Thursday, October 21, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - October 21, 2010

Hello Sweet Encouragers,

Hope this finds you well and full
of Thankfulness Today!!

We are having a good but fast day today!!  lol
We got up a lil late cause we went to bed late,
but I am in shock that it is 2:15 already.
Where did our day go???  Seems like all
we have done is pray, eat,  and spend some
time on the computer.  Hubby is finishing
up his work,  and we will be heading out
later for a fun afternoon and evening.

Was just reading something on yahoo news a few minutes
 ago that was totally disturbing,  but had a bright spot,
and that bright spot would be a person
and my
I Am Thankful
for a Dear Veteran of War in North Carolina
that I just read about, who is holding vigil over
 the Christian flag, because the City removed it from 
over a War Memorial
 because 1 unknown person complained.
One unknown Person, whatever happened
to what is best for the majority???
Lord Bless This  Dear Man!!

I don't know about you....but I am sick to death of hearing
 about one person complaining about a cross, a flag or prayer or
 using the word Christmas or Easter or whatever other dumb 
thing they can come up with, and our rights being stripped
 away because someone decides to change something that
 has been happening or done in our nation for over 200 years!!  
 When we are a nation founded on the
 principles of scripture and the Christian faith!!

Does anyone agree with me here???

I Am Thankful
for the ability to see not only physically but spiritually.
  Can you only imagine how life would be without sight!

I Am Thankful
for the ability to hear others talking to me,  and to hear sounds
of music, voices, and nature, and also sounds and noises like
a flat tire bumping, or ambulances or dogs barking, and children
crying,  but also the ability to hear from the Lord.
Another precious Gift.
A Gift of Peace or a Gift of Concern!!

I Am Thankful
for the ability to be able to smell ..................
wonderful things like good food,  flowers,  perfume,
and the ocean, lovely candles, and not so lovely
scents like the smell of something burning....
 on the stove or on my car. 
A Gift of Whimsy or a Gift of Warning!!

I Am Thankful
for the ability to not only touch someone physically,
but emotionally or spiritually as well. It is a wonderful
 thing to know you have touched someone's heart especially,
But also, wonderful to hug someone who is having a very
difficult time or just to show them how much you love them.
A Gift to help us love well, Really!!

I Am Thankful
for the ability to feel, not only physically,  but
emotionally and spiritually too!
Sometimes when things are painful we wish
we had no feelings,  but if we did not feel the
pain we would also never be able to feel
the JOY!! 
 I love to feel JOY don't you???

I Am Thankful
for the ability to speak and sing,  for I can use
my voice to encourage, uplift, teach and love
others and I can sing praises to My  Lord.

I Am Thankful
for the ability to walk and move around and
exercise. Something we so easily take for granted.
But is a huge blessing to be able to take ourselves
 wherever, whenever we want to, for the most part!!

I Am Thankful
that I don't have to take any Prescription
drugs at this point in my life. 

I Am Thankful
that I know how, and enjoy cooking,  and
taking care of our home.  I find things to do
with the home fun most of the time.  Some
times I like different ones more than at other
times.  For instance,  if I am decorating I
am not as into cooking,  but if I am into
cooking I may not be as into cleaning.
Somebody out there can relate I am sure!!  lol

I Am Thankful
I have such a Wonderful hubby who
encourages me and enjoys these things, as well.
Hubby and Son have the gift of hospitality, don't
think I had it when I was younger,  but think
because of them the Lord developed it in me.
But I am mostly a small (8-10) group person, 
 large crowds scare me when I"m entertaining. lol

I Am Thankful
the Lord gives us a Free Will,  to choose or
not to choose things in our life.  If we are wise
we will choose to learn and obey his word,  and 
make choices based on that,  and our lives will
be very blessed,  even in times of difficulty.

Isn't this just the cutest cake you ever saw!!
Looks like it should be a cake from Alice in Wonderland.
Would like to say I made it,  but it is from a magazine!!

Well,  there's my Thankful List for this week,

Know you must have a few things on Yours
If so,
Feel Free to Share them with us!!

Have a delightful Friday
a Glorious Weekend!!

Love,  Blessings and Cozy Hugs,

We are back from our outing and I just realized
I forgot to post this before I left,
so I might as well add a
 # 13
I Am Thankful
our family likes to give gift cards to restaurants.
We enjoyed dinner at Red Lobster for free!!
Thanks Guys!!
Love ya!!


BECKY said...

Hello my friend,
There is always so much to be thankful for isn't there?? We just need to pause and think about it for a few minutes, and we will all be overwhelmed by the goodness of our God! My biggest thing I'm thankful for is that I found out today that this rather intense back pain I am having is a pulled muscle, and not something more serious!! WOOHOO!! I iced it and took some meds and it has taken the edge off of it!! Thank you Lord!!

Love you gal, and your wonderful happy heart!
Hope to catch up with you tomorrow!


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

As always I have enjoyed taking this minute to share some of your thankful words. You are very lucky not to take any meds at this point! That is something to be thankful for!

stef said...

Stopping by from Stephanie Brown Design to reply to your comment your left about hydrangeas, and there is a beautiful picture among other flowers in your post.
I am like yourself inthat I have a number of hydrangeas in my garden of which I am having no success :(. I have only one lonely bloom to which I wanted to say on your Thankful post; I am extremely grateful for it!

If you figure out how to get those beauties to grow and bloom and yeild, pretty please let me know!

Sister Susie said...

#1. Sad to say, this country has left its Christian heritage. We Christians who are left need to pray for God's Holy Spirit to stir these people to open their eyes to the lies they believe.
#2. I don't know how anyone can survive this wicked world without the knowledge of our Almighty God. Without God there is no hope.
#3. Hearing the small, still voice of God over the noise pollution of this evil world can only be done when one is listening for our God to speak to us!
#4. How true the gift of smell! It was just wonderful last night when I walked Xena on her leash in my yard. The moon was so bright. The cool of the evening fog and the fantastic smell of my night Jasmine bush was so peaceful! If it could only be like this all the time.
#5. How so!! Today, one of my kindergardners was so distressed. I asked him if he needed a hug. It was so comforting to let God's Love flow through me to make him feel better with a hug to let him know I cared.
#6. The pains of this world will only make the Joys of Eternity more Powerful! Many times its hard to not receive it now!
#7. My Christian CD's lift me up when I can get away from the world and its stress. I love to listen to the messages they have for fellow Christians to perservere; it's so much more easier to hear than do.
#8. Some need to more than others, ha!
#9. Sometimes I wonder if that's part of the problem.
#10. My problem is, I'm not into any of it after coming home with something else I have to spend my my evenings on to keep up with the political demands on teachers. Last Saturday I spent 12 hours straight working on spreadsheets for the data collecting book we have to have this year. (Only to find out, 2 hours of that time was for nothing. It is now to be done another way.)
#11. I am a homebody. I would love nothing more if I never had to go out of my house again. I like being away from crowds and the noise they make. I enjoy my peace and quiet!
#12. I choose to retire, but at this time that choice is not up for the choosing. However, the countless pressures that have been added this year at work (that ALL TEACHERS are feeling) may make that choice for me. God's Will will be done. I belong to Him. He knows my future. He knows the number of my days, He knows my needs. He knows my wants. I have asked in His Name, believing, and I am waiting to receive. May it be so soon.
I love you all very much,

Donene said...

I enjoyed reading your thankful thoughts this Saturday morning and I am even still thankful for my sense of smell, last night a skunk got into our garage and the dog scared it and my house is now full of the smell of skunk!! I always enjoy your kind and thoughtful words. Have a great day today!!!

Sue said...

Good Sunday Morning Nellie,
What a wonderful thankful post, I agree with all that you said about how one person can complain and things change and not for better. Madeline O"hare complained about prayer in school, and look what happened,I think we as Christians should begin to let our voices be known too.
I loved how you were so thankful for all of your senses, something I seem to take for granted.
Your flower photos are always so pretty.
I am thankful for you because your sweet spirit always comes through in all that you write.
Enjoy your day.
Much love ,

Sue said...

OH! Nellie, I forgot to tell you what happened to my post on gift giving....I was editing it and lost the whole post, I blamed it on blogger, because they were giving me such a hard time while I was editing it lol.
I hope to redo it and post soon. I apologize for the mishap.

Rebecca said...

Amen to all - especially I share you respect and honor for the North Carolina vet! So many reasons to thank our Heavenly Father. His Word becomes more and more precious to me as I read it and see NEW things or OLD things in new WAYS every day.