Friday, February 13, 2015

Thankful Thursday - February 12, 2015, and more Valentines decorating

In God we make our boast all day long, 
 and we will praise your name forever.
Psalm 44:8

Greetings Sweet Friends,
and welcome to Thankful

So....what kind of week have
you had??  Hope it has been
a good one.

Mine has been good and a lil bit busy,
but a good busy.  lol  Told you I would
show you the rest of my  Valentine's
decorating today, so here are the pics.

Well, I am late as you can see,  so just
gonna plunge right in..................

I am thankful

for a really fun Friday night with Scott, Megan 
and the baby. He made an awesome grilled 
chicken salad.The aroma from his marinaded 
chicken was amazing as he was taking it off 
the grill, and I was thinking if this taste any-
where near as good as it smells it is gonna
 be awesome,  and it truly was......
We all played with Brookyn till she went to
 bed and then had a hot game of Sorry.  lol
Very Fun Evening!

that we got our yard mowed for the first time this year
 and some bushes cut back as it was a lovely day on
 Saturday for doing that.

that we had a fellow come out to give us an estimate for
 some pressure cleaning /painting we want to have done.
  We always do everything ourselves so the estimate
 was rather shocking, but probably is the going rate, we
 are just out of touch with that since we have never paid
 anyone to do any painting for us in 30+ years. Happy
to have them do it tho, cause it involves getting on the
roof to paint our chimney,  and don't really want hubby
up there,  so it will be sure be nice to have someone
else do it for a change.  

for a nice restful Sunday afternoon, we got a
 Newspaper and actually got to sit out in the backyard 
and read it.  So that was really nice, then took a
 2 hr. nap, and watched our Pastors most of the
 evening and then had a long chat with Dee later too.
Perfect end to a perfect day........

that hubby is gonna be able to work at home now
 for 2 days a week rather than just one. Think that
 will help him to be less tired in the evenings and
 will add 2 more hrs. to his day along with
it being a nice midweek break.

same pic with posterized affect

that Megan and the baby stayed and had pizza and 
salad with us on Wed. when she came to get
wee Scott was out of town. So it was nice..

That Dee now has 4 contracts for home sales, she is
 ecstatic and amazed, since these are her first sales
 since she has become a real estate agent.
We are ecstatic and amazed along with her and
We are praying they all go through.......

 that I learned some new things on the computer that
 I needed to know this week. 
Oh, The thrill of Victory.  lol

that I got lots more work done on my card shop
 this week. It's coming slow but sure.   lol

for a really fun time over at the home of some
 friends last night. The reason I am late again!!  lol

 What a great time of fellowship, and some yummy
 desserts as well. We spend a lot of time laughing when
 we get together, and laughter is good for the soul.

that Scott got home safe and sound yesterday.

that our friends gave me a dessert goodie bag
 to bring home, which is about to become my
breakfast.  Buttery pound cake with fresh straw-
berries and blueberries, and whip cream.
He even made homemade whipped cream
and it was really delicious......I will have to
use my spray whip cream this morning. lol
but it will still be yummy!!

with posterized affect

There you have it,  another week
 at Cozy Place.

Well, I am off to eat my yummy
 breakfast with a nice 
cuppa joe.........

So happy you could stop by......

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Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I like that your Valentine's decor is not over the top, but rather some elegant touches here and there. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Sister Susie Says said...

Whoops! I didn't realize I had not checked your Thankful Thursday!
#1. I had chicken too, (Chick Filet, ha!)
#2. Mine's holding out great since I had the couple from Alice come and clear out all the over growth!
#3. It surely helps as we get older that we can get liable people to help us.
#4. I've been finding myself resting more too on Sundays!
#5. I'm so thankful to our LORD that He blesses us so much! Good going, Jim!
#6. Family and friends are such a blessing! I had brunch again with Sylvia. Alice asked me last night if I wanted to go to Cracker Barrel, but I had just finished eating my spaghetti and cheese bake!
#7. Another prayer for her from me too!
#8. Don't you know it! Mine is running slow as molasses again!
#9. I still use my old Print Master!
#10. I surely enjoy being with my lady friends after Bible study! There surely is laughter galore!
#11. Yes! He called me about Saturday's get together!
#12. The LORD has given us the blessings of life and food is one of them!
I love you all, Susan