Tuesday, May 6, 2014

More Spring Decorating 2014

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

Hope you are enjoying a pretty
 sunshiny day 
where ever you live and love......

It is a gorgeous day here in Florida,
 a hot 93 degrees ...........but gorgeous!
Hubby is home today with a cold, so he slept
away the morning, I've  been working on this
 post, sat in the sun awhile, and been talking 
with my sweet daughter, can hardly wait for 
her visit, but it got pushed back a week, but
 that is life..........life happens while you are
making your plans......lol
But the main thing is...... she is coming just
a lil later than expected.  Whoo Hoo!

Feeling creative lately so I have been working
  on some tablescapes too, just for fun.  Might 
 just use one for Mother's Day,  not sure yet...
looking forward to having Scott, Megan and 
the baby, and Susan over on Sunday after-
noon for din din.  Hubby is doing a simple
dinner of London Broil, baked potatoes
and salad,  so sounds yummy!

Just told you the fun stuff I did, not the day
 to day housework stuff!!    Figured you
already know all about that.....lol

Thought I would show you more of my
Spring Decorating .................

This is the hydrangea blossom I told you
about in last week, that my friend 
brought over.......it was tied up
with the bow, so decided to add it
to the pitcher as well.

I love all flowers, but think hydrangeas are definitely
 one of my all times favorites.  I have 2 pink ones
 in pots in my backyard and think I might have a
 blossom starting on each,  so I am so excited about
 that, and hoping there will be even more.............

with posterized affect

Had it on my dining room table until I put the
 Easter things away yesterday............

 These pics are all from the chest in the hallway.

Wish I could say that is a real hydrangea blossom off
 one of my bushes......... lol

 These pics are all from the etagere in what was my
 white livingroom,  it is pink and white for now........

Love this french hat box

another shelf of the same etagere, as well

 These are shots of the coffee table.

Love this birdhouse,  it was a gift from a
 dear friend many years ago.

Bought this cute lil nest at a furniture store in Asheville
 on our last trip.  Also found this key and 2 others at
 Michael's .....Think they are so neat..........

Doesn't this book "One Thousand Gifts"  from Ann
VosKamp go with this table perfectly. It is just a
delightful book.  A blog friend sent it to me several
years ago in a giveaway, but thought it was perfect
 for me because I have done a Thankful Thursday
post every since I have been blogging.  In fact, last
Sunday was my 5 year blogaversary.  Think I am gonna
 do a give away soon for my followers to celebrate!
So look for details soon.........

Hope you enjoyed your tour 
through Spring land.

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Thanks a bunch for dropping by......

Always love hearing from you!

See ya on Thursday..........

Love,  Hugs,  and
Sweet Spring Blessings,


Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Hi Nellie, Love your little nests. Sorry your hubby is ill. Hopefully, he will feel better soon. I too, love hydrangeas. They are such a gorgeous flower. It was in the 90's here recently until we had a thunderstorm last night. It will warm up again. Blessings, Linda

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Such beautiful flowers and spring vignettes. Looks amazing. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

sistersusiesays said...

Uncle John (dad's brother) used to "specialize" in hydrangeas. The color had to do with the amount of acidity/alkaline in the soil as the buds formed.

I got busy in the house and got some things straightened up. The third bedroom has become a junk room that I need to go and throw out things! I think I'm going to get me one of those "Rumba's" (I think it is called.) It's like my Mint except it vacuums!

I got an A-Okay from West Pest. He was really knowledgeable. I told him about the flour moths. He said to put the bird's food in the freezer (not only will it last longer, but it will kill any larva that may be in the grain.) I had not ever thought of that! The little "Rumba" vacuum would be great to use in their room daily!

All of your decorations are so cute! I like the birdhouse! I'd be afraid my cats would knock over mine, so I don't put out any anymore. I had several broken by them! I had to put my vase of Max's blue and gold tail feathers in my room so they couldn't get to them! Have a great week! Love you all, Susan

An Oasis in the Desert said...

Your vignettes are all so sweet, Nellie! I love hydrangeas, too, but they are pretty tough to grow here in the AZ desert. There is a very diminutive variety that hardly even looks like a hydrangea....lol! Enjoy yours!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

How nice of your friend to bring you the hydrangea...my very favorite flower...can't wait for mine to start blooming...until we moved to NC, I spent most of my life in Florida...we miss the weather there!

Crystal Grandeur said...

Beautiful are the flowers with the bow. Love the cute little bird on the nest.Pretty post with lovely things.Have a wonderful mothers day.Love sujatha..:):)

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