Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday - April 25, 2013 and Blissful White Wednesday, and Amaze Me Monday!

Afternoon Sweet Friends,

Hope you have had a beautiful spring week,
so far.........if not, maybe it will be a beautiful
Friday and spring 

I had a good Monday and Tuesday, but saw something
accidentally on facebook that was very discouraging to
me, as it involved people that I really love, and have
been a bit down yesterday and today, so started cleaning
the bathroom trying to put it behind me, so tore apart a
floral arrangement in there to wash the flowers, so thought
maybe I should play some, since I had those flowers out
(after washing them of course) and maybe that would cheer
me up,  and actually it did, that along with a lil sunshine to
boost my melatonin levels!  lol

So then decided I should make it a Blissful white Wednesday
post we will see how you like it,  have way too many
pics so decided to use some now and some for next week.

colored pencil affect we go.......................

I am thankful
for this pretty and modern looking  pitcher
Dee and Jerry got me for my birthday, so
decided to make a Blissful White Wednesday
post with it.

I am thankful
my son made it to Spain safe and sound.
and hope he can have a good time.  Hard
to leave wife and baby so soon.

I am thankful
that a lil boy named Luke who had cancer and
underwent a bone marrow transplant is home
and cancer news I have heard all

I am thankful
for the bright sun shiny days we have had lately,
have been getting out there and working on my
tan,  so I don't have those pasty white legs when
I wear

I am thankful
for dear longtime friends who will listen and
empathize with you, but will also tell you what you
 need to hear,  not just what you want to hear......
We all need at least one friend like that,  they are
truly a gift from Heaven............

I am thankful
that we got some pics of Miss Brooklyn printed
finally...........for my Grammy book!We also got to
 see her on Tuesday and took a few more pictures,
  she is really starting to respond so much, she is 
just so adorable!!

I am thankful
that Dee and Jerry are coming over on Saturday
to help us move our bedroom furniture around.
Have been wanting to do that for quite awhile
now,  so that will be a thrill for me.


I am thankful
for christian music and how it speak to me so
much,  and so many times just when you need
to hear it the most.

I am thankful
that I had a good appt. at the dentist and only
have one more crown to be done,  but probably
want be until August,  as our dentist is going on
maternity leave in May,  and want be back till
August I think it I get a break too!  lol

I am thankful
for a new chicken casserole recipe I am trying tonight,
and hoping it is really good.  I will let you know.

Made a veggie casserole this week,  that had rutabega,
carrots, parsnips and onions and hated
It was had dumplings on top,  and
thankfully we did like that it wasn't a
total loss.  That is a rare happening I have to say,
Thank Goodness!

I am thankful
when we hear about people who are so kind and
 generous. Read on yahoo, about a lady who gave a 
wedding to a couple, because the bride has an
 aggressive form of breast cancer and they think she
 could only have a few months left, but the love and
 generosity of those that were involved gave the bride
hope she can beat this thing.............and I so pray
she does.......................

I am thankful
that doing this post cheered me up so much!!
A great benefit to blogging,  takes your mind off
and thankful for you sweet friends who come
by to visit as well.................

filmgrain affect


Well, Thanks so much for coming by today,

Looking forward to hearing from you,  and
interested to see how these 2 go together.
White Wed/ Thankful Thursday.

First time in awhile that I actually got a Thankful
Thursday post done this early....................

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I am also linking up to Cindy over at Dwellings
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Have a Great Friday and Weekend,

Love, Hugs
and Pretty White Blessings,


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Your vignette just kept getting better and better as you added to it. So beautiful, and you touched my heart with your reasons for being Thanksful. Have a super day. Hugs, Marty

Rebecca said...

Good stuff, Nellie :)
Christian music is a big encouragement and form of expression for me, too...

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Love your vase and flowers, the penciled effect is so pretty! So happy for Luke, God is good!

Susan Todd said...

#1. I like the white pear too!
#2. I'm so glad to hear he did. I have been praying for traveling mercies for him.
#3. Thank you, LORD for healing Luke. I also pray this for Andrew in our church.
#4. I'm thankful for the little rain we have gotten. My "grass" doesn't look as bad now, ha!
#5. Pray that I may be that influence to Alice. I'll tell you later.
#6. You are my gift for pictures! I am making a wall display of her pictures in pastel frames with cute butterflies and dragonflies on the corner of the frames! I'm making the pictures 8x10. If you would, please send to me your new pictures!
#7. Isn't it great to have the strength of the "youth" to help!
#8. Tell me! I have gotten into listening to Ernie Haase and Signature Sound on their DVD's! How uplifting to hear as well as see the joy in their faces as they sing their hearts out for our LORD!
#9. I know you will be glad when it is all finished!
#10. Sounds good to me! However, taste, I guess is another thing, ha!
#11. Praise our GOD for the joy He gives through others!
#12. I've got to get busy on mine! Janet was a cheer for me today with a card she sent me in the mail!
Thank you for your Thankful Thursdays. It is an uplifting joy in my week! Love you all, Susan.

Kadee Willow said...

How wonderful to see grace and joy in your everyday life! I love how you posted these joys.. it was such a wonderful way to get to know you better! And such sweet photos to go along with it...!

Jess said...

The pencil effect is awesome!
Thanks for stopping by my "once-a-month" blog post...always great to hear from you.
GOD bless Scott and his precious family. I'm so glad that they are doing better. Our Katie had a rough time at first as well, so I know how challenging it can be for some when baby arrives.
My recovery is slow but steady...GOD continues to uphold us. We are finally done with the Deltona house. Hopefully the stress of the past two years will finally disipate.
Sending you love and ((HUGS))

Cinderella Moments said...

The flowers are so pretty in the white pitcher. I love the slightly more modern lines of the vase with the classic roses. Perfect!
Sorry you got a little depressed there. But I think you are the kind of person that doesn't stay down for long.
I'm glad your son had a safe trip. I hope he has a good tome despite being away from his little family.
Well enjoy the sunshine! I'm looking painfully pale as well. Hopefully my trip to the beach will change all that.

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Thank you Nellie for sharing at Amaze Me Monday!!! Hope you have a GREAT week...

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

First, thank you for mentioning Luke. He just had his first checkup and they don't have to go back until late May. What a blessing for them to have a little break finally.

I love your pitcher...I have a weakness for white pitchers and white flowers. Very pretty.

I'm sorry something got you down on FB. Hopefully you were able to shake it off. I hate it when people post upsetting things (personal business) there. I don't understand it!

We are finally having a nice couple of days with warm temps and sunshine squeezed in between 2 cold and rainy weekends. I'm enjoying it today before it drops 20 degrees tomorrow and starts the 5 day rains again. I'm a different person when the sun shines.

As for Christian music, I just downloaded a song yesterday. I heard it (on a FB post) and loved it. Chris Tomlin's Amazing Grace-My Chains are Gone. So beautiful!