Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Welcome to Heart Tips Tuesday - more about exercise

Evening Sweet Friends
Welcome to Heart Tips Tuesday!
Sorry I am posting so late,  but I had a busy day full of
 making menus, grocery lists and then shopping and dragging my
 haul in!!  lol  I don't have to tell you..... I am sure you know all
 about that, after all,  we all have to eat!! 
I left off last week with showing you the first video we 
started with,  and today I will tell you about the other
3,  they are all by Leslie Sansone,  and give us a  great
workout,  and one thing I like is that all but in one video
and one lady they are all pretty covered up,  not like
so many others videos where they let it all hang out,
if you get my drift!!
Our 2nd video was called "Walk way the pounds"
 The Walk & Jog video. It has about 4, 2 minute 
jog sessions, so it is easy to do,  or you can just do
 the low impact, cause she has a person that you follow
 for that as well.  I could not find the dvd cover for it
 for some reason,  Sorry!
Our 3rd one is this one below:  This has a 30
and 45 minute routine where you use weights.
In fact, it comes with 2 ball type 1pd. weights,
and we have worked our way up,  I am doing
3 pds,  (I can't really go over that weight, because
 of a problem with my neck but Jim is up to 5
pds)  Our Dr. wanted us to add some strength
training to our workout.  It probably isn't as
good as going to the gym and using their machines
but it does a fairly decent job as you up the
weight more,  but the workouts are excellent.
But again you want to work up to this,
not start with it.

Our 4th one is this one below.  This has a belt
that goes around your waist,  but you don't 
have to use it unless you want to.
  It is 45 min. workout and a good one too!
  Our daughter bought this one for  us.

We also rotate the videos,  so we are not doing
the same one all the time either.
We have been walking outside some lately,
cause we are ready to do something different.
That is a nice change of pace.  We may fix
our bikes and start riding them some too.
You just need to find something you like to
do,  I have a friend that plays tennis all the time,
and she is in great shape and loves doing that.
I have another friend that goes to jazzercise and
she loves that,  so you just need to find whatever
it is that you enjoy doing,  maybe it is playing
badmitton in the back yard or swimming or 
raquetball,  my husband used to do that.
It is also good if you can get a partner,
to exercise with.  I have one friend who talked
all the ladies in her office into going to Curves,
(it is an exercise place just for ladies,  and it is
a combo of machines and floor exercises,  if
I understand correctly) so they go their to exercise
 every Mon., Wed, and Friday after work.
I have gone to jazzercise in my earlier years
and loved it,  but it took a huge chunk out of my
day because it was 25 mins. away,  so by the
time I got dressed, drove there exercised for
over an hour and came home,  I would eat up
so much of my day,  so I also chose to do 
something close to home like walking outside
with my headphones and listening to good
praise and worship music,  or riding my bike.
Now fortunately,  Jim and I exercsie together
all the time,  so we can spur one another on.
Plus since we do it at home it only take us
30-35 mins. cause we don't have to drive
somewhere, and since we do it everyday
it only has to be 30 mins. for 5 days a week.
If we are having a busy week sometimes
we do 2 -  45 min. routines to get it all in.
Oh yea,  our kids used to have a trampoline
and that is good exercise too.  I used to jog
on the trampoline.  When I was in my 20's
I used to jog all the time,  and that gets you
into shape very quickly,  but as you get older
it isn't great for your enternal organs or your
knees,  so I haven't done that for a long time.
I love swimming and sometimes use my
sister-in-laws pool during the summer months,
cause it is the best over all exercise you can
get cause it is easy on your joints and you
use all your muscles and it will flatten your
stomach and tone your arms better than 
anything I have ever done.
Well,  hope you will be thinking about
some things that you can do that will be fun
for you to do,  cause that is half the battle.
Once I borrowed a rowing machine from
a friend and tried that,  suppose to be good
for flattening your stomach.  I liked it but
it became annoying cause the kids were
always playing on it and readjusting it
so I finally gave it back!!  lol
I have another friend who has an 
elliptical,  it is sorta like the gazelle 
that we have,  but a little different.
We like the gazelle and use it at
least once a week.
Jim and I had decided quite awhile
before he ever had the heart problems
that we needed to be exercising.
The big reason..........we had seen
both of our Mom's lose their legs do to
 lack of activity,  and we knew instinctively,
 that we had to do something different
 than what they did if we didn't want to
end up that way.  We don't know how
long the Lord will let us live, but we do
know we want to be as healthy as we
possibly can be, as far as it depends on us.
Thanks for coming by and listening
to the ramblings of this determined
wife who is trying to help her husband
reverse his coronary artery disease.
I have to say I believe the Lord is in
it, and I believe it will happen one day,
We have seen a lot of progress,  and
we just ordered a book about a man
who had i,t when he was 32 yrs. old
and had bypass surgery and they didn't
think he would live past 40,  now he
just filed for medicare,  and he reversed
his,  so we can't wait to read the book,
cause we will probably pick up some
new tips.  Hope so anyway!
Have a great day tomorrow,
it is too late for a good evening, it
has passed already,  and you are
probably heading to beddie bye land!
I know I am going there soon!! lol
What do you do to get exercise???
Or what are you thinking about doing???
Love and blessings to you all,


  1. Aww, this is my weak point I am not much for the exercising. I hope that will change when Jim retires and we can do it together. A nice brisk walk is the best for me.

    One more day of a lot of work and then tomorrow...kick it! Cannot wait. I have been waking up pretty tired each day since I got home.

    Jim has two weeks off starting Friday so I know that will be a busy time. He wants to finish up all the details work that needs doing and get out into the yard. Looking forward to that being done! I hope you and your family have a wonderful, warm Floridian day! What are you planning for your birthday?

  2. i love Leslie Sansone videos. I have several of them. I started doing hers after Ella was born. It was my first time ever having to exercise in my life, lol! Yes, I was very skinny before getting pregnant. Pregnancy changed all that! She's great though. I really like the walk/run ones.

  3. Darling you are the subject of my post today, I hope you don't mind.

    Love & Hugs

  4. Nellie your comment prompted the Duchess to post one of her best yet, many thanks to you.

    Hetty xoxo

  5. Came over via the Duchess's blog to thank you for the inspiration.


  6. The Duchess has left me in tears and a warm heart with her beautiful post, thank you for being her inspiration.



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