Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Small changes to the Guest Bedroom

Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having a Super Duper
week so far. 

 Have to say that I am....and I will
tell you about it in my Thankful
Thursday/Friday (lol)  Post.

Susan seems to be coming along nicely
 with her rehab she is walking with a 
walker, but with some assistance.  So
she is way ahead of where she was
 the last time, so we are hoping she
might be going home this time next
week, which would just be awesome.

A few weeks ago, when we got bed
 rails, so this could be lil darlings Wed.
 napping, and occasional sleep over 
spot...... I thought since it is summer
 I will just reverse the comforter from
 it's tropical look to a give it a bit 
of a beachy look, since I already
had some beachy looking table top
decorations like you see in my 
header picture.

Somehow sky blue, sand and 
cream stripes look beachy to

With the bed rails it doesn't look like this
 of course, and we just keep them on, 
since the only company we usually have
is Dee and Jerry. So since we didn't have
 lil darling a few weeks ago, cause her 
Mommy was off from work spending
 time with her family that was visiting,
 I decided to sort of play with it, to see
 what I could do for when my daughter
 and hubby come, hopefully in August.

Added the tray with a Coastal living
 magazine and some flowers
 and candles.

Borrowed 2 of my cream pillows from
 the family room, and another green
 one I had put away and  just
 tied a Tag on it!

With colored pencil affect

With posterized affect

Bed side table with a pretty flower
arrangement I found at Target 
months ago for just $5.00....
You couldn't buy the bloom
nor the vase for that.............

It pays to check their sale area! 

Also found this pretty dish
 at Target years ago for $2,
nice to put change, keys, or
 whatever in, and then this is 
our lil travel clock,
 so thought it would be nice
 for guests as well.

I love these bean pot lamps,
but they just take up a lot
of room on the night stand,
the reason I moved them
out of our master bedroom.

                                             These next pics were taken 
with natural light from 
the bedroom windows.

Well, this is what it will look
 like when we are having

Thanks so much for coming by
hope you enjoyed your visit 
and will come back on Thursday
and I will show you some of
these same shots with a lot of
neat photo affects.

Love, Hugs,
and Beachy Blessings,


  1. Nellie Dearest, you have such a good eye! The colours and the styling are just spot on, and I know that if I were to walk in to such a lovely guest room, I would feel at home at once. Love, Mimi xxx

  2. What a sweet looking room and so cozy!

  3. What an inviting space! Thanks for linking up at the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home!


  4. Very nice! I like the "rose." It looks like one big white rose! The conch shell is beautiful! Love you all, Susan


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