Thursday, December 7, 2023

Thankful Thursday December 7, 2023, and Pics of a Christmas table past

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ,
Ephesians 1:3 NIV

Morning  Sweet Friends,
Hope this finds you well and happy
and enjoying the Christmas Season.
Am having to re-do this part of my
post cause somehow I lost it and
the scripture verse, so didn't get
to post it last night, so hopefully
now I can get it going.  lol

Pictures today are of a Christmas

table from the past.  Figured you

might be looking for table ideas,

like me..........

So on with my Thankfuls...........


Thankful for my lil dynamic decorating darling.  Fortunately, for me,  she did not have a lot of schoolwork  today, so she was a huge help to her Grammy.  Got a lot of Christmas decorating done, and she even started on the tree. Have more to do,  but think I might be able to wrap it up a lot sooner that I would have... had I not had her wonderful and enthusiastic help.


Thankful that hubby found something yesterday that I needed but thought I had thrown out because a part of it broke, but we found another part and bought it,  and then just as we came out of the store I said..... Oh No, I threw the other part out,  but the next day he found I didn't. 

Which was great news to me!!


Thankful for our Christian radio station Z-88 all the time, but I especially love that they start playing Christmas music all the time until New Years and they start the day after Thanksgiving.  All the radio stations did that when I was a kid, so it is nice to see and hear that we still have that Christmas tradition.


Thankful for a great day at church,

Our  Sr. Pastor who had the kidney removal

surgery and who is now cancer free, 

returned today ( a bit earlier maybe than

he should) but it was such an inspirational

day.  Everyone gave him a standing ovation

when he came in, and then our music Pastor

had us all stand and sing>  "Every Praise

is to our God", by Hezekiah Walker, (I love

 that  song) then Pastor shared with us some

 of the neat things that  God did and ways

 that he was able to build relationship with

 some of the hospital staff. 

 Such and inspirational message and the whole

day was such a blessing.


Thankful that we had an opportunity to 

minister and pray for a fairly long time friend who is having marital problems. 


Thankful for a good day with lil darling

doing school work and in between she 

was making bracelets with her new

bracelet kit.  She brought me one this

morning that she made over the weekend

 as a surprise.....along with a yummy

 Ghiradelli peppermint. Thankful for

the sweet heart of this child.  I also

commissioned her to do a blue bracelet

that I could wear with casual clothes

when I go out, and she made it right away,

 and it is perfect for what I wanted.


Thankful that I am getting close to 

wrapping up the Christmas decorating,

  just doing some finishing touches, which

 always seems to be the hardest since 

I have less things to work with.  lol


Thankful for God's direction and incite

about a situation in which I needed

to write a letter to someone about

about a rather serious situation.


Thankful we have been asked to help out in

 Children Church starting in January 2024.

We have not served in this capacity since

 our kids were little,  so it should be fun

 and it's only every other month and fits

 our schedule perfectly.


Thankful for a great relational incite I

 learned from talking with someone that 

I never understood about them before, 

but do now.

 Thankful for Christmas movies, 
we have only watched one so far,
but planning on many more.


Thankful I am done decorating,

I have decorating fatigue.  lol

So am about to start packing the 

leftovers up.  Can you hear me

singing the Halleleujah chorus!!  lol


Well, sweet friends, that is all

for this week, at Cozy Place.

Enjoy this Season of Love and Joy,


Thanks for coming by ......

Love, Hugs and 

Merry Christmas Blessings,


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  1. #1. Praise the LORD for your time together!
    #2. What a blessing!
    #3. Praise the LORD for His inspiration to the station to do so!
    #4. Praise the LORD for his recovery. I pray he doesn't overdo it!
    #5. I pray the LORD to restore their marriage.
    #6. Praise the LORD for working in her!
    #7. You have been very busy!
    #8. I pray the LORD's will be done through you!
    #9. Praise the LORD to give you His leading with them!
    #10. Praise the LORD for His incite to you!
    #11. Yes, thank the LORD for those actors!
    #12. I surely can hear you, ha!
    Love you, Susan

  2. So many wonderful things to be thankful for, Nellie! Ilove that your gran made you a speical bracelet and brought you peppermint. It's such a sweet way to celebrate the season. I love that you keep this list so you can see many different prayers being answered. It's such a powerful practice. Hugs, CoCo PS: I have Christmas decorating fatigue too!


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