Thursday, October 7, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - October 7, 2010

It is good to give Thanks to the Lord.
Psalm 92:1

Hello Sweet Peas,
Can't believe it is Thursday again
 already! Hope you are ready for
 Thankful Thursday!!

Hope your day has been good so far,
Ours has been good, constructive and fun!!

Guess I will get started
we had a fun visit from the animal kingdom
first thing this morning.  We heard him first
and then saw him out the window....he was
all by his lonesome,  so I went outside with
camera in hand, of course, to see if he would
notice me............and notice me he did!!

As soon as he saw me he started coming
across the street,  but I still wasn't sure
if it was me or he just decided to change
directions but......................
Now he is at the edge of our property

 he is coming closer ............

 and closer...................

Here he is eating bread,  when I came outside
hubby went to get bread..............

Don't you just love the bird with the skinny legs!!

Here he is chowing down still.
In case you didn't see my last post on this
lovely species of bird way back months
ago.  He is called a Sandhill Crane,
and they can really make a loud noise.

Think he sorta looks like a flamingo here.
Just the wrong color.  He is leaving us now,
he is being a fair weather friend,  gets his belly
 full and he is outta here!! lol

So long............for Now!!
once he crossed the street, he flew away.   That's the first
time I have ever seen one fly.  I heard they do, but just
never gotten to actually see it.  Was wishing I still had
the camera.  Poo!!
I truly love when the Lord sends these lil joys our way!!
Such a fun blessings

is for my hairdresser that keep me
 looking good!!  That would be my sweet
 and beautiful daughter.  She has been good
with hair since she was a lil girl.  She used
to fix her hair for school when she was in
kindergarten and people would say I like
how your Mom did your hair and she would
 say she did it, and they never believed her.  lol
She is coming to do my hair tonight!!  Yeah!!

is that Scott got his Company vehicle
this week, a nice burgundy jeep cherokee.
He needed something with 4 wheel drive
since he has to go out into fields and muddy
areas at times.  Would hate to see him
get stuck somewhere!!  lol
He is also really enjoying his new job!!

is that we got the cedar on our house oiled
today.....finally!!  The cedar can get so dried
out.  Hubby sprayed about 3 coats of oil on and 
the wood just sucked it up!!  Amazing....  looks
 like a fresh new paint job.

is that we can do our walking outside in the 
wonderful weather again.  It is a nice break
from our regular routine. Also, thankful to
be out there working in the yard again too.

is for food and water,  and not just food and
water,  nutrious food and clean sanitary water.
Our food could be gruel or some something
just to get food into us, and taste horrible,
and there are many in this world that do not
have nutrious food, let alone good tasting
food,  or clean water to drink.
We are most blessed folks!!

is that these beautiful flowers are blooming
They are just wildflowers that Scott brought
us from Gainesville years ago,  don't even
know what they are called,  but hubby and I
both look forward to seeing  them blooming 
every year.
They truly are just such a delight to us!!
Think it is cause they are just sort of free and wild
and some are short, and some grow way tall,
they have  minds all their own, but probably
has something to do with being a reminder
of our sweet son as well!!

is I am happy I have Beef Stew and Chili
leftover,  so all I need to make is a salad
for din din!!  and then we can have our
pick Chil or Beef Stew or a Taco salad
with Chili on top!!  Works for me!!

is for my digital camera.  I just love this lil
jewel,  and I have to say I take way more
pics than I used to,  and my photography is 
getting better most of the time.  Some times
 I really get some great shots,  some time not,
  but I am thankful for the great ones I do get!!

Like this beautiful bougainvilla in my backyard,
that is blooming away too!!

is that we are all free to own a Bible,  and
go to church freely with no fear of
 repurcusssions,  no so,  in most of the 
world today!!  
Most of us have multiple bibles in our
homes,  and some of us don't take 
advantage of this freedom to worship
in a church building,  there may come a
 time when we will not have these freedoms.

Certainly a blessing that we rarely think about!!

is for good neighbors.  We may not get to 
see or talk with them all the time,  but we
know they are there and they know we
are here,  if we ever need each other.
That is a very good feeling!!

is for law enforcement officers, firemen,
and paramedics.  What a wonderful service
they provide to the community,  and it is
amazing that these men and women put
their lives on the line every single day.
and speaking of that makes me think of
know I must have
for our Servicemen and Women who are
serving all around the world.  Sacrificing their
lives  to protect us and our families. 
 We need to always remember to pray for
 their safety and also for their precious
 families who are sacrificing at home as well.
May God Bless Everyone of them!!

(These were from last year)

Well,  Sweet Folks,

Hope you have a Top Notch Thursday
and a Fantabulous Friday!!

Love,  Blessings, and Warm Cozy Hugs,


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

This is always one of my favorite posts of the week. It makes me stop and count my own blessings along with you. I'm so glad your son likes his job and a company car is rare these days!

We sometimes get a visit from the honking geese as they make their way always draws me outside they are so noisy.

I hope you have a wonderful tomorrow!

Janet said...

Hi there friend

What an experince you had with the bird. I am so facinated by birds. Some of the girls at work call me "old" when I talk about it but I explain that noticing everything around you is seeing God. Sometimes we get so busy. You can look everywhere and see the birds. What a beautiful creation. It is also fun to see the birds personalities.
Your pictures of your flowers are so beautiful too.
Thank you for sharing all your blessings and making me realize how truly blessed I am.

Blessings & Hugs

Sister Susie said...

I have been busy! I have just spent the last 2 hours going back and copying all of your Thankful Thursdays from Sept. 24, 2009 through January 21, 2010! (I already have from 01/21 until now!) I have them in a notebook!
#1. I think the Sandhill Cranes are God's most loving wildlife bird! They are so trusting that you have food for them! I have had some huge sandhills in my yard in the past. They were as tall as me!!
#2. Next week is my turn for "color!"
#3. Whoa! What a nice ride!!
#4. Can you put that oil on trees to make them look better?!
#5. The weather has been great! I wish it could stay just this climate all of the time.
#6. After seeing the toxic chemical sludge running rampant in that foreign country, I am thankful for our water too!
#7. All I have blooming right now is my night jasmine! Does it ever smell good on these cool damp nights!
#8. Sounds yummy! You're making my mouth water! Ha!
#9. Aren't these cameras great! My only problem is I don't have it with me when I need it! I guess I need to tie it to me, lol!
#10. I'm excited our church is having its October Festival tomorrow (SAT.)!! I'll be video taping for Ron.
#11. AMEN! Twice over. Pray for Boddy. He goes in Tuesday for them to operate on his "better" foot. He may lose the other foot. They haven't been able to get out all of the shrapnel out.
#12. Double Amen and to think they only get about $35,000 a year to put their life on the line for the community!
#13.Triple Amen! May they know our LORD as their Savior!
I love you all very much,

Bonnie said...

Hi Nellie! Sure hope you are doing well! sounds like it from your wonderful list of blessings.

We are in Hartford Connecticut tonight and have been having a great day. This afternoon we visited Mark Twain's home here in Hartford. Wow! That was fun. We have been so busy but it has been a relaxing trip compared to Italy last Christmas. I had planned to go around visiting the other day while the kids and Jim were on the zip line thingy in New Hampshire but I didn't get to visit anyone. Blogging on this computer is so annoying but I am doing better with it now, at least I know how to add photos frinally. The other problem is movies are getting watched at night which is fun but then I cannot write. Arghh! Anyway tonight Jim is going out to Cabella's and Laura is paying a game with the boys so I have a minute to write. Now he needs me to get off here and get him the address to Cabella's. Love you..take good care! B

Sister Susie said...

Talking about birds, I just have to tell you what Jerry (my African Grey) did. I had to take him to the vet yesterday to get his loooong toe nails and feathers trimmed. I had a time getting him out of his cage!! He was squawking like crazy and I kept saying, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" I finally got him out and to the vet. When they wrapped the towel around him and turned him over on his back, Dr. Miller began clipping his nails and Jerry for the first time at the vet's office started talking!!! Of all things, he was saying, "I'M SORRY, I'M SORRY!" Dr. Miller nor I could believe our ears! All we could do was laugh!

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Nellie,
As always I sooooo enjoy your TT post, what a thankful heart you have.
Most of yours are mine too. My daughter always did my hair when she lived nearby, I have to get her when she visits. lol. I am so glad Scott is enjoying his job. and like you I am always thankful for our military men and women who defend our freedom. I am so thankful too for our freedom of religion.

The flower I have, and I bought it many years ago at the farmers, they told me it was an perennial sunflower. Now how about that a perennial sunflower, and aren't they beautiful?
As always I am so blessed .
Enjoy your weekend.

Diana said...

Nellie, I love your "thankful" list! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

NanaNor's said...

Hi sweet Nellie, I loved reading this today because I can hear your thankful heart each day-you are such a blessing. What a wonderful list and I loved seeing the bird and also your flowers. Your weather is probably cooling to the 70's while ours is cooling off and there is snow on the high peaks. I've missed visiting but hope to be around more in the coming days.
Blessings and much love,

High Street Cottage said...

Hi Nellie, thanks for stopping by the high street cottage, and for the lovely comment. Love your photos of your home, and the incredible ibis! hope I spelled that right, the birds look so amazing. I love how different states have different local birds. Happy bird watching, tami