Thursday, March 4, 2010

My last Winter Tablescape for a birthday party.

Good Morning Sweet Folks,
Hope you are having a bright and sunny day
 where ever you live.  If it's not bright and
sunny outside,  hopefully it is bright and
sunny in your heart!
This morning I am participating with Susan
over at between naps on the porch
for Tablescape Thursday.
But I will also be posting my Thankful
Thursday Post as well,  just a bit later
in the day.  I would have typically 
done the tablescape post on Wed,
but was a bit too busy yesterday!
So just decided to do both today!

Thought I would since this is my last
Winter tablescape for the year!!
This was in honor of my sister-in-law
 Susan's Birthday Celebration!
And Here she is with her favorite and 
only nephew, our son Scott.

Think she is happy here!! lol
She is also a real Sweetie too!

The arrangement started out straight,
 but then I decided it needed some-
thing for the other side
So I turned it diagonally and added this to
 the other side,so it would look nice from
 all views.
Here's a lil peek,  this is my wedding
silverware,  and I still love it,  but I only
have enough for the family.  
It is almost 40 yrs. old, can hardly
believe it.  We had hoped they would
bring back the pattern,  but so far
no such luck.
I put a square red napkin at each end of
the table to add some color.
These were pink glasses from my old
set of dishes that I moved to the kitchen.
 I love their versatility, because they tend
 to take on a bit of a different color
 depending on what you put them with,
they go really well with the fall colors
as well.  They aren't quite as romantic
as the dishes tho!
I put a lil affect on this called Posterizing,
thought it looked a bit more interesting!
Here's a nice overall shot. I always
like to include a pc. of candyof some sort. 
 They were left over from Valentines day,
 but thought since this was
a loving occasion they fit nicely!!


Another overall shot from the opposite side of the table.

Shot from the other end of table.  Just in case you wondered, or
think the table looks  Valentine-sie (a new word).  My
winter color is dark red.

Don't you just love a lil candle light,  I love these
adorable lil candle holders Susan gave me for
Christmas.  I have used them  a ton already.

I actually caught the flame for a change!
Make sure you go over to Susan's
 to see all the other tablescape
ideas and creativity. 
I am having problems linking up to her due to problems with
 Jim's computer but hope to soon, but decided I might as well
 get it posted anyway.
Hope you have a Wonderful Afternoon
and Evening.
Blessings N' Hugs,


sarah louise said...

thanks for sharing your 'birthday celebration' table with us! your silverware is just beautiful... and it goes so well with the pretty details on your dinnerware. very elegant & yet welcoming. (o:

Heather said...

very dainty and pretty! thank you for sending me suggestions on gluten free foods and healthy foods! i have totally changed my entire eating habits these last few weeks. i have printed out the mediterranean food pyramid that you posted about and i'm going to try to follow that as best as possible. i've been adding so many fruits and veggies to my eating too. i'm also dairy free now. i can't remember if i told you or not. but i can no longer have dairy. i'm allergic to the dairy and the wheat/gluten. AND i've been losing weight! i'm avering about 1 lb a week! awesome! so i've started exercising again too. keep sending me healthy suggestions! i love it!

Denise Marie said...

gorgeous dishes and a table of love. I have JOY signs all over the place here.

Sister Susie said...

I love your picture of the "landscape" (eye across the table from the plate level.) The "Joy" picture turned out good too. That word surely is true 500%! Lol! Have you checked with the silverware company to see if they may have some left in stock? Sometimes they will have sets that are incomplete that you can purchase. See you Saturday!
Love you much,

Janet said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.

Blessings & Hugs

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Beautiful, as all your table settings are! Hope your week is going well! Mine has been really busy. Had to go back to the doctor again for this nasty cough I still have and was running a fever today. Going for blood work tomorrow, but I haven't told anyone, not even my need to worry until I know anything. I'm on a strong antibiotic, so hopefully it'll be better.

Thanks for your kind comments!!!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Your son is very good looking!

Please don't mention my tests on my blog. Don't want to worry my mom or the Colonel. Thanks!

Patriotic Mom said...

I love the pattern bordering the white dishes, very pretty! Joan

Bonnie said...

Wow feeling like I was almost there! Nice photo of Susie and Scott. One of my nephews names is Scott and I only have two. The other is Nicholas. I am enjoying getting to know Susie very much. She seems like such a sweet person.

I am in love with your dishes. LOVE them! Well, Jimmy just got back from his nightly bike ride and it is time for dinner. Have a great day tomorrow, Nellie. I'll be getting our taxes done, packing and then a date night with Jimbob. Yes, he does have lots of nicknames.

Hugs, B

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Your plates are adorable. If I am just living in the US, I do grab the whole set.

TY for sharing.