Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Welcome to Heart Tips Tuesday - Let's talk about exercise & products

Greetings Sweet Friends
Welcome to Heart Tips Tuesday!
Hope you are having a bright and sunny day
 where ever you live!
It is another perfect temp day here,  but we are
partly cloudy and partly sunny,  eh,  that works.
Didn't work in the yard today cause I did some
thing to my wrist yesterday,  have no idea what,
but when I turn it certain ways it smarts pretty
good,  so I have an ace bandage around it
and that sorta keep me from moving it the
wrong way!!  Thankfully!!  Also,  gives it
some strength cause yesterday I was afraid
to pick up anything breakable no matter how 
light it was, cause when that pain hits, I thought
 I might drop something.
We fertilized all our plants last night,  course,
hubby did most of that work,  but I assisted
as best I could.  So there is one more thing
of the list!!  lol
I am pleasantly surprised that it doesn't hurt
when I type tho,  course, I am very happy about
that!  So guess I had better get on with
Heart Tips Tuesday..............
I am still sharing with you the things that the Dr.
and the hospital shared with us when Jim had
his bypass surgery.  So along with eating the right stuff,
  exercise goes hand in hand with it.  His first exercise
 after his surgery was just walking around in the house
 for 5 mins. about 2 times a day,  and then slowly
 working up to 30 mins. a day at a brisk pace,  as you
can imagine that took quite a bit of time as healing from
 such a major surgery takes about 3-6 months.  So
you have to do what your body can take.
This is also a good thing for someone who has
not been exercising for quite some time......don't decide
 I am gonna start exercising and go out and run a mile!!
  Not good for your body in the least.  We all can tend
to extremes...........and this can be one of them.  The 
best thing to do if you haven't been exercising is to 
start slowly and build up.  Start walking for 5-10 mins.
and then when you feel comfortable with that bump
it up another 5 mins,  and so forth.
From all I have read it seems the best thing for our
body is about 30 mins. a day at a brisk pace for 
about 5 days a week.  Now
I am seeing in many articles today on fitness that 
you don't even have to do all of it at one time.
Even doing it in 10 min. encrements 3 times a
day will work.  The point is get your body moving!!
Even if you have a weight problem they say that 
that the exercise is even more important that the
weight loss unless you have diabetes or some major
health issue.  Course, both would be better as
long as you don't go on some starvation diet or
crazy diet that is not a balanced diet.  If you 
have a hard time losing on your own,  I would
seriously recommend weight watches,  because
they have the highest success rate and the best
part is they teach you how to eat a balanced
diet,  in fact,  I went years ago and even before
Jim's heart problems I was still practicing a lot
of what I had learned,  but I had gained my
weight back because I didn't stick with all of it, 
and got back to eating a lot of sugar and carbs.
But I have to say I am thankful that I had 
gone because it really helped me a lot when
we were confronted with this new heart healthy
way of life,  cause I  I had already learned a lot
 of it at weightwatchers, and was already employing
some of the techniques so didn't have to learn so
much all at once.  God is good! Amazing how
he prepares you for things in advance.
We do 21/2 hours of cardio exercise a week.
That is 30 mins. a day.  We walk outside or
we do this walking video,   especially if the weather 
is inclement. We also have an exercise bike, and a
gazelle,  so we  swap off,  one day walking, one day the 
exercise bike, one day the gazelle. We also walk in the
 mall at times.  Great place to walk
 when it is too cold or too hot out.  The key is find
some things you enjoy doing and rotate them.
It keeps you from getting bored!
 This is the video we started with........

Now I know what you are thinking cause you are
probably thinking the same thing I did when a
friend told me about it.  A Walking Video, who
needs that I can go outside an walk...........
I will tell you,  it is way more than just walking
and as we go along I will show you others
because they each ramp it up a bit!
You walk but you also do other things like
knee raises and kick backs and things with
your arms,  truly it is a really good workout
and the music is enjoyable.  This particular
one is all set to Christian music,  the other
just instrumental, but they are all great!
and have helped us get into good shape.
I will stop here for today and show you
a few products.

This was my breakfast this morning.
Food doesn't have to be boring,  and this can
be a snack or dessert as well.  Don't know if
you can tell but it has pecans on top as well.
This would be much better for you than
cookies or cake that have hydrogenated oils.
I have found too,  that the more fruit I eat
the less sugar I want!  You should eat at
least 3 different fruits a day.

I like to keep this trail mix on head,  it is a great 
lil snack,  and I get it at Walmart.
It has an assortment of nuts, raisens and m&m's
um.........my favorite!!  But there are just
a few at a time,  so that is perfect!

Do you like to make green bean casserole??  Well, here are
some heart healthy onions to put on top,  they are from
Walmart brand again.  All the other brands have the
hydrogenated oils,  but this has safflower/and or sunflower
oil.  It used to have palm oil,  so make sure you check
the label!!  And by the way, they are delicious!!
Ground flax seed meal,  this is great for putting in
your smoothies or baked goods,  it has a nutty flavor
and it great for your cholesterol and has omega 3's
 and is a good source of fiber too. I bought
this at  Walmart for $2.00,  it is usually  $5-6 at the
 health food store.  Also,  just in case you don't know
 the flax seeds need to be ground in order for you to
get any benefit from them.

I typically can't use any cake mixes and stuff,  but 
I have found these fat free muffin mixes and a few
of the others that do not have hydrogenated oils.
I use the cranberry orange to make nut bread
and then put orange sherbert on it as a dessert
for when we have company.  It does have
white flour but we only use them occassionally.
Use the pecan bar mix to make a pumpkin
pecan pie at Thanksgiving. I use the blueberry
and banana mixes to make nutbread.  The also
have a fat free sweet cornbread mix and I have
actually used it like a yellow cake mix and 
made an upside down berry cake,  with
blackberries, blueberries and strawberries.
It was wonderful!!  They are a great
alternative to what most of them are,
they also have fat-free brownies,  that I
add walnuts to...and they are to die for!! lol
Well, sweet folks that is it for today,
Hope you read or find something new you
didn't know about before.
Have A Great Evening with your Family!
See ya tomorrow,
Blessings & Hugs,


Sarah said...


I LOVE your name and hearing how special it is to you. And thanks for the yummy food ideas. We love trail mix too, but we buy ours at Costco.

Hugs for your night,

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

Hope your wrist is feeling better. I am still recovering from my sinus infection.

I was not aware that Lesile Sansome had a Christian workout walk. I have been using her walk away the pounds for years. I am very interested in the one you mentioned.

Thanks for all the tips. We tried your flatbread pizzas last weekend and they were yummy.

Enjoy your day!
Blessings & Hugs

Bonnie said...

Nellie, these are great posts about being healthy. I am sorry you have hurt your wrist. We don't realize how much we depend on things until they hurt when we sue them. I have been having some shoulder issues but it seems to finally be getting better. I am sure glad you can still type! Take good care sweet friend.

Hugs, B

Sue said...

Good Morning Nellie,
I am a day late in reading this, but none the less I am so thankful for all of the tips, and information. But first things first. I am so sorry you hurt your wrist,I bet it is from all of the hard work you have been up to. I will be praying for quick healing.

I am very interested in the walking video, maybe it will encourage me to use my treadmill, as I am told you get a better workout with one.
I saw those muffin mixes yesterday and almost bought one to try, I know what will be on my shopping list. lol
Nellie, I am so thankful that you take the time to give us all of this information about health, regaining my health is one of the top issues on my list this year. Please pray that I will be consistent.
Have a great day.

Renee said...

I always expect more out of myself them I should. Gotta remember to work my way up :) I have heard about the walking tape before, I got to try it. :) I know a lot of people who use flax seed... but im scared =p