Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Morning Sweet Friends,

Seems like ages since I have posted.....
course, it has only been 5 days!!!  lol

So how are you????

Hope you and yours are doing quite well.

Our weekend was fun and sad!!

We had the blessing of going to dinner at the home 
of one of the couples we are working with, on Friday
 evening,  and it was so neat to see them in their own 
envirionment and to meet their adorable children.
  They are very hospitable, and we had a delectable
 dinner and a wonderful time of fellowship with them. 

 You ladies that do tablescape Thursday would be
 proud of this precious 30 yr. old gal.  Wish you could
have seen the beautiful table she set,  and the delicious
 food.  She is also an excellent decorator, as well.  
Their home is really lovely.  Martha Stewart has
nothing on her.  Seriously,  she is just a really
neat young lady,  and her hubby is just a real
sweetheart as well.  We couldn't be more proud
of them if they were our own kids.

Saturday evening we got sad news about my
 step-sister who has been battling cancer for 5 1/2
 years now.  She is in the hospital and they say it
has spread all through her body,  and that she
doesn't have long on this earth.  She just turned 64, 
 this month.  She has a 6 yr. old grandaughter
she would love to see grow up.

 We went to see her on Sunday after church,
 and we also got to see her hubby, my 2
 step-brothers and 1 SIL, and my neice and
 great neice,  it was sure great to see them
all,  only wish the circumstances were for a
much better reason.

We are praying for a miracle,  because that
is the only way she is gonna make it,  but
we know God is able to do that,  if that is
His wil for herl..........We know that God
 says are days are numbered before we
 are even born,  and he knows the time and
 hour of our departure,  so we are hoping
 this is not her time,  and maybe that,
 it is a sickness for the Glory of God.

Please if you feel so led,  would you pray
 with us, for a miracle for Mary.  We know
 what the Drs. say,  but we feel their is still
hope as long as she is still living.  Of Course,
we also know that sometimes the Lord
chooses eternal healing to spare his 
children from evil.
But we can still ask for a miracle!!!

After leaving the hospital we got to go
spend some time with our children and their
boy/girl friends,  they were all at my daughters,
  so we went over to hang out and have pizza. 
 We had a nice time together as always.

Yesterday,  Jim had a Dr. appt.  for his
annual physical,  and he got a good report,
no need to go again till next year!!  We sure 
love hearing that!!  Oh yea,  and all my blood
work came back fine,  so a year for me too!!

Then we ran some errands,  and did our
walking in the mall,  and had my SIL over
for an impromptu dinner,  and turned in
early.  We are sorta pooped from all the
activity of the last 4 days.  So glad we
have no where to go today!!  lol

We are working with our #2 couple
tonight tho....course,  that is usually 
energizing to us rather than draining.

But I have cleaning to do........ Poo....
 cause our house is a wreck since we have
 just been home long enough to mess up
not clean up!!  lol

I slept really well last night,  but I just
feel worn out today,  so cleaning does
not sound fun right now!!  lol

Am hoping I can get it together soon!! 

Well,  Sweet Peas,
Thanks so much for dropping by,
Love hearing from you all.

Have a Terrific Tuesday,

Love, Hugs,  and Blessings
 don't take one minute of life
for granted!!



Toia said...

I loved reading your post. Though I am sorry about your step-sister. I come in agreement with you for a miracle. Jesus is a miracle worker and there is nothing too hard for Him. (In Jesus' name.)

As far as cleaning house is concern, it's not exactly on the top of my to-do list. But unfortunately, it has to be done. I love how you describe your enthusiasm for cleaning house today as....Poo :) (Ahhh, where's the maid when you need her...right?!?) But anywho, thanks for sharing!! Blesssings to you!!!

Neabear said...

Wow! You have been busy! Today I am staying home from work and tomorrow too on doctor's orders. Yesterday I was having chest pains that would not go away and everyone at work insisted I go to the doctor. They worried about me driving, but I did anyway. I did text my husband an he drove in my direction while I drove in his and then when we met he followed me in case I had problems. Turns out the EKG showed my heart was ok, but that I needed a vacation. It was stress that was causing the pain. So I am going to try to take it easy. But some of the stress is stuff not done around the house too. So I will probably try to do some things as well. Until it is too hot. We are having an October heat wave. YUCK! I hate the heat waves. Too hot. I woke up during the night and it was still 80 in the house and 79 outside! This morning it is about 71 outside and it was 77 in the house. I need a massage!

Sorry to hear about Mary! Prayers for her and the family.


Janet said...

Hi Nellie

Sounds like you have been busy. Your step sister Mary and her family are in my prayers.
Housework...I do not like so much but I am having overnight guests this weekend so I have to get on the ball too.
It has cooled down here (39 and fog this morning) but it is supposed to be up near 70 today. What a beautiful day the Lord has given us.

Blessings & Hugs

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

You really did have a weekend of highs and lows didn't you? I will say a prayer for Mary. I think (just my opinion) that it is good to pray for both healing and for peace. If someone can't be cured, I always just wish that their last days can be filled with peace and love.

Good news about the medical stuff for both of you!

Have a great day!

NanaNor's said...

Hi Nellie, Firstly lifting your Mary up.
I loved the photos on your post-so very pretty.
Peace to you today dear one.

Jess said...

We will pray for Mary, believing that GOD might be pleased to heal her. Thanks for the reminder to not take a moment for granted!
We are spending a few days in GRANDMA LAND! =)

A Hopeful Heart said...

Praying for Mary right now. Yes, as long as she is this side of eternity, there is HOPE that God will choose to heal her. Doctors may say one thing, but we know that GOD always has the final say. I do pray he chooses to heal her and to give her many more years with the family who loves her.

Oh, and I'm rejoicing with y'all for good reports for both you and hubby.!!! YAY!!

Oh, and I also wanted to say how wonderful it is that your kids and their boy/girl friends hang out together. It's such a joy to see our children grow up and to actually LIKE their siblings. WE all can remember the days of sibling rivalry when the kids were little, so it's such a joy to see great relationships built.

I sent you a brief email about a job Gary heard about. We would love for it to work out.

Have a great evening.

Love and hugs,

Sister Susie said...

I have put Mary and her family in my daily prayers. It is a hard thing for families to go through. We need the LORD more than ever when we're ready to enter into His presence!

Thanks for inviting me to dinner! I always enjoy our time together! I really enjoyed your asparagus spears. The shrimp was delish! Baked potatoes are always great anytime (especially with all the added goodies!) Who would turn away pumpkin pie? Not me! It is so good to spend time with family! I've got to go and eat my other piece of pie!!

I love you all very much,

Jennifer said...

So glad to read a new post - I missed you in those five days:) Sorry to hear about your step sister...I will definitely pray for her and her family. So many difficult days for so many it seems lately.

I just love your flower pictures - especially that first orange one! Do you take all those photos? They are so pretty.

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday, friend. Hugs - Jennifer