Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Scenes from Asheville, North Carolina

Morning Evening  Sweet Friends,
Well, it was morning when I started,
so Happy Tuesday Evening!  lol

So how is your week going so far?? 
 Bet lots of you are clothes and
school supply shopping, right?? 
I remember those days!

No longer have to do that,
but did have the opportunity
to help someone else's children
get school supplies, so that 
was fun.....

Finally getting around to sharing
 about our trip to Asheville to see
 our daughter and son-in-love,
 the middle of July. Now that my 
computer is working again I could
 very thankfully, download my
 pictures. Yea!!

You might remember that I said,
 their neighborhood reminds me
 of a Thomas Kincade picture.
  It is called "Home Town Pride"
 and here is a link to it.
Just click here

I just love his paintings they
are so beautiful!!

 One of the houses on their street 
has quite a flower garden but never
 got a pic of it unfortunately, cause 
I didn't have the camera at the time,
and their was also a house catty 
corner the other direction that had a 
flag out and it looked so much 
like the home town pride picture,
 and thought I got a pic of it only
to find I didn't, once I got home.
Guess what??
When I enlarged the pics after
posting, I found out I did get a
picture of it.  Look at picture
 #4, where it says Dee and
Jerry's yard. Look across the
street to the left and you will
see a flag and the railings of
the front porch.  

Anyway, we just think it is such
 a quaint and charming area,
with a sweet ambiance of 
days gone by.........

So thought I would just pepper this
post with some pictures of views
from DeeAnna and Jerry's front
 porch, (where we spent quite a bit 
of time visiting) and back deck. 

 Be sure to click on a picture to
 enlarge them all for better viewing
 pleasure.  Course, pics never do
justice to what you really see.....
but we always try to capture it

Catty corner across the street, this lady
 sort of has a cottage garden growing down
 near the street.

 Straight across, neat how all the houses
 are sort of nestled in the trees and shrubs.

Dee and Jerry's yard - Like how you walk
 down the steps and then up the steps
 to their porch.

Next door neighbors

Their home,  it is a Craftsman
 style home on the outside but
  modern and open concept on
 the inside. 
 It has a 2nd story but you can't
 tell from this picture. We were
surprised at how big it really is!!
I didn't really realize how much
 that tree hid their house until I
 saw this picture!  lol
Should have gotten a a more
angled shot!

A look up the street going towards the
 neighborhood and the yard with the 
cottage garden, hard to see unless
the pic is larger.

a look down the street going towards 
the town square,where they have all
 sorts of shops and eateries.

other next door neighbors, wish I had
 gotten a pic of the front of the house, 
it's cute!

Neighbors out back, 
 View from back deck.
This is the side of the house too.

Love this view off their deck. 
 I think that big bush with all 
the white flowers is a type of
 hydrangea I have never seen
 before..........They were just 
beautiful up close.
Kinda wanted to pick a big
bouquet!  But I resisted!!  lol

Took a pic at the back door
 cause it was raining but the
 rain didn't show up for some 
strange reason!!

Happy you could come for by
for a visit.............

Come back on Thursday for

Thankful Thursday and to
see more scenic pics of 

Have a lovely rest of the week!

Love, Hugs, and

Blue Ridge Mountain


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Mimi Mama said...

Oh Nellie, what a simply divine little neighbourhood. I adore everything about it. This is where I would live in another life. Sigh. Hoping your week is special my lovely. Love, Mimi xxx

Linda said...

Morning Nellie,

Thank you for the tour of your neighborhood. It's a lovely area.

I found your post on Ivy & Elephants.


Sister Susie Says said...

My favorite picture is the last one with the upper outside deck! I bet it is beautiful for viewing the stars at night! I've always wished we had had a deck on top, the Florida night skies are beautiful all year around. And, living on a wide culdesac, their are no bright lights from a city or neighborhood to impede the beauty of GOD's creation beyond our world! That reminds me of the Bible verse that says, Psalm 19:1 - "The heavens are telling the glory of GOD; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands!" Romans 1:20, "For since the creation of the world His (GOD's) invisible attributes, His eternal power, and divine nature, have been clearly seen...so that (man) is without excuse (in knowing there is a GOD.)" The beauty of your yard shows this as well! It's so grand to see the beauty of our Almighty Savior GOD! Love you all, Susan

Stephanie said...

Hello, dear Nellie! I found your sweet blog through Mimi's lovely party. It was a delight to look at your pictures - what a beautiful neighborhood! Enjoy the weekend!

Mimi Mama said...

Hello Nellie my sweet. Thankyou for sharing this, one of my favourite posts from you, at my Five Star Frugal linkup. Hope to see you again soon. Love, Mimi xxx

Jennifer Prior said...

I love Asheville! I use to live in Greensboro and visited Asheville many times. Thanks for sharing at the Weekend Blog Hop (myflagstaffhome.com).