Thursday, April 11, 2013

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - April 11, 2011

I will praise God's name in song,
and glorify him with thanksgiving.
Psalm 69:30

Evening Sweet Peas,

Hope this finds you well and happy!

It has been a good week here, a few
skirmishes here and there, but we are all
the better for it.  

You will see what has been going on
here via my thankful list.

Here we go...............

I am thankful
that we finally found another car last 
Saturday after searching and seeing quite
 a few cars these passed 61/2 weeks.
(In case you forgot or didn't know our old 
one just died on his way home from work 
back in February, much to our shock and 
dismay, since we had just replaced our
 old van the end of september, thinking the
other car would be around considerably
longer).  Course, that's how it is.....
life happens 
while we are making our plans!  lol

I am thankful 
that hubby loves his new, to us, 2010
silver Toyota Corollo, that is so great
on gas...........This is his car,  and I am
so delighted for him, cause all our 
married life he has always given me
the newer car,  so for once he has
the newer car,  so thrilled for him.

I am thankful
indeed, that the search is over..........
and that is no longer hanging over our
 heads..............cause we were putting lots
 of miles on our new, to us van,  and eating 
up miles on the warranty.  Plus you just feel
that things are sort of unfinished, as it has
changed your routines and stuff.

I am thankful
that I have my van back now, so very nice
 to know that if I want to go somewhere
I can .................or I don't have to wait
till Wed. or the weekend.

I am thankful
we got our taxes done,  and we don't owe
any money.  So that is always great news.

I am thankful
that a little conflict in the family was quickly
resolved and back to normal.
Always a good thing...............

I am thankful
that  Dee found a way for a friend of ours to
 get a  much needed medical test at a fairly 
reasonable price since she has no insurance.  
That is such a blessing, answered prayer,
 and provision from the Lord....................

I am thankful
that we get to keep Brooklyn again on
Saturday,  will be the first time at our house.
Hubby and I both are looking forward to it.

I am thankful
for the yard work we got done this week,
plenty more where that came from, but
grateful for what has happened already.

I am thankful
for some new recipes I found on the
Better Homes and Gardens website.
Some really great looking salads.  Once
I try them out,  if we like them,  I will
share them with you.  I am very excited
to try them.  Earlier this week I made
 that Cranberry Chicken salad,  and can 
not tell you how much we enjoyed it.
If you are interested,

This time I used strawberries in place
of the raspberries and shredded
parmesan cheese in place of the
mozzarella, it was even more delicious,
I think,  course, it has been a while
since we had it,  so hard to say if
that is really true..........but either way
we  luvvvvvvvvv  it!!

I am thankful
for a dear sweet English friend who told me 
many years ago about the movie
 "Anne of Green Gables". I had never seen it, 
and she said oh my, you must see it sometime, 
You would love it...................

I am thankful 
that recently, we found out they had a
number of the Anne of Green Gables movies
 on Netflix, and we have now watched 2 of them,
 and I must  say we concur with what she said.
They are just simply wonderful,and captivating,
clean and sweet movies with very interesting stories,
from another time period. Anne is a great heroine,
coming from a very difficult start,  and turning into an
astoundingly wonderful and loving woman.

If you have not seen it,  don't you will
 really enjoy them so much.......
Every time the movie ends, hubby and I just
hate that it is

I had to come back for a thankful
 baker's dozen.  lol

I am thankful
for a new food item I just found at Publix,
and you know how I love, love, love finding
new things to eat.  It is called Carribean
chicken Salad  and oh my heavens, it is
 sooo good.  A real treat, I have to say.
Don't know who comes up with their recipes,
but they are delightful.

 You can get it in the deli, just in case you have
a Publix grocery store near you.  It is made
 with mango chutney and roasted red peppers. 
 I almost didn't get it cause thought what if I 
don't like it,  but then thought hubby will like it 
for sure, he is like the old cereal commercial,
 give it to Mikey,  he eats anything!!  He and
 my son are the adventurous foodies in our 
family,  me and Dee are bit more picky.

Just had to tell you in case you want to 
try it.   Don't think you will be disappointed!

 Well,  that completes my list..................
Hope your have a nice long list of your own.

Thanks for visiting...................please let me 

know you were here,  as I am always
delighted by your comments.

Have a Good and Relaxing Rest of the week.

Love, Hugs,
and Green Gable Blessings,


Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Beautiful pinks you have there Nellie, hydrangeas are so pretty! So happy for your thankful list...I'm thankful for you sweet friend!
I have a "Mikey" at my house too and I'm nice he likes most everything! Saturday is almost here...enjoy your little angel!

Rebecca said...

I always am blessed to read your cheerful "take" on your week's events, Nellie! And hydrangeas seem to be poppin' up everywhere (except for at my house where I have no green thumb to maintain them)! Yours are lovely. Have a great weekend and keep counting your blessings.

Junkchiccottage said...

You have a lot of wonderful blessings to be thankful for. Enjoy the grandbaby this week end.

Sister Susie said...

Your pink bouquet is gorgeous!
#1. I can hardly wait to see it. I'm quite sure it is a gem compared to the 1978 blue Corolla wagon you had so many years ago!
#2. What a blessing of gas savings!
#3. Isn't it wonderful to have the LORD answer our needs! I surely hope my "particular" need is soon accomplished by Him for me!
#4. The blessings of independence is like no other!
#5. I always get mine done in February so I'll have my return to pay for my Homeowners insurance, termite check, Mid-Florida A/C upkeep. Thank the LORD He always provides!
#6. Yea, it's always such a blessing from our LORD when we in love can allow the LORD to work in our lives this way! Praise You, Jesus.
#7. Praise you, Jesus for guiding DeeAnna to help your friend.
#8. You spoil her all you can, ha!
#9. George's friend raked up all of the "dead" dried up oranges and grapefruits from under the trees. When they dry up, they're like a golf balls! Not to good for the lawn mowers! I try to pick up what I can when I take the garbage down, but it gets ahead of me. I'll be glad when we start getting the rains. The sandy patch Xena has dug out grows back when the rain begins again!
#10. I got the chicken salad we talked about on the phone! WOW! It is good. I put some on a hoagie roll! That, some raspberry lemonade, and some pecan pralines for dessert was what I had!
#11. I'll have to get it from Netflix!
#12. That reminds me of the TV movie years ago about the Medicine Woman.
#13. I did try the one you told me about, but I couldn't find the Caribbean chicken. They may have been out of it!

I really like the blog adding their spell check to our blogs! It's great. Sometimes I get to typing so fast, I miss some keys! Now it shows up in red! Thank you!

I always can't wait for your Thankful Thursdays!
Give Brooklyn a hug and kiss for me! Take plenty of pictures and pass them on to me! I love you all so much! Love, Susan

Cinderella Moments Real Estate said...

Are you talking about Anne of Green Gables with Megan Follows? I love that movie. It's so sweet. I have the music in my ipod and I play it all the time because it's so heavenly. Then Disney made a series called Avonlea. It was so brilliantly good too. It was about the same village Anne comes from. The sweetest series ever!
Thanks for supporting my new site. You are the best!
Enjoy you new car!
Have a fantastic week!