Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More ideas for spicing up your spiritual life........

Hello Sweet Folks,
And a Good Monday to you!!
Hope you had a very nice weekend.
I have been out working in the yard,  it was 60 degrees
when I went out at 9:15 in my sweats,  and it was 70
when I came in at 11:00 about to burn up!!  lol
Soon as that sun comes up good,  it warms up
 reallllllllllly quick.
I was tempted to throw on a T-shirt and go back out,
it was so pleasant out but decided I had best not
 overdue it the first day out.
I actually accomplished quite a bit in that span of time,
so figure if I can do that everyday this week,  the yard
will be looking much better soon.
Fortunately,  the house was all clean for the weekend,
so don't really need to worry about it too much this
week,  so that frees me up to work outside and blog.
Two of my favorite things to do!!  Whoo Hoo!!
Well,  guess I had better get on with some more
ideas for adding some spice to your spiritual life.
If you want to read series #1 click here.
and for series #2, click here
Tip # 17
Rent a good christian movie to watch.
Some suggestions would be : The perfect stranger,
Another perfect stranger, (Is the sequel to "The perfect
stranger),  Fireproof, The Flywheel, Facing
the Giants, or No greater Love.  They are all really
great movies with a really great spiritual incites.
and very well done and enjoyable. The perfect
stranger will hold you captive,  it is really wonderful.
Also, make sure you get the right one,  cause there is 
also a movie called "Perfect Stranger".  The one I
am talking about has a woman with long dark wavy
hair with a blonde goodlooking man standing
behind her,  and up in the righhand corner say
based on the bestselling novel "dinner with a 
perfect stranger".
 # 18
Listen to tapes or Cd's of sermons or inspirational
speakers while driving in the car or cleaning or
doing dishes.
Pray while you are driving somewhere in the car
alone or with your spouse.  We pray on the way
to church especially when we are teaching or any
time we go on a trip.  Please make sure to drive
with your eyes open!! lol
Read an inspirational book yourself, or to your spouse
while at home, or on a trip in the car. (bonus, it makes
your trip go a lot faster).  Reading marriage books
 together is a great idea as well,  since we teach
marriage classes we read a lot of those,  and another
bonus: it's a great way to make your marriage better.
Some good marriage books we would suggest:
Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs
Men are clams women are crowbars by
David Clarke
Go in your walk in closet to pray and sit quietly
in the dark.  when my children were young I
used to do that all the time.  It really began
out of necessity but became a wonderful thing.
I love it because I don't get distracted since
it is dark, and I feel shut in with God.  So when
I am really burdened about something I still
love to do that,  and I always come out feeling
so much better and like Jesus was sitting
right there with me.
If you are really down and depressed about
something,  crawl into bed and hug your pillow
and just pour out your heart to God,  and I
promise you when you get up you will definitely
feel better than when you laid down.
Get a good nights rest, and know when you 
need to take a break from people and ministry.
Even Jesus drew away from the crowds to spend
time with his Father,  how much more do we need
that since we are mere human beings.
One of our old Pastors wives told me that when
they went to a Pastors retreat that the speaker
said sometimes the most spiritual thing you can
do is get some sleep or rest.
I so agree with him,  cause I know when I am
really overtired I don't cope well with anything, 
 and I am cranky and irritable,  and I think most
people are that way,  but yet they just keep on
pushing........crazy .....cause one day you
will just crack!!
Sing praise songs!  Don't you sometimes get up
with a song going thru your mind,  then just sing
or hum it all day!
Well,  hope you have decided to give a few of
these ideas a try or made a mental note for another
time when you might just need it!  Sorry I am so
late with this but it was a busy day, and didn't 
get to finish till late this evening.
More to come next week!!
Have a great Day tomorrow!
Blessings and Hugs,


  1. Beautiful thoughts and ideas, Nellie! I just got up for a minute and now am heading back to bed before I am wide awake for the rest of the night! It is like you need to take a number around here to get on the computer..so I took advantage of a quiet moment when everyone is asleep.

    Love you...B

  2. Just what I've been doing, singing praise songs. Woke up way too early and my mind was so troubled. I was just laying in bed for the past 30 minutes singing and decided to come and check out a few blogs. I guess our minds are alike! Whenever I'm down, I need to sing. I hear it chases the devil away!

    Great post!

  3. Hi Nellie

    I love your tips. I have been listeing to praise songs during my work hours in my office. I really thinks that helps me enjoy the day. It is very uplifting.
    Thanks for the movie tips too.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Blessings & Hugs
    Janet Cowan

  4. Great ideas! I especially like to listen to my "Gaither Vocal Band" quartet group when I'm going and coming from work (espeially when it's on a great sound system!)
    Love you all,

  5. Darling I am going to come clean here and now!! I am not one to read long posts, and to be quite honest, with over 60 blogs to visit on daily basis, I simply don't have the time. But this post of yours, mesmerized me, I read this post not once, no not twice, I'll tell you four times. It is so eloquently written that the words simply captivated me. Thank you darling you gave me so much to think about.

    Love & Hugs

  6. I worked in the yard a bit today too - isn't it wonderful?!? I also like to pray in my car..at first, I felt silly but now I really enjoy that time - just the Lord and me. Thanks for stopping by my blog (and commenting on two posts...cute:) ) and I will leave my address. Thanks a bunch. Jennifer


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