Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Our Valentine's Tablescape

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope you all had a Wonderfully Fun 
and Loving Valentines day weekend.

Ours was great I have to say. It was a very relaxing,
restful and fun weekend...... all about us!!  lol
  We started celebrating on Friday night.  We got some 
great Italian take out, that we were able to have 2 nights
 in a row, so I set a nice Valentinsy  table of course, with 
what I could find to throw together, and it turned out
 pretty cute I think. I also decided to make some chocolate
 covered strawberries and got some already made butter
 cookies and dipped those in dark choc.too,  and.........
 they were all yummy.  We watched our fav movie on
Valentines day "You've got mail",  I am not a watch
a movie over and over again type of girl,  but neither
of us ever tire of this movie for some reason!!  lol
Then we watched another one on Friday night called
"Healed by Grace",  it was excellent,  a great story
 depicting Romans 8:28,  and how the Lord redirected
 this young womans life for something even better.

Thought I would show you our Valentines table
today since we all love pictures and tablescapes,
and before we move on to the next occasion.

This was our centerpiece.  Swipped the faux roses 
from the pitcher on the coffee tableand put them in 
another pitcher, swipped the bear off the hearth
 out of his wagon, and the Valentines sign off the
 table in the hallway.  

Also, had been looking off and on for along time now
 for these red chargers a friend gave me some years back.
  I didn't find them at Christmas time and even thought
 maybe I had given them to Dee since she has a lot of
 red and forgot about it......but finally I found them on
Valentines day tucked away in the spare bedroom 
closet, and saw something of Dee's that I was thinking
I should take to her the next time we go there, and when
 I went to get it my eyes fell on a black box and couldn't
 read it cause it was upside down, so turned my head
 upside down and sure enough it was the chargers. 
 Have to say that happened..... after I said a lil prayer,
 Lord, where are those chargers I want to use them 
for our Valentines table..........and not 10 mins. after
 I found them.
The Lord has helped me find sooooo many things
 over the years..............and I think it is so neat,
that He is interested in those lil details of our
and I was very very happy to finally find the
chargers especially in time to use them 
for Valentines day.  Had missed them
at Christmas................lol

So.....I got to use the pretty red chargers,
then my plain white corelleware plates,
 and my pretty rose print salad plates I
purchase at Target years ago.

Used my weddding silverware and turned the white
napkins into roses and tied with some ribbon I found
in my stash.

Found the lil heart confetti in my stash too,  it always
adds a nice touch.

used pretty clear goblets for our sparkling grape juice,
as they always look a bit more formal.

  then of course, you have to have some candles.
Was already using the red one on the dining room table,
but it was surrounded by red potpourri, so just took it
off the platter and used it by it's lonesome then swipped
the lil white heart dishes, off the coffee and sofa table,
and just added candles and confetti.

This affect is called photocopy....Thought it was cute........

Then I got real red roses from hubby,
So changed the centerpiece  a little.

with colored pencil affect

Then I decided to refresh them on Monday
 and put some flower fresh in so they last longer,
  and decided to do a lil floral arranging of my
 own.  Roses aren't so tall now and think you 
can see them better. 

 and I took out some mauve mums they had stuck in,
 and made  another arrangement for my guest bath. 
somehow they didn't show up in the picture, guess
cause they were stuck together so closely.
 So it wound up being a 2 for 1 deal.   lol

This pic was of the pretty cello gift bag
the flowers were in,  it is so cute it is
tall and V shaped and will look adorable
to put on my front door or somewhere
with some faux flowers stuck in for
next year................

Well, have a great week ahead............


Thanks so much for coming by to visit.

It's always so nice to know you were here.


  1. Hi Nellie, What a perfect tablescape for Valentine's Day. I must admit I didn't put any effort into it-but there's always next year. Love each detail on your table. Of course, being in the recovery stage of surgery,food didn't seem to appetizing to me.
    Hope you have a wonderful week my friend; thank you so much for all your prayers-they are helping.
    He is our strength and our song.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. A blessed day indeed. I love the mums, especially when they are the fluorescent kind!
    Love you all, Susan

  3. Cute Valentine table. While looking at the pictures, I laughed out loud. I have those same chargers, but completely forgot about them! Oh, well, I'll have to get them out for another red holiday. ;-)


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