Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome to White Wednesday

Hello Sweetie Peeties,

How are you this fine sunny day!!

It is really a gorgeous Fall day here in sunny Florida,
 I just  have to say!!

Decided to do a White Wednesday post for
 something a bit different.  So I just went thru all
my pics and threw in what ever I came to that 
was white,  so hope you will enjoy them cause
 they are all pretty I think!!

 These first two are sneak peeks of our bathroom
redo that I still have not shown you,  but have decided
I am going to soon.  I have been trying to wait till we
get the touch up painting finished,  the pics have been
ready and waiting,  it is a discipline thing,  I thought
if I make myself wait till those last lil details get done,
then they will get done sooner. 

 Well,  my theory is
not working cause they 2nd half of the bathroom
has been done for almost 6 mos. now,  and we
still haven't finished those lil details,  so I am giving in
 and will show you the pics sometime soon on a Met
Monday post probably.

Guess that is because overall the bathroom looks is just a few lil touches,  so oh well!!
They will get done sometime hopefully.
Probably when it get cold and we can't be
outside again.

Summer look for Dining room table in Black and White.

Little Ibis's

White Roses from a magazine with a photoshop affect.

This is a pic from a magazine.

This is a lil statue from my house.

These were white roses from our yard
but with a photoshop affect.

Swans from Publicdomainphotos.

Lil Pumpkin from our friend Becky, over at
Holiday in the Sun.  Have you been to her
Etsy shop???  If not,  you should check her

One of the pics from my daughter's birthday table.

Last 3 pics from the porch.

Well, Sweet Friends...............
Thanks for stopping in...............
Always Great to hear from you!!

Thanks too,  for all you Sweeties who
are praying for my Sister Mary and her
family,  it is so very appreciated,  and
heart warming!!

Make sure to go over to Kathleen's at and see all the other fun and unique
 White Wednesday Posts.

Have A Wonderful White Wednesday
with your Wonderful Family/ Friends/ and /or Pets.

Love,  Hugs and Blessings
wrapped up with White Roses and Ribbons!

and I am a bit late,  so please forgive me,
I meant to include this reminder yesterday
and forgot again!!

If you are participating in the 140 days
of prayer for our nation,  this is week
#15 and our scripture is Psalm 33:12,
we are to pray about Reaffirming our
Nations Christian Heritage.

We are 3/4 of the way there,  and only
5 weeks left to go,  so stay the course,
and hopefully this will become a constant
 source of daily prayers cause our
 Nations is in dire need of it!!
Special Blessings to all you prayer
warriors out there!!


Kathy said...

Beautiful photos Nellie...
Love all the whites,
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

I love white. Beautiful pictures expecially the roses.

I hope you enjoy your sunny day!


Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Your wrought iron chair photo is lovely. Thanks for your visit to my blog. Happy Wednesday to you.


Cindy said...

Beautiful photos! I love white in decorating and in clothing as well. Your white porch chairs are so pretty as are the roses.
I have never seen an Ibis, they are really pretty birds.
Hugs, Cindy

Sister Susie said...

Oh, how calming, soothing, cooling, and peaceful to see your White Wednesday. It reminds me of the Robes of White all of God's Children will one day receive!

Love, Susie

NanaNor's said...

Sweet Nellie, Oh how I love your heart; thank you for your comments-I wanted to email you but this will have to do. Firstly, I love your pictures-so beautiful and can't wait to see your bathroom. As for peace and trusting, girl I'm right with you. Retirement has been a stretch and although we have our house in Ca. for sale so far we haven't had a speck of interest. Now I know how to be praying for you and yours.
With love and gratefulness for joining us together in Him.
Love, Noreen

Sue said...

Hi Nellie, Loved all of your whites today, and your sneak peek of the bathroom looks great.Looking forward to seeing it. I didn't have a favorite they all looked so calming and beautiful. thanks for sharing.
Hope you are having a great week.

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the tour-Happy WW

Kathleen said...

Such pretty whites, Nellie.
I will pray for Mary!