Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wedding China Challenge

With Posterized Affect

Hello Sweet Friends,

So how has your day been??
Good,  I hope!! 

 Mine has been good,
taking care of our lil darling and having fun with her,
she was feeling the greatest today and had a bite this
morning that turned out to be 4 or 5 bites and as the
day has gone on they have gotten progressivley worse,
very red and swollen a couple starting to look like some
 sort of lesions,  so called Megan,  and she just came to
 get her to take her to the Dr.,  we had to wake her up
 bless her heart,  but she didn't cry or anything.............
.probably happy to see her Mommy,  so maybe that
 over road any sadness about
Hopefully, the bites are nothing serious but better
safe than sorry I always say,  would rather have
them looked at by the Dr. to make sure............and
of course, her Mom and Dad feel the same...........
Just heard back from Scott.....Dr. said they were
just some sort of bug bites..........relief!!

I don't typically post on Weds.,  but I did a special
post just for Kathleen's Cuisine blog,  her challenge
for this week was wedding china tables,  so while
I was in my creative mode last week and working
on the table for Mother's Day since I had a white
tablecloth on the table decided to pull my wedding
china out and do a place setting for  some pictures.  

So here they are......................
and make sure to go all the way to the end
cause there are other ways I have used them
that aren't quite so bland as the first

My china is called "Roberta" by Deluxe,  
and It was a wedding gift from my Husband's parents in 1970.

The silverware is "Scandanavia"
 by Oneida

Have to say if would not have had the silverware
or the lovely goblets at all if it had not been for my
dad forcing me to register for it, cause I really didn't
think I would use it, but I am so glad he forced the
issue because once we bought our first home and
I was able to use it for holidays,  it was a thrill..........

So parents really do know best most of the time,
since they have been down roads we haven't yet.

I also might have never met my hubby if it weren't
for my dad making me break up with another fellow,
altho I didn't like it, I did know my dad loved me
 and had my best interest at heart.

...........and one week later I met my hubby on a blind
 date that my brother-in-law at the time,  set up.

I have been happy for a long time now that
 I listened to my Dad!! lol  I could have shot myself
in the foot by not doing so.............

These clear crystal goblets (in the pic above) were a gift 
from my neighbor many years later,  so I used those
 instead of my original ones,  which were..............

Vintage Pair of Fostoria GLAMOUR Crystal Goblets with Olive Green Bowl & Clear Stem

these lovely smokey green ones
Called "Glamour" by Fostoria

because these beauties very smashed in a crazy
china hutch implosion last year!

You can read about it here if you like.........

I also lost 3 of my china plates too, but I can still use it
if we only have 5 that wasn't
 too bad..................but lost a lot of other things as well.

If this were used in 1970"s this is how formal and bland it
 would look using a white tablecloth and napkins.

This just shows the platter and creamer and sugar bowl
that went with the set as well.  The coffee pot actually
came from a coffee set  we bought for my Husband's
 Parents on their 25th wedding anniversary.  We lived
in Germany at the time and it was Rosenthal china.
Didn't think about showing you the rest of the set.
It had a creamer and sugar bowl too,  and 12 dessert
plates and 12 cups and saucers.  All white with a 
silver edge,  as you can see on the coffee pot.
Actually very modern looking for the time, cause we
bought those in 1972.

Here are just a few pics to show you how
over the years I was able to jazz it up a

For Easter....

Using just the dinner plates and the coffee set dessert plates

For a Wedding/not so Christmasy Birthday
table for my Daughter-in-love to be
right after they got engaged.............

Using the dinner plates and salad/soup bowls

For Easter another year..............

Only using the bread and butter plates

For a white Wed. vignette

For New Years

Using dinner plates and soup/salad bowls again

There are way more pics that these,  but so 
many years I never took photos..............or if I 
did they are lost in the oddles of pictures
 we have!  lol  Cause this china has been
well used over our 43+ years.

Thanks for taking the time to come by,
always nice to hear from you.

Sharing with Kathleen for Let's Dish
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Decided to share with Susan over at
between naps on the porch, as well!
Click her to go there

Have a great evening!

Hugs and
 Beautiful China Blessings,


Rosie M. said...

I love your china and enjoyed how you have used it differently throughout the years. My heart skipped a beat when I saw your hutch implosion! It's one of my biggest fears, living out in CA like I do! I would be heartbroken to lose my "pretties". You handled it well, and it is a blessing you weren't badly hurt. Have a good week, Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

Lulu said...

Isn't it fun to see how many different ways we can use the same pieces? I like how versatile your dishes have been for you.

hidden art of homemaking said...

very pretty..
Love, Mona

Sue said...

Your wedding china is beautiful,Nellie, I love how you have used it in so many ways Thanks for sharing.

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Nellie, A great china pattern is one that can be used for many different occasions, and yours certainly works for so many celebrations and with many colors too! I can't even think about my china closet falling--it is so upsetting. I'm glad you still have some pieces. Linda

Martha said...

It's a lovely china pattern and I love all the looks you did with it! Sorry about your "implosion" -- I had one too -- it's sickening!

Debbie said...

Nellie, I lOVE your pattern. I love the way you have used it over the years, and my very favorite of all is that green and pink setting where you just used the dessert plate. That's just so pretty.

I don't think I've ever seen that pattern. It's just lovely.

Jocelyn said...

Your wedding china is beautiful. I know you enjoy using it.

Jocelyn @

Anonymous said...

Your dishes are lovely, and I think it is great that you have used them in so many different ways. I especially love them on the pink cloth.

Tricia said...

What a great post! I had to go see about the dish explosion -- my heart almost stopped, just seeing the photos! What a bizarre thing! I enjoyed seeing your photos of your wedding china. It reminds me of mine, as we married in 1972, when styles were similar.

sistersusiesays said...

WOW! What a difference just to add your color table clothe!! I think it really made your china show up even more! I'm so sorry your cabinet imploded! My lily lamp "dropped" one of its lamp light covers and it broke! I'm not sure where I could get another one (if I could.)
Love you all, Susan

Lady of the Manor said...

Beautiful china! I like how you can use it so many different ways!

Sarah said...

Like you, I love that a pattern is so versatile. It's almost a challenge to see how many different looks one can create. Thanks for sharing.

Candy S said...

Nellie, First I want to thank you for all of the beautiful pictures of your wedding china that show the ways it can be combined with different accent pieces to use for many different occasions. I love the pattern and I especially love the Easter setting with the green place mat. Very nice.

Now about the china cabinet implosion. Oh my goodness dear lady, you have my complete sympathy. How heartbreaking to see your lovely treasured china lying their on the floor like that with the broken pieces strewn across the floor.

But for the grace of God I nearly had the same disaster last week. I heard glass hitting glass in my dining room but when I went in there to see what the noise was I did not see anything obvious until I noticed the plates standing up in the back on one shelf of my china cabinet were all leaning towards each other. I did not comprehend what had happened for a few seconds while I stood their dumbfounded. The glass shelf had snapped in half from the weight of the plates I had placed there to use for a birthday party the next day. The glass shelf was resting on the stack of seasonal plates that were stacked beneath it on the wood base of the cabinet. They came to within a half inch of the glass shelf above so that when the glass snapped it only fell in slightly and caused the standing plates to roll into each other. If it were not for my spring china beneath the broken shelf I would have lost my crystal and the other plates. I immediately removed all of my china and crystal and only placed a few things back into the cabinets until I can afford to have some thicker shelves made. I will also be looking for a way to add more shelf support brackets to the back of the cabinets.

Bonnie said...

I was a seventies bride also. I like your china, crystal and silverware. So fun to see how you changed the look with different linens and centerpieces. Love your coffee set. How nice to have lived in Germany.

I can see you are a flower lover like me too. Enjoyed another post seeing what's blooming in your garden.

Sounds like we have a lot in common. Glad I found you.

Kathleen said...

I am so glad you joined in Nellie. Your china is lovely and I enjoyed seeing it used for so many settings. I remember your china implosion, so sorry! Yes, our parents know better. I remember my mom telling me the same thing, get it now, you won't later. I never wanted Waterford, but before I retired I bought myself 12 wines and 12 waters. I knew once I stopped working there would be no room in the budget for that!