Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First Spring Table for 2013 - It all started with this!

Helloooooooooooooo Sweet Friends,

How in the world are ya??  
Hope you are having a great week.
Can't believe we are now in April,
Where did March

I am doing fine,  just still lots going on here, and kinda not
as in to blogging these days,  but thought I would share my
 my first Spring tablescape for the year,  in honor, of  hubbies
 birthday celebration with the whole family.

It all started with these napkins I sound at Marshall's well
over a year ago.  I really liked them and the colors,  and  knew
I had dragonflys leftover from our bathroom renovation, and a
few birds nest around the house,  so hopefully would work for
 a neat tablescape,  and they did not disappoint me!!  lol
Also thought they would be work well for a male tablescape. 

Decided it would work well with the green platemats.

Sorta wished I had put my light brown tablecloth on, 
 but was too far into it, by the time I thought about it, to 
redo it all,  then also wondered if I needed the white
since I was using the white plates.

Simple centerpiece..................

These are dragonflys that are made to hang 
on the wall, but you have to put the hangers on
 them to use them that way,  so they laid 
perfectly on the table.

Had enought to put a dragonfly at each
placesetting which was nice.

Do you see baby central in my living room
in the background of the picture below???
Had the air purifier out because when we
put the pack n play together it had a wierd
smell,  so put the ap in their overnight hoping
 that would help and it did ....thankfully!!


Pulled these from off the porch
since the colors matched.

 See this feather shaped thing on the green placemat??

It is a feather I cut off my sister-in-laws wedding invitation.
My brother passed away about 10 years ago,  and my
SIL got remarried,  just in case you were wondering!!

Decided to use it as a way of remembering her wedding
 day, since it was the day of our get together, and it 
matched the napkins Then forgot to tell everyone accept
 my daughter.
I had great intentions!!  then we get busy visiting and
I forget everything...............................

an overview.

Here is the back view of the centerpiece, thought you might like a peek.
Not real exciting, but was trying to keep the frills to a minimum.

This was just a nice shot without the light in
the early morning with the light streaming in.

 colored pencil affect

Then hubby had to run to the store,  so asked
 him if he would get some Eastor colored
 M n M's for the table.  So he got those and
decided they weren't very  so thought just in 
case he would get some larger looking eggs,
 actually malted Milk Balls, but they were the 
perfect size for the nest.
If you noticed before I used large Easter
eggs in the nest.

The malted eggs,  were the perfect size,  so
exchanged the larger ones for these. Now don't
the look more like birdie

Since there was a single egg on the napkin 
decided to just put on on top of the napkins,
 for a lil 3 dimensional look.

Well, thanks for stopping by today.

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Always wonderful to hear from you.

Hope you all had a Blessed Easter.

Love, Hugs
and April Blessings to ya,


Mary said...

Love your tablescape, very simple yet elegant. The dragonflies are a wonderful element against the green and love the story of the feather.

Sister Susie said...

The last picture says it all! It was really a beautiful setting. The round green place mats were really unique! I'm so used to oval shaped mats. The dragonflies color like the silverware really set everything off! The egg on the napkin "nest" and your individual little nests with the eggs told the whole story of Spring! Beautiful job, Nellie!
Love to you all, Susan

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Everything looks so pretty Nellie! Love your dragon flies and the three dimension idea with adding the egg (malt ball), so cute!
Hope your hubby had a nice birthday :)

Junkchiccottage said...

Your table looks so fresh and adorable. I love the dragon flies too. So sweet.

The French Hutch said...

Hi Nellie, I love the napkins you designed your tablescape around. Love the green place mats on the white clothe, and the white plate really pops! I love the dragonflies and the centerpiece. Very lovely!
Happy Spring Nellie and Happy Birthday greetings to your husband......

The French Hutch

Alycia Nichols said...

Hey there, Miss Nellie! First of all, gotta tell you how much I love those square plates!!! They are the hot diggity bomb!!! I love the shape, the soft colors, and the beautiful design. That was a clever move to use the dragonfly fixtures. They look as though they are in flight! It's sweet that you included the feather cutout in your centerpiece. That is a very thoughtful touch. Love it that you thought to add the egg to the plate for a 3-D look!!! Great idea!

I wish you hadn't mentioned the malted milk balls. Now I want some!!! It has been years and years since I ate a malted milk ball! I used to love them so much and would eat them by the handful. I couldn't do that now, of course, but just a few wouldn't hurt! :-)

Kathleen said...

Hi Nellie,
Love you table with its shades of green. Perfect!

Thanks so much for linking to Let's Dish, have a good week!

Marigene said...

Nellie, lots of my favorite color combo...very pretty tablescape.
Hope you return the visit...