Saturday, March 20, 2010

Have an anticipating Sunday

(wildflowers on Appalachian trail)
Happy Spring 
 Happy Sunday
Sweet Friends,
Well, It's finally officially here!!!..........
Course,  I know some you sweeties out there don't feel like it..........
I can't believe you got another dose of Winter on the first day of spring! 
  Well, The Lord must be waiting for your flowers to be blooming
 cause He wants your Spring to be delightful in everyway!!
We have just been working in our infamous bathroom.  We have
finally gotten to painting.  but I decided to change the paint color
a little bit, and the color I had picked was the one,  but the 
person at the store told us to try it under these light things they
have  to see how it looked in that light so we decided not to get
the first one I picked, and got another one that looked good
under their lights!!  Point being their lights.
well, ............let's put it this way.....I am hoping for a miracle
lighting transformation in the morning. lol
It looks very different from the water closet area!! Great!!
Think now might be a great time to claim
Romans 8:28
And we know that in all things God works for the good
of those who love him, who have been called according
to his purpose.
That means even wrong paint colors!! 
 I have been very excited to finally get some paint on those
 walls, and now we did.  Just a tad disappointed at the
moment,  but this too shall pass,  there are way
worse problems to have than wrong paint colors!!
Disappointing yes,  Earth shattering,  absolutely Not!
Thank the Lord it's just
a wrong paint color!!
Nothing that can't be fixed with a lil more  
elbow grease  painting!!  lol
You have an anticipating Sunday,  looking
for the good that God is up to in your life.
It's there.....  we just have to look for it, and
eventually we will see it!  Sometimes right
away, sometimes it takes a lil time.
Love, Blessings and Hugs
dear friends,

P.S.  I just thought of one good thing
already.........I got a blog post out of it!! lol
See,  isn't He amazing!!
And I'm sure everything will look better in
the morning when we have had a good
nights rest and aren't so tired!!
Sweet Dreams...............


  1. hi! sorry i've been absent again. ella and I have started walking around the neighborhood and we've just been so busy having fun that i haven't really been on the computer! which is a good thing really!
    hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  2. Your are too cute! That's my positive friend...always having something to praise the Lord for in every situation!! You radiate His light so beautifully, Nellie!!

    Well, was it transformed in the morning light?
    Sure hope so! Love ya, and we'll talk soon!

  3. So eager to hear how you like the paint now, Nellie? I have done a lot of paint consults in my day and paint selection can be very tricky. I always advise people to go with their gut feeling. If you choose something and then don't like it, either stop right there and wait for a small section to dry....or if you have gone all the way and don't like it, change it. You cannot force yourself to love a paint color you don't love. I like to have my clients get a foam board and a sample of the paint to try in all the various lighting if they are not too sure about a color they have chosen. It is not just the light but also how much greenery you have around your windows that reflects back into the room and changes the color from room to room and house to house. Also the color varies depending on the sheen of the paint and the texture of the wall.

    I am sorry I haven't been by so much lately but I am home now and can actually go on the computer without taking a number. So I'll be back regularly again now. I hope you have had a happy birthday...weren't you celebrating it this weekend?

    Love you...Bonnie

  4. Hi Nellie..
    it was so kind of you to come and visit me and leave such sweet comments. I really appreciate it, PLUS it brought me here to see the beauty of nature and to remind me that regardless of our decor skills we will never be able to improve on the Original Design..I believe I saw the others talking about your birthday. so Happy Birthday and I hope you made a wish and that it comes true.
    hugs and happy Thoughts

  5. Good Morning Nellie,
    I know what it is like to get and paint the wrong color for your wall. But eventually I got it right. Plus a little added expense. lol.
    Romans 8:28 is a reminder to me all the time, that everything will work for good. Beautiful picture. Thank you for sharing

  6. I know how the paint in the can will be different when it drys on your wall. That's what happened when I painted the one wall in the birds' room. The yellow was a little lighter than I wanted, but it did blend in with the one "dying" palm limb on the wallpaper. The life sized palms still are the eye catcher rather than the painted wall. Of course, the birds catch everyone's attention first, ha!
    Love you, Susie


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