Thursday, May 15, 2014

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - May 15, 2014

Not to us, O Lord, not to us
but to your name be the glory
because of your love and
Psalm 115:1

Greetings and Salutations
Sweet Friends,

Surprise, Surprise, I am on
time for a

So what are you looking 

forward to this weekend??
Something Fun, productive,
or relaxing or maybe all three??

So far, we don't have any plans, but am hoping
 to maybe do some work in the yard, or maybe
 even get our new mailbox post painted So we 
can put it up and beautify that area of the yard.
Our old one is starting to look fairly
and we have a lot of weeds growing out there it could use some help!!  lol

Have you had anything that made you thankful
this week??  If so....why don't you think about
sharing it with us,  so we can rejoice with you.
Would love to hear it..............

so on with Thankful Thursday

I am thankful....

for a very nice Mother's Day and that I 
was able to spend it with hubby, Scott, Megan
and Brooklyn and Susan,  and that I can look
 forward to the end of May when I will get to
 celebrate again by seeing Dee when she 
gets here..............

for a lovely passion flower plant Scott grew 
and gave me for my Mother's Day gift.
It is a very pretty and healthy looking plant
 and can't wait to see the first bloom.....some-
thing else to look forward to as well..........
He knows how proud his Mom is of his growing 
abilities.  He is an excellent grower and that was
 what he did for a living for awhile, he is still in the
 Ag industry just doing something different.  He
grows now as a hobby.........and he was always
growing stuff as a

It's going by my shed and hope it climbs
up the lattice, he said they have big
purple flowers...............

for the lovely card and gift I received from Dee
 on Monday.  She sent me this bracelet you see
 below,  and it was affixed to a paper that said
 " Linked by Love without end,
A small token to My Mother, My Friend"
As beautiful as the bracelet was the 
sentiment written on it that caught us both.
My kids know their

I took this to send to her so she could see how it looked,
so figured I would share it with you too.

#4 and 5
for the neat revelation that the Lord reminded
me of once again.........that he never takes away
or allows something to be taken away that he
doesn't give you something better to replace it.
Let me explain...........

Yesterday I did a post on wedding china and 
in my post I mentioned that the goblets I used
were not my originals ones cause they got broken
in a china hutch implosion.  So I went looking 
for the post I had done on that last year and
didn't really remember when it happened but 
found it the first time which I thought was
rather strange, and even stranger It was
almost this time last year,  in fact about 2
weeks before this time last year.  So I added
a link to it in yesterdays post.

You can read about it here, if you would like.

Anyway, this morning I got to thinking about how
 it has been over a year and I still have not replaced
 my shelves in my hutch or done anything with it.
If you knew me you would know that is really
strange for me............and I did spend some time
calling around a few days off and on to find a
place to make me some news one that could
cut a plate groove in the shelve.  Well, seems
no one in our near surrounding area does that
anymore.  So have meant to call down in the
area where hubby works,  but just never got
to it,  and it was a busier than normal year
with the arrival of our lil darling and Dee and
Jerry moving and all........but as I was thinking
I realized that if I had replaced those shelves
I would not have captured these awesome pics
you will see below that I took of Scott with the
 baby at Christmas time, 2013.

Love that the Christmas lights are
reflecting in there too.

nor would I be playing a fun game with Brooklyn
 that we have been playing every since she has
been walking,  since around Nov. or Dec. and
that we play every time she is here.  She goes
to the end of the china hutch right where she
and her daddy were and I go to the other side
(where I took the pic from)
 and say,  I see you,  and she takes off running
and then I run after her and catch her and
pick her up and swing her around, and put her
 down and she runs right back to the china hutch
and we do it all over again...........many times,
and several times a day..........she loves it and 
so do I.................

I have to say I think I have enjoyed playing
this lil game with her.....far more than I ever
enjoyed seeing that china in the hutch, and
I did enjoy that...........but the memories I am
 building with her can be  kept forever in my 
memory and can never be taken away, and
 I can take them anywhere I go..............
So again.............God is good...

A few weeks ago I was thinking you really
should do something about those shelves
and then I thought nah, think I will wait
 until Missy gets tired of our lil

for the beautiful sun shower we had here a
lil bit ago,  it was really beautiful but only
lasted a few minutes..............
A very rare thing to see!

for the flowers we have growing in our front yard.
They always make things look so nice.

 Gardenias that smell heavenly

 Hot Pink knock out roses

Cuban buttercup,  that originally were grown by Scott,
  and they keep throwing off seeds and making more plants. 
We find then all over the yard!  lol

Baby pink knockout roses

for a really good movie we saw this week
called "Saving Mr. Banks", it is a Disney
movie based on true facts.  It was a very
captivating movie, and was a great reminder
that difficult people can also be folks who
are really hurting.......and like the old
saying goes hurting people hurt others.
Great movie,  downloaded it from netflix.

for a story we saw on yahoo news last night,
that was both incredibly touching and
 amazing all at the same time............
We have heard of dogs saving people
but this time it was the family cat. We
 have never seen anything like this before,
This 4 yr. old  lil boy was riding his bike
 in his own yard when a dog attacked him
from behind.... well,  the family cat saw it
 and ran at full speed and jumped at the dog
 so hard she literally pushed the dog off the 
boy, then turned to look at the lil boy for a
 moment to see if he was okay, think that
might have been when the lil boys Mom
came out and then kept chasing the
dog till he was gone.
The lil boy had some pretty bad gashes in
 his leg,  but his doing fine thankfully,  if it
 were not for his kitty, that might not be so.

If you would like to see it,  just click here.
It is really something to see, I tell you!

that my daughter received a lil surprise
I sent her that was suppose to be delivered
today,  and she was very happy with it.
Tate's Bake Shop - chocolate chip cookies.
She and hubby have already been enjoying

for coconut oil,  it is so good for you and so
good for so many things.  I use it on my face,
and body,  put it on toast or crackers and
sometimes take a tablespoon and just eat it.
Great for baking and frying (not that we
do that), but you can,  I use it in cookies
when I make them.  Have read where it
helps alzheimer patients, and that it is good
for diabetes and MS patients.  Don't know
how true it is about the latter two,  but
there is a book out about a Dr. who used
it to help her hubby who had alzheimers.
It affects your keytones in your brain
or something like that..............

for grocery stores.........cause what would 
we do without is just so nice
to be able to run to the store to get any
thing you need or want,  imagine living
in some place in Africa where there are no
 stores............I can't even hardly imagine
what that would be like.........we are so
incredibly spoiled here in the U.S.
We have our problems that is for sure,
but still the best place in the world to live.

Thanks for coming by for a visit,
  always nice to have you stop by!

Hope you have a super duper

Friday and weekend.

Love, Hugs, and
Fresh Daisy Blessings,



Terra said...

You have a wonderfully long thankful list; cute photo of the darling little girl and her dad. I admire that you grow gardenias, ah, their fragrance.

Sue said...

Loved all of your Thankful list, Nellie, especially the one of your granddaughter and you, aren't grandchildren one of the best gifts from our heavenly Father.What a beautiful photo of her.
Oh I use coconut oil for all of the same reasons you do, it is the best!!!
Your Mother's Day gifts are precious too! Thanks for sharing.

sistersusiesays said...

#1. I thank you for my very cute Mother's Day card! It's always a joy to spend time with the family!
#2. I will be waiting for your future post with a picture of your passion plant in bloom!
#3. The notes are just as cherished as the gifts!
#4 & #5. It's amazing how enjoying "exercise" can be ha!
#6. I love to watch the rain in sheets as it comes down on my back property! It's amazing how high the raindrops bounce on the roof of the back building! (I don't think it's hail!)
#7. I've got many white "flowers" growing around the bay window. I need to weed whack them before the weeds get too high! My rose bush is still growing, It's as high as the top of the windows!
#8. I'll add it to my list!
#9. Animals can be incredible!
#10. Yum, yum! I'm enjoying the chocolate you gave me (and my shorts/shirt!)
#11. And to think we had all of those coconut trees in the keys and rarely ate them!!!
#12. Isn't that true! Many things I remember we used to do at home in the kitchen - pies, cakes, now we just buy them!
Have a great weekend! Love you all, Susan

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Just found your blog and am now following. Love your positive post :-)

Terra said...

Hi Nellie, thank you for your comment on my current post. This is my second comment on this post of yours, ha ha. You mentioned our chairs are the same, they are gorgeous aren't they. Mine were white but got grey splotches so I spray painted them with special spray that works on plastic. One is now pale lavender and one a more rich blue. Just in case yours ever age!