Thursday, March 18, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - March 18, 2010

(See the orange butterfly?)
Hiddy Ho Sweet Encouragers,
  Welcome to Thankful Thursday!
So how has your day been??   Good I hope!
Mine has been good,  but I have to say I think
I wore myself our yesterday!! lol
Have to say I haven't accomplished much other
than exercising and making a meal for someone,
but that's okay,  it will be there tomorrow!!  That
dratted Good Fairy never shows up when she is
suppose to...........Does that happen to you???
Oh, and I did get my hair washed and done,
so guess it's not all that bad!!  lol
Guess I will get on with Thankful Thursday
since I will need to deliver food soon.
I am thankful
that our St. Patrick's day dinner turned out so well. 
 Hubby and I both enjoyed it very much,  and the table
 cause I have never really decorated for St.Patricks day
 before, just made the food for it. I was inspired by all
 you ladies at tablescape Thursday and it will be a 
tradition from now on,  after all,  I am Irish!! lol
 Dee didn't make it cause she had made plans
 already,  but even that turned out well,  as we were
 both  pooped!!
I made this salad (pic below) to go with the Irish
 Colcannon,and I posted the recipe before and
 if you click here,  you can get it if you want. 
 It is down at
the bottom past the Country French Chicken
recipe. It has the salad and dressing recipe.
I remembered to take a pic of it this time to
go with the recipe.
Thought I would post it since it is a great 
spring salad.
I am thankful
 for St. Patrick's Day because it
reminds me of my Daddy and my Gram-pa,
who have passed on.  My gram-pa's birthday
was on St. Patty's day,  and my dad being 
Irish loved the holiday!  I think it was really
his favorite!  People were always given him
signs or hats or some kind of St. Patty's day
memorabilia.  So he loved that!
I am thankful
for those of you who prayed for my wrist,
cause it has been better since yesterday.
Thanks for  your prayers
and thanks to the Lord! 
I am thankful
for the huge outpouring of love and help to
my friend and her family,  the ones who lost
their 15 year old son. They are doing as
well as can be expected under the circumstances.
Actually,  I think they are doing better than could be
expected,  course,  they have a long road ahead.
I am thankful
for the religious freedom we have in this country.
I got thinking about that on the way to church on
Sunday for some reason.  I take that so for granted
sometimes,  and we are so blessed to have that
freedom,  cause so many believers have such 
persecution,  and take their lives in their hands
just to go to worship.
I am thankful
that our friend got out of the hospital last Thursday
and has been doing really well,  and in the middle
of that whole ordeal the Lord blessed them with
some really good news they had been waiting
on for some time now.
I am thankful
for all the humanitarian aid programs that there
are out there.  There is so many horrible
situations that people are in and they need
help and it is so great when we can all pitch in
and help thru giving, praying or going.
I am thankful
for God's creatures.  I get such a kick out of
them.  I had 2 visits this week from 2 different ones.
This one was from last Saturday I think it was.

She came in on hubby's shirt when he went out to the
mailbox.  It's a ladybug if you can't tell,  they are so
docile and cute and you can play with them,  they are
on the move tho I have to say.
She (has to be a she, it's a ladybug) ran all over my hand
 under and over and up my sweatshirt sleeve.  So cute, 
 took him outside and put him on my rose bush.
Then today we had this guy!!

He was running all over our screens,  he comes every
so often,  but haven't seen him in awhile.  

He was down, up and all around.  Tried to get 
a pic as he went around the porch so you could
see his underside,  but he was running too fast!! lol
This is our everyday creature Molly.
I actually got a decent pic of her for a change,
usually she turns her head or runs or something.
I am thankful
for where I live. I love the United States, and  I
 love  Florida,  and I love my homeof 30 years
and I love the neighborhood we live in and I am so
glad we still have woods ( not as much as we used
 to due to hurricane charlie 4-5 yrs. ago) so we
 have these neat critters to come visit us at times.  
I am thankful
for our neighbors.  We have nice neighbors around
us,  we have lost several lately tho,  one couple had
been here longer than us,  but they just moved
around the corner from us.
I am thankful
that I have a car and that I can drive.  My mom
didn't drive for a good portion of her life,  and
my step Mom never drove and I know some-
one else who doesn't drive.  That is a freedom
and priviledge I would really miss.
I am thankful
for Sonny's barbecue.....cause we were gonna
 have leftovers from last night,  but we decided to 
get take out from Sonnys instead,  and might I
add,  every bite was scrumptious!!  lol
Well,  that's my thankful list!
So come on......................
Tell Me..............
What are you thankful for this Thursday!
Love, Blessings & Hugs,


  1. Hi, Nellie! I just finished blogging on your St. Patrick's Day! Just as I finished, your Thankful Thursday popped up!!
    #1. We have Irish on both sides! Mom has Irish on her side of the family too! I'm thankful for the Irish, or we would not be here today!
    #2. I'm thankful for the Irish folklore. We had a fantastic time with the kinder kids today. We had them so excited with our "stage play" the parents probably wondered what had them so excited at the end of the day. (See your last post!)
    #3. I'm thankful the LORD answers our prayers for our frail bodies.
    #4. I'm so thankful we have our LORD to lead us on those long roads ahead.
    #5. I'm so thankful the government hasn't done away with everything to do with different people and their customs. It still allows us to deal with Christian emphasis within those "customs."
    #6. Praise our LORD, He had a double blessing for your friend. Coming home is always the best, but you can always have more blessings in this world.
    #7. I'm thankful our churches are so giving to the needs of those in its congregation and others in need. I give as much as I can above my tithe to help. I hope that doesn't become less due to what the government is about to bring upon the people of America.
    #8. I'm thankful for the beautiful hummingbird (red necked) that God brought up to me within a foot as I was taking pictures of my roses. Your squirrel friend may have been attracted to the smell of Molly's food. I know besides the raccoons we had eating Sarah's food, squirrels were curious too! However, they ripped through the screen instead of coming in the dog door as the raccoons did.
    #9. I know what you mean. I am so thankful for my house. This was the first house I had ever lived in! I wouldn't want to live anywhere else!
    #10. I am thankful to live on a culdasac. There are only three other houses. The same neighbors have lived here for many years. Pray for George and Lillian. They may be moving soon.
    #11. I am thankful the LORD has allowed me to have my truck. I never want any other vehicle!
    #12. Now you could have gone without listing that last entry, lol! Now I'm hungry, ha! I'm thankful the LORD always supplies our every need!
    I love you all,

  2. Hi Nellie,
    As always I am so blessed when I read your Thankful Thursday post.
    Enjoyed all of your photos, and i too have had some lady bugs to visit, it lets me know that spring is almost here.
    I am so glad your St, Patick's Day dinner was wonderful.
    I am thankful for most of the things that you have listed,.
    Thank you for sharing, and I hope your week is filled with many more blessings,

  3. Great post Nellie...
    Have a blessed weekend my friend.

    Spring is about to spring!
    and your St. P.Day dinner looked yummy!
    Great salad!

    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  4. Loved your post Nellie.. you certainly posted wonderful food for thought as well as food for nourishment. That salad looks yummy~!
    thank you so much for coming to visit me and leaving such a sweet comment. I do appreciate it.
    I will be thinking of how very blessed I am becuase of your inspirational post.
    your newest follower
    Sonny DayDreams

  5. Hi dear Nellie, What a grateful heart you have-I love your list. I'm sorry I haven't left any comments lately, but I have been reading your posts. I love all of them-it makes me feel so close to you. Can't wait til the day when we meet.
    Hugs to you today.


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