Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The household chore I dislike the most!!

Hello Sweetie Peeties,

How is your Wednesday going??

Mine is going well,  had a nice morning
on the porch,  then we had some breakfast, and
then I  made some waldorf salad for dinner,
  then started a job I really really dislike!!  

Guess what it Is???

Cleaning out the fridge.....................
Don't know why I dislike it sooooo much, but I do!!

Does anyone else feel the same way???

Let me hear a hearty amen then!!  lol

I have learned to start in the place that needs
it the most and go from there,  that usually
being the dreaded veggie bins,  at least in
my fridge.  I have also learned not to plan on
doing the whole thing in one day.  I just do
a few shelves at a time and if I feel like it I
 do more,  and before you know it........
it is done and without all that much effort.

You know how they say Necessity is the
Mothers of invention, well,  I learned  some
thing today that made it so much easier!!

I have never done it before cause I have
never needed to,  but will probably do
from now on!!  I sat in a chair, I did it
to protect my neck and back,  cause that 
bending over really bothers my neck,
it is such an awkward height.doing those
 middle and top shelves.
And.......the last thing I want is to get
that going again,  so sitting in the chair
made it so easy and fast,  and kept
the door propped open...........and
I got 3 drawers and 1 shelf done, 
and now the rest will be really easy,
cause the hardest part is done!!
I love that part!!

Actually, as I think about it, the fridge does have a rival
 and that would be paperwork!!  I dislike that as well,
 not sure exactly which one I disdain the most actually!!
The paperwork might just win out because I have
at least found a workable solution to the fridge!!  lol

Have also been playing some too!!
My son's birthday is coming up soon,
so I am trying to decide what I want
to do for a centerpc,  and how I want
to set the table.

 His dinner of choice
will be Black Beans, Yellow Rice, and
 Ropa Veija,  with Banana Pudding
with Nutter Butter cookies in it, instead
of the usual vanilla wafers.  My daughter
got that started for her birthday,  she
had it at a friends house and they all
loved it.   We have it once, and I send
the rest home with them.  Nutter Butters
are not heart healthy!!  lol
But fortunately,  the bananas and the
vanilla pudding made with 1% milk is!!
So not too Bad a dessert.

We are counseling tonight so getting
ready for that as well.  That is why
I am making dinner food early.

Tomorrow Jim should be about done
with his work from his old job,  and
we need to go to Sam's,  so think
tomorrow will be a fun day!!
 Looking forward to that!!

Well,  that is about all my news for today!
So You have......

A Wonderful Wednesday Evening!!

Blessings, Love, and Hugs,
I do thank God
for All of You.....
My Sweet Bloggy Friends!!


Bonnie said...

This is so funny. I always sit down to clean my frig! I don't know of anyone else that does but it helps a lot. I am not crazy about it either but it is at least doable this way. The best thing I have found for paperwork is touch it once, and get rid of it. Like when I get a bill I go to the computer and pay it electronically and then I throw it away. Done, poof,gone! We don't need to save any of that paper anymore and it is a painless way to pay the bills.

Gosh, Scott's bd is coming around again pretty quickly! I hope your counseling went well.

Got home Monday night and have just been settling back into a routine. I have been going through and editing and tagging all the photos...more posts coming on what we did now that I can work faster and more efficiently and without a lot of interruptions here at home.
Everything is put away now and in some ways it all seems like a dream. I need to get some of it on the blog before I forget. Some people do crossword puzzles or suduko but me, I blog. Keeps the brain active and creative...well hopefully anyway!

It is nice to be back with you again, Nellie. I was surprised how often I found myself thinking about my blogging friends while away. The people that say blog friends are not real are crack pots!

Love you and hope you are doing well, it sounds like you are!

Love, B

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I don't like cleaning out the frig either, but the freezer is worse for me. I get upset with all the food I throw away...we waste too much around here because we aren't crazy about leftovers.

Sue said...

I don't like cleaning the fridge either Nellie, and dislike paper work even more, so I guess we both are in the same boat. LOl.
I hope you enjoy your day tomorrow.

Life with L said...

Well Nellie, I'm with you. I hate cleaning out the fridge. There are other things I like to do more, but we do it anyway.Thanks for visitng my blog and leaving me a lovely comment.

Cinderella Moments said...

From the top picture that showed up on my blog roll, I thought you were going to say flower arranging. LOL! I guess the fridge is pretty bad. Maybe not as bad as cleaning the drains in the bathroom. There are always nasty chores to do! I'm sure I can think of even yuckier ones.
At least you have a sparkling fridge now. That always feels nice when you accomplish something that major!
Take care,

Jennifer said...

Ok, I have to admit I really like to clean out the fridge - I guess it is part of the hyper organizing obsession that I have...even the fridge looks great with everything in its (clean and fresh) place!! Weird, I know.

Jenny said...

Hi there,
Thanks for coming by my blog before
I also HATE cleaning the fridge - but, it has to be done