Thursday, October 14, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - October 14, 2010

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Bless the Lord,  O my soul,
and all that is within me,
Bless His Holy Name
Psalm 103:1

Greetings Sweet Encouragers,

Hope your day is going well.

Our's has been good.... but busy,  we both had
dental appts. this morning, so we were there
for quite awhile.  Got the final filling on the 
tooth that had the root canal. Yeah!!
So that would be
and Jim's dental issues are doing well too.
Another yeah!!  lol
is we were able to go to the mall and walk
 so our exercise is done for the day,  another
yeah!!  cause I feel like I might be coming
down with something!!  I am feeling a bit
better since we ate,  so we will see!!
is Burger King whoppers were buy one get one
 free today, and we didn't even know it!

The  real Thankful part is...  we felt like the Lord 
directed our steps there, because we had planned
 to get something else,  but stopped at Kohl's to
 look around and then forgot about going
 to the other place. Then there was another
 situation earlier in the day too, that we felt the
 Lord orchestrated (  I'll spare you the long details.)
  I just love the feeling of  knowing that the Lord
 is directing my steps just like the scriptures say.
He really does it all the time....but just sometimes 
you are more keenly aware of it than other times,
Seemingly Small thing being directed to BK
.... but a big thing
when you realize God is involved!!

And Forgot to  Mention That The Whopper
Um Um  Good!!  lol

which really was my #1 but kinda got caught
up in telling you about the day ~  is that the 
Chilean Miners were all recovered.  What
an Awesome God we was just 
such an exciting and emotional thing to see
and watch.  So many had things to say about
God,  and one man hit his knees the minute
he stepped out of the capsule.  What a 
Wonderful Miracle for the whole world
to see and focus on!!
It is amazing how good of shape they were
in,  I find that just truly another miracle.
We just need to pray now that they have
no psychological or psysiological things to
deal with because of it!!

My Thankfuls usually don't fall into any
specific order of importance,  I just type
them as they come to me!! lol
is for the whole rescue team from all around
the world that freed the miners.

May the Lord bless each and every one
of them for all their diligent and tireless
 work and effort.
 True heros!!  


is that hubby got more work from his old job.
God is so good!!  He is never late,  but He is
also never early!!  lol
He just likes to keep us in Awe of Him!! lol
and I Am in Awe of HIm.

is for the gift of prayer and that as God's
children we can come boldly before His
throne of Grace and make our requests.
We can cast our care of Him, who cares
for us!!  What a great gift that is!!

is for so many people like you, who are
praying for a miracle for my sister, Mary.
It just blesses our hearts that people care
so much.  Thank You!!

is for the peace of God that passes all
 understanding that guard our hearts and
 minds in Christ Jesus.  He is indeed
the fear breaker!!  

is for dental and health Insurance, and that
the Lord made it possible for us to have
it during this time. Even tho we do have to
 pay a portion of is nothing compared
 to what we would have had to pay!!
What a blessing!!

is for Netflix and that they are not just affordable
but  they have great movies,  and they have
helped keep us entertained and inspired by
those good movies!!

# 12
is for a new easy soup recipe I found on someone's
blog (Life in my lane).  It is called Taco Soup.  I am
very happy I made it yesterday even tho we were
eating something else for dinner.  So now we can
eat it tomorrow and over the weekend.  I did have
to tweak it a bit to make it more heart healthy.
If you are interested let me know, and I will share
the heart healthy version next week. I will share
it has ground beef and lots of beans,  but it sure
tastes delish!!

Well,  Sweet Peas............
That is my Thankful List

What about yours????

Hope you have a Cozy Evening!!

Love, Hugs and Blessings Galore,


Cinderella Moments said...

Burgers... Yummy! I feel out of the loop, but what's going on with your sister Mary?


Jennifer said...

So funny that you were happy to get your walking done....and then enjoyed whoppers!! Life is good - in perspective, as always:)

Janet said...

A Whopper...I have not had one for a while but I do love my burgers.
I am happy that you dental issue is over and pray that you don't have that issue again.
I am glad that your hubby has work I know how stressful that can be but the Lord does provide. He has allowed you and husband to spend more time together through while waiting

Have a wonderful Friday.
Blessings & Hugs

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

Marvin was laid off for one week. He goes back next week. They may have a few more weeks off around the Holiday but I am praying the mill continues to provide work.

Thanks for the message
Blessings & Hugs

Sister Susie said...

What a load of thankfulness I have too. It's like a whole car has been lifted off me!
#1. I'm thankful for your dental work being finished today! I'll pray no more needs to EVER be done again!
#2. EXERCISE! BLAH! It is so hard for me to do it!! Even last week when I helped Ron, the 5 hours of walking hit me like a dead weight after I got home! When I sat down for about an hour, I liked to not have been able to get up, ha!
#3. Tell me about it! I have been going by Wendy's and getting their Chili, baked potato, and No No (Frosty!)
#4. The LORD really blessed them to have the man that led them in their time of desperation.
I can't think of what they went through!
#5. I have seen where they are all sticking together for those that are already approaching them for story and movie rights!
#6. I am so glad that Jim's old company keeps him in work for them. I pray they will give him more.
#7. I thank the LORD that He brings us peace and the strength to carry us through trails.
#8. I have Mary on my daily prayer list along with my Bible reading. I'm praying for you all.
#9. He is always here for me, I pray I will always be there to follow and not let things of this world turn my attention to it.
#10. Yes, praise our LORD He takes care of us!
#11. I have heard that Blockbuster is going out of business because people are not coming to their stores anymore. (Did you know Hans DeMilt is going out of business because of the economy?)
#12. It is definately getting to be soup season!
I love you all very much,

BECKY said...

Hi Gal! So good to hear about hubby getting more work! Praise the Lord! I also love it when you just know God is leading each step...even the seemingly smaller ones. I felt that way today, but it is too long to go into here! I'll tell you when we talk!

Hope your weekend is going well! Mine is...looking forward to a restful day tomorrow, and to taking some photos for the shop.

Love you lots, gal,

Walking on Sunshine... said...

A whopper? Really? YOU??? Glad you enjoyed it! The thought of eating one makes me a little sick as I haven't been able to eat ANY fast food in ages. Had some McD's fries today and so for so good. But I try to stay from all fast food. BUT I do miss it!!!

Anyway, very happy for you and your hubby that he is getting some work. And the health insurance is a huge thing. Not sure what we're going to do come February with that, but I'm sure God will provide. He always does. Enjoy your Sunday!

Rebecca said...

Your list is SO good that I'm just going to adopt it for MY "thank Him" list! God IS in the details. The most unexpected and "small" things are strangely LARGE when we see the hand of God in them. Rejoicing WITH you in all the goodness of God to you (and me).

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you joined me for Friday with Friends...and twice!! Really loved your mantle - where did you get that berry oil candle? It is so cute - and different (from all my other candles!) I just love candles:)

Hope you have a wonderful Monday tomorrow!! Hugs, friend. Jennifer