Monday, April 15, 2024

Happy Monday..............Free Greeting cards


Happy Monday Sweet Friends,

Hope you are off to a great start in your week,

and just wanted to let you know something,

that could really be of interest to you!

I visited  Coco at "The Crowned Goat Blog"  

this passed week.....(Which is a great blog to

 follow, I might add)

and Coco said, that it was

 National Card and Letter writing month.

 I never knew there was such a thing,

 but when I read it..... 

I realized this is the perfect time to announce about

 the decision we made in March about our card shop!!

Our Card Shop is called 

and we have decided to make all our cards.....
downloadable cards, electronic greeting cards,
 (know as flipcards) and printables.

FREE, All Day, Every Day!

So celebrate National Card and Letter
Writing Month for Free...........

We have all sorts of cards and we even
have blanks ones you can write your own
note in.......if you prefer. Just look under
Occasion then Blank cards................
(those are only for snail mail tho)

You can print all our others, and send them
thru snail mail or send an electronic flipcard
 thru e-mail, face book messenger or from your
 cell phone by just copying and pasting the 
link or URL.  All from the convenience
and privacy of your own home.

People really love getting them...........
I got some hugs on Easter Sunday for 
Easter Cards I sent out by snail mail and
 e-mail. Think with all that is going on in
 our country it just makes people feel like
 they are not forgotten and there is still
 some normalcy in life..........
and who doesn't smile when they get
 an unexpected card or letter.

and Don't Forget 
Mother's Day and Father's Day 
are both just around the corner too.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to
contact us at and go to contact us, 
all the way at the bottom of the page.

Happy Card and Letter Writing Month.

Hugs, Nellie

P.S. If someone knows where they find out
that it is card and letter writing month or
some of the other things we have never
heard of
Could you please let me know where to
find that information.
  Would appreciate it!!!

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