back to St. Augustine.

Saw these beautiful flowers
first thing, and as you probably
know by now, I LOVE FLOWERS!!
I have no earthly idea what
they are called. Maybe when my
son comes in I can ask him, he has a
horticulture degree, so there is
a good chance he might know.
I would like to get some myself
cause they were growing all over
a wall. Breathtaking!!

My son looked and doesn't know either. Guess they will just have to be pretty to look at.

This was a house with a restaurant upstairs
and shops downstairs, I took it for the
beautiful bougainvilla growing all over it.
You know me flowers again!!

This was a zoom photo of theBougainvilla. I have 3 of these in my backyard and just love them. They are no where as big as this!

We found this quaint little garden in the back of some shops we were looking in, what a delight it was to sit a spell in this beautiful place.Rustic tho it might be. Loved the brick pathways.

Do you see the stainglass hanging out there??

To the left is just a street scene where all the shops
are located. You can see it is a mighty busy place.

This was just an interesting looking bldg.I think
it hasa restaurant or pub upstair and
shops downstairs

This is a spanish restaurant that has
been there since 1905,
"The Colombia"

I should have gotten a closeup of the fountain.

We just happened to catch a glimpse of a
Junkanoo or Junkaque( have no idea how you spell that)
band that was visiting from the Bahamas,
they play Island type music,
and as you can see dress very colorfully.

This was an old grist mill
thought it was nice and rustic,

I want to know if they grind grist,
and what the heck is it??

Just kidding.

Some beautiful Hawaaian Giner
It is so pretty and smells Wonderful!!

Have Wonderful Tuesday,

Hopefully I will have some more St. Augustine pics
tomorrow. It takes soooooooooo long to download
these buggers, so it might be a little later in the
week, I'll have to see.

Thanks for stopping by...............

Blessings and more blessings, Nellie

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Alice said...

super! you got some great shots on George Street! that little restaurant with the water wheel has some awesome food. and sometimes there's a reggae band upstairs :O). not much into reggae here, but it adds a little local flavor! somewhere close to that fountain in the first shot - is a candy store that sells jelly bellies and chocolate necco wafers - yummo! in college (that was many moons ago) my roommate and i would rent bikes and ride this area on the weekends. we lived over in jax at the time. you need a shot of the ice cream shop :O) your photos brought back some great memories! thanks for sharing :O). (i came here through becky's page).

NanaNor's said...

Hi Nellie, I loved seeing this area-never been there but both you and Becky are making me want to head over for a visit. Blessings to you today and thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.

BECKY said...

Glad your trip to the wedding was fun!! Love the shots of these flowers!! We sure share a love for them!!

I would really like to go back to St. Augustine and just stroll in and out of all the little shops. We just peeked in for the most part...I like to see everything in each store!!

Have a great night, and a wonderful Wednesday!!

Love ya,

Neabear said...

There is a blogger who lives in or around St. Augustine, The Quiessential Magpie. She has taken pictures of St. Augustine and posted them on her blog before. I will have to go back and find that post and see if any of them are similiar to yours. That is interesting that you grew up in Key West. I have never been there. My son and his family and in-laws have vacationed there. I think it was last summer they went.

Karren Haller said...

They do have very colorful costumes, what a fun place to visit!
Thank you for sharing on my new event #somethingoldissomethingnew
Have a great week!

Unknown said...

Hi Nellie,
We just became Florida snowbirds, and visiting St. Augustine is definitely on our list! Your photos are so pretty. Visiting from Something Old is New Again link up.