Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Joey the Adventure Dog!!

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope your doing well today!

This weekend I was visiting blogs and came
across a new blog with a new Meme,  and
decided right then to try it today.

It is called "Sweet Shot Tuesday",  so
that set me to thinkin about what photo
or photos I would use,  so came up with
this idea..........but when I went over to
link up she isn't doing it anymore I guess!
Well, doodly do!!
But decided to post it anyway!!
Hope you enjoy it!


Hi,  My name is Joey and my Grammny says you are
 her bloggy friends, and asked me to be a surprise guest
on her blog today,  and tell you what it is like to be a
Jack Russell Terrier.
I was very surprised and happy to do it,  so hope you
 will learn a lot today!!

I really think life for me...... isn't all that different than life for
 you, I would imagine, I mean..... I sleep at night just like you,
 and I like to sleep with the covers
on me,  just like you!!

Then I get up in the morning and have work to do,
just like you.  Here I am having my morning coffee
and trying to wake up before I start the day!!

Well,  it's time to get started.  I love working
from home on my laptop, especially when I
can work on the porch,  cause as you will
see I love the great outdoors!!

I enjoy recreation as well,  just as you do!!
Love swinging on the porch ....as I watch for lizards!!

One of my favorite past times is watching and trying
to catch lizards. I am as patient as a fisherman, 
 I can watch for them for hours.

Actually,  I think I'm a bit obsessed with them,  but it
is such fun when I finally catch one so we can play,
but usually once I catch them I put them down
and they just lay there and want do anything!!

Rather disappointing if you know what I mean!

Here I am out by the shed looking for you guessed it!!
More Lizards,  I rarely catch one really,  but today
I am smelling something very interesting under this shed,
 maybe it's a possum or a racoon or armadillo,  not sure
but I am sure trying to get to it,  but everytime I start
digging Grammy yells at me to stop!!

How is a dog suppose to catch a critter if he
can't dig it out!!

I like to surprise Grammy by showing up in strange
places when she least expects it,  sorta scares her
at times,  but she thinks it's so cute,  she just has
to take pictures of me!!  I love that she thinks I
am so cute!!

At least,  I have that going for me cause I can
really be sort of a crabby dog,  if you get my drift!!

Here I am doing my AT training,  Oh yea,  AT stands for
Appalachian Trail..........Me and My dad are gonna do some
hiking on the AT trail.

So I am in training,  checking out all the bushes for lizards
or who knows what else I might find,  I just love this
outdoor stuff!!
 Grammy's gardenia bush is the best!!

Here I am trying to get used to my booties Dad made me
to protect my feet,  if needed while I am hiking the trail.

Here we are trying out my carrying thingamajig,  so in case,
I get tired or something Dad can carry me if need be!!

The other booties just wouldn't stay on,  so Dad and Grammy
fashioned a bootie garter for me!!  Now I know how Santa's
reindeers must feel............Pretty Stupid!!

Grammy thinks I look Chic,  I say,  let her wear them and then
see what she has to say about that!!

Here is a shot Grammy took in the car as we were
on our way home from the end of our AT Adventure
in New Hampshire.  We hiked all the way thru Maine
and into New Hampshire,  then my nails started to
wear down so much,  we had to stop,  but what
a great time we had together.  Don't know if you
can tell but I dropped a few pounds doing alll
that hiking

Here is another one of my fav past times,  sitting on the
back of the sofa watching out the window.  I do that a
lot when my Daddy leaves,  cause I like to watch for him
 to come back,  also watch my Grampy and Grammy
when they are out doing the lawn.

My Grammy even takes pics of me when I am
sleeping,  she liked this one so well she put a
photoshop affect on it.
She said it was one of those perfect pictures,
cause I was sleeping perfectly between the windows
and under the stars hanging on the window for
Christmas.  It was one of those great candid shots.

Now here I am hanging out with Grammy and Grampys
cat, Molly.  I really do love this Cat............but you know,
she is a CAT and DOGS are suppose to Not like Cats
and chase them,  so of course,  I have to do my part!!
and...........Molly reallllllllllllly likes me,  as you can just
imagine!!  She likes me so much,  she has never used
her claws on me once, she just gives me lil love pats!!

Here I am with my cuz,  Rosie on Christmas Day!  I try to play
 with her, but....she just doesn't like it!!  Now who couldn't like
 getting bitten in the back side!!

  Don't know what is wrong with her, she is just so darn prissy
 and pampered.  Notice we sorta keep our distance....
cause she can be rather vicious when she want to..........
course, have to say I do like to devil her a bit!!  lol

Here I am hanging with Grampy,  he and Dad are my
two favorite men in the whole world.  Ya know, a girl
needs men in her life that she adores!!

I have even been a Cover Girl!!

Grammy put me on the front of my Daddy's Christmas
card last year!!

But even though I am such a busy and adventuresome
doggie,  I still have time for the things that matter most,
like eating and sleeping, and begging for treats and..............

I never ever forget to just stop
and smell the Flowers!!

Hope you enjoyed this Jack Russell Terrier's Life,
I think it's pretty exciting myself,
 I am One Adventurous Dog!!

Licks and Cozy dog treats to you!!


NanaNor's said...

Hi Joey, Loved hearing all about your life and daily rituals. I know you'll love the AT, with all the new sights, smells and sounds.
Tell your grammy thanks for sharing you today.
Hugs and pets, Noreen

Sister Susie said...

Joey's "great aunt" thinks much of her too!! I'm not sure of that picture with the boots and stripes. It looks like a "lady" in stockings. Ha!
I love you all,

Janet said...


I am laughing out loud. Your granddog Joey looks very busy. Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning.

Have a great day!
Blessings & Hugs Janet

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

This was really cute...you put a lot of time in on this one! That isn't a spoiled pup? No, not at all.

Beth said...

Nellie, This is adorable! I just love it! I really like the photos of Joey under the covers, and at the computer! Great job!!!