Thursday, April 4, 2013

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - April 4, 2013

Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom 
that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, 
and so worship God acceptably 
with reverence and awe,
Hebrews 12:28

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well and happy,
and that you have had a great week.

My week has been good,  altho rather uneventful,
but that was a good thing,  as March was totally
As the picture below will attest to.......
and then their was company for a few days every
 week and looking for a car, and birthdays and 
Easter, and babysitting our new lil angel, such
pure joy!
so we kept quite busy....................
and that's just the stuff I remember!  lol

Not Complaining, Just saying !!

Well.......on with Thankful Thursday!!

I am thankful
for the wonderful Easter and Birthday
celebration we had last Sunday with
the whole family.  Always great to be
together and now even more fun with
our newest family member, even if 
she is sleeping most of the time.  lol

Here is our lil darling, one day away from 4 weeks
 old.......She loves to sleep with her hand up to her face,
 think we might have to nick name her "The Thinker".
She was just sawing

I am thankful
for the visit we had with an old friend
last week,  we had such a good time
catching up. I made him Cuban food,  as 
he  remembered me making that years
 ago when we all met.  So made it again,
 and think we all enjoyed it ..............since it
had been awhile since I made it for us too.

I am thankful
for a visit with a friend here in town this
week,  as we have not seen each other
for months, so it was great to finally get
some time to catch up,  and she was
sweet to bring me a card and birthday how those special days
get stretched out.............

I am thankful
that I found a cute blouse to go with shorts
or pants at Kohls's yesterday.  

I am thankful
that we had a good rain last night and hopefully
more to come tonight,  as I am hoping it will
wash away all the pollen, since everyone is
so tired from allergies. May we be peppier
by tomorrow or the weekend!  lol

Paint daubs affect
I am thankful
that we finally got our bushes pruned in
our front  flower bed,  they are legistrum and
they sort of take over after a few years,  so
we have to cut them way back every few
years, and that should have been last year.
  Course, it will be awhile before they 
pop out with some leaves,  but they will 
sure be more manageable when they do.

I am thankful 
for these lovely hydrangeas you are seeing
pics of here. My SIL Susan gave them to me for 
my birthday,. Hydrangeas are one of my all
time favorites, and am so hoping they grow well
 once I plant them in the ground. Scott gave me
 some pointers so hoping that will help in this 
sandy Florida soil we have.  They are really 
like the color in my header picture, but when
you take pics that look more purpley.  Not
sure that is really a word,  but works for me! 

I am thankful
for all the lovely cards and gifts I received
for my birthday and the sweet thoughts
behind them.

Posterized affect

I am thankful
that Dee and Jerry's kitchen is coming out 
so well.  They decided to paint their cabinets. 
 This is really their first real project together, so
 was proud of them for even attempting it. 
Cause it is quite a job.........but everything
 they have done so far looks awesome.
She did the bottom ones in expresso and
the top ones in white,  and so far, it is really
looking great........................will try to get 
some pics for you to see when it is done.

I am thankful
that we finally found a new microwave, as
 ours quit working Easter morning. We wanted
 a white one and they are very hard to find these 
days.  So had to order one online, and it want be
 here until sometime before April 15th.  Man, do
I miss  You don't realize how
much you use that buggar till it's gone.........

so will be very thankful when it arrives.

Posterized affect
I am thankful
for people and Pastors who can teach God's
word and just make it come alive to us, it is 
an incredible blessing to us.

colored pencil affect

I am thankful
for the gift of Jesus and prayer..........because
 without Him and prayer I really don't know how
 people navigate life on this wonderful yet some-
times very discouraging planet,  and I am 
thankful that I don't have to do it 
without Him..........


Well,  here's my list for the week,  hope you

have a list of your own,  and that maybe you
 will share a few of your thankfuls 
with us as well.

Thanks for your visit,  was nice to have you,

and hope you will leave a comment so I
know you were here.

Have a Fabulous Friday

and a Wonderful Weekend,

Love, Hugs,
and Thankful Heart Blessings,


Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Happy you have another microwave coming, can't imagine not being able to use mine we use it so much.
Beautiful hydrangea, sweet birthday gift! Your Lil' Darling is so sweet with her hand up on her face...sweet! Neat pictures, what program are you using for those effects?
Blessings Nellie!

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

Oh the little one is growing so fast. She sure is precious.

I love Hydrangeas too. We need to plant some this year.

We still have our microwave (radar range) that is from 25 years ago. It still works but it really needs to go.

Thank you for all he prayers.

Blessings & Love

sistersusiesays said...

I love your new blog look! I need to change mine!

Amen to Hebrews 12:28!

On busy weeks, it makes me wonder how we were able to do it all the time when we were younger, ha!

#1. Brooklyn is such a joy! Thank you, LORD GOD!
#2. Friends are so important! I am so enjoying the fellowship with mine since I retired!
#3. Sylvia's mother is coming to visit her. They are to come and visit our church! I can hardly wait for you and Jim to meet Brad and Sylvia (and her mom!)
#4. I like the blouse you got for your birthday too!
#5. I surely hope we get much rain. My poor yard looks so dry! As soon as the rains begin again, it starts looking normal once more!
#6. I need to cut back my bougainvillea! Even though it froze back, it'll come out again!
#7. Your pictures of them are great. I can only imagine what the beauty of the floral garden must have been in the Garden of Eden!
#8. The expressions of love can be shared so personally!
#9. I can hardly wait to see your pictures of their finished work!
#10. I don't know if I could wait that long! It is all I use for most of the time!
#11. I have been so blessed with the sermons we have had, the Sunday school lessons we have had, and the blessed fellowship with GOD's people! I'll be going back to video taping the 1st service again in April.
#12. I thank the Holy Spirit for the interaction of prayer throughout the day. I have such great hope in our Almighty GOD!
Love to you all, Susan.

Dianne said...

Your hydrangeas are beautiful and so is that adorable baby! Thanks for your visit. Dianne

elizabeth said...

Really wonderful gratitude list!
Thanks for your kind comment on my ranunculus post.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Thank you for making me feel thankful...and happy belated birthday.


So important to be thankful ! so thanks so much for visiting ! I'm your newest french follower (LE CHEMIN DU BONHEUR)
xoxo from PARIS

Sue said...

I am so late getting here it is almost time for another one! I'm so glad you had a great birthday and Easter. The hydrangea is of my favorites too. We have been really busy the past week, you may have read about our fun last week and our not so fun yesterday.

I'm reading a book (almost done) and I keep thinking that I think you would enjoy it. It is called:

Secrets over Sweet Tea
By: Denise Hildreth Jones

It is fun, thoughtful and Christian based. I've really enjoyed it, if I could just stay awake to finish it!

Hope you are having a great day. We are supposed to get storms, so I'm on edge...but, I get more done when I'm scared!