Friday, March 5, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - March 4, 2010

Hello Sweet Friends,
Welcome to Thankful Thursday!
Hope your day has gone better than ours has....
nothing terrible but just down right  annoying.
It seems like everytime I download something
or open someones blog it causes Jimmy's computer
to run really slow or to stop,  and then he has had 
an aggravating day with problems that he was having
 a hard time fixing on someone elses computer
 in North Carolina.
So I finally had to quit downloading pics for 
Tablescape Thursday and do it when he took a
break to eat or something.  Finally got it done.
That is Thankful  #1
I am thankful 
that he finally got his problem fixed but had
to finally call and talk them thru it over the phone,
but at least it is fixed now.  Yea!!
I am thankful
for my Sweet Sister-in-law and what a blessing
she is to our family.  Also happy we were able
to have a nice birthday Celebration with her
as well.  If you check my earlier post you can
see a picture of she and Scott, and of the table.
Remember I can't download anything right now.
I am thankful
we are going out to the movies and to dinner tonight 
as an early celebration for Jim's birthday which is this
 Sunday.  He wants to see Avatar.  Hope it is good!!
I am thankful
 that I got another Animal Kingdom visit early
this past Monday morning.  I just happened to
pass the window and see all these lovely lil white
birds on the lawn,  chowing down!! lol
They are called White Ibis.

Quite a beak on those babies,  and you should see them
stab them into the ground looking for whatever it is.
We must have lots of those,  cause they were out
there feeding for awhile.
The sun was shining on them and made their
beaks look funny,  the one above looks like
he has a fuzzy head.
Well, gotta stop and get ready to go will finish tonight
or in the morning.
I am thankful
We are back from the movies, and din din and had
 a nice evening.  The movie was good, and had a lot 
of neat effects,  but for me, it was stressful and 
suspenseful during the war sequences, cause you feel
 like you are right in the middle of it..  I liked most
of it tho,  but hubby loved it,  so since we went for
 his birthday, guess that's all that matters!!  lol.
I am thankful
for new flowers and for my sweet hubby who brought
 them to me yesterday. Pretty pinky peach carnations. 
 He is really spoiling me with flowers lately,
  and I am liking it very much!! lol
I am thankful
for the old flowers that are still hanging in
there after over 2 weeks.  A smaller bouquet
than when we started,  but amazing there are
any left at all!

I am thankful
that I can hear and that I woke up this morning 
at daybreak to the Tweeting of a lil bird, and it just
 made me smile, as I thought haven't heard that in a while.
Felt like it was a promise of spring!!
I am thankful
that one of my new bloggy friends Renee, over at
who I was meant to be,  let us know that her
 husband got a much needed promotion!
We are rejoicing with you hon!!
I am thankful
I got so much cleaning done today and the table
is already set for Jim's Birthday Celebration
on Saturday.  Just have to finish the inside of
his card,  and make Beef Stroganoff tomorrow.
I am thankful
for my dear sweet husband and what a fine 
man, hubby and father he is,  as well as 
being such a good example to all who know him. 
He is a warm, and friendly fellow,  and I
would say more if I weren't so sleepy.
Gotta go to bed girlies,  my eyelids just
want stay open any longer.
So what are you thankful for this week??
Friday Morning
P.S. I just found this on another blog and especially if you
are a Mom raising children or a Mom period,  you need
to read this,  it will truly bless your heart and give you
wonderful perspective,  click here
Love, blessings and hugs,


  1. Love your great list of thankfuls! What a blessing.

  2. Nellie, We all really have a lot to be grateful for don't we? So many things I take for granted. Love your flower pics and the ibis - you got a great close-up!!! I'm a new follower, looking forward to your next post. Have a blessed weekend.


  3. Well hello there dear Nellie, my oh-so-sweet friend!..,

    What a lovely 'Thankful Thursday' list and pretty flowers!.., I so appreciated end thouroughly enjoyed your wonderful, sweet and encouraging comments that you left recently Nellie!

    I'm glad that you enjoyed the blue and white posts! Our phone call was indeed uplifting and I also look forward to our next phone call sweetie!

    I am off and running and am so busy these days, yet I simply could bear to do no less than to briefly 'pop in' and say thank you and a cheery 'hello' my dear friend!..,

    I must go now, but I'll be back later, (or in a few days), as we have weekend guests arriving in an hour or so!..,

    Hugs and blessings from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Sweet Hubby!
    And many, many more indeed!
    Now... don't you have a B-day coming up soon???
    Hope your celebrations are wonderful!

  5. Happy Birthday to Jim! And I love the carnations he gave you. They are so pretty! I am all ready to go in the morning~can't wait to see the kids it has been since Thanksgiving! Tomorrow it is not supposed to snow there...keeping my fingers crossed. Burr! I'll be in touch...the beauty of the Internet!

    Love you,


  6. Just happened again! Bopped the wrong button and everything I had through #5 disappeared!
    Well, let me start again!

    #1. I can identify with your #1, ha!
    #2. I'm glad Jim has the patience to deal with these computers when they "act" up. I guess it's not so much the computer as it is the operator, ha!
    #3. I am so thankful for such a loving family I have in you, Jim and my nephew, niece and their friends. My birthday was made so special by all of you. Nellie, you are such a great "hostess" in all of the beautiful settings you have at the table, the atmosphere that surrounds our joyful occasions, and the hard work you do to make things perfect!
    #4. Alice (my neighbor) and I went about a month ago to see Avatar (in 3D.) It seem to be a makeover of several other movies. Terminator and Transformers (with all of the mechanical war machines), Lion King (The Tree of Life), I can't remember the name of the movie that dealt with dragons (but Avatar had a lot of the tails flying, ha!) It was really neat to see it in 3D.
    #5. Isn't God's animal kingdom beautiful! (Except for the snakes, ha!) You must have a lot of grub worms down under you grass. I heard these worms don't hurt your grass, but makes good food for the birds. The worms look like an acordian with the folds in their skin.
    #6. You are more into the romance movies. I guess the "romance" in Avatar was a few nano seconds and too action packed, ha!
    #7. & #8. Your carnations are really pretty! I can't believe your other flowers have lasted so long. Mine are lasting longer this time I think due to the packet they enclosed to put in the water. When I have others and don't have the packet, they only last a few days.
    #9. I have seen many little doves. They are so small, they look like babies! In the back yard, I have seen scrub jays and robins (big robins!) They are probably building nests already.
    #10. Yes, thank you, LORD that Renee's husband got his promotion!
    #11. It's 10:00 a.m. and I can hardly wait for another birthday celebration! We also have another at the end of the month! Yours!
    #12. Jim is an excellent Sunday School teacher too! Along with his "better half." I'm going to miss your class in this new quarter.
    See you in a little while!
    Love and hugs,

  7. I love the new blog look! cute background and header.
    Happy birthday to your hubby tomorrow! I hope he enjoys it.


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