Wednesday, October 16, 2013

White Fall Living Room and Country French Chicken recipe

Happy Wednesday
 Sweet Friends,

How in the world are ya??
Doing well, and enjoying this lovely
Fall weather??

I am doing fine, it has still been a bit
busier than usual, and the weather is
cooler at night still than in the day, but
we do have a sense that it is Fall for sure,
 cause the shadow are longer,the grapevine
 leaves are changing to yellow at least
 before they die!! 
Our big Fall leaf change! lol
Oh and we have rain trees scattered about 
in our area,  and they do present with
 fall colors.  Very Pretty

I am watching our lil darling today,  so
 while she is taking a nap thought I would 
at least get a post started. Doubt seriously
I will get it finished,  but hopefully later
in the day.  She is crawling much better
this week, not as shaky, and so very
proud of her accomplishments.

We are gonna skype Dee today so she
 and Brooklyn can see each other.  Auntie 
DeeAnna just brings out this funny side
 in Brooklyn.  It is just so cute and It 
really cracks us up. 

I made some "Country French Chicken"
for dinner last night,  I usually make
it with yellow rice,  but decided to use
Jasmine rice this time,  and I think that
is my fav now.  If you would like the
recipe,  just click here.

Last Friday my sweet friend Becky, yall
 know her as Becky from TimeWashed, 
came by to visit with me for a while, and
she loves to bless me yearly with a punkin
as she knows I love them too.  the last
3 years they have been hand made
pumpkins that she makes herself.
All the sweeter...........

 So just had to show is so
 cute.........course, I can't think of one of her
 pumpkins that isn't cute,  and if you have
 never visited with her,  and you like 
pumpkins this is the place to go.........
cause she has a great etsy shop with
 plenty of punkins. I'll leave her address
at the bottom, as I will be linking up
to her too.

She also brought me this cute lil dish towel.

I liked it so much I hung it on the back of 
my head dining chair. Course, eventually
it will get moved to the kitchen probably.

These are all vignettes using my new 
cutie pie has a driftwood
 stem,  so cute! and Thanks so much
Becky, I truly love her as I do all
your works of art.

No lighted candle you say,  what??

Okay, here we go.......... always need a
 little candlelight,
no matter when it is................

The burlap was part of the clever wrapping job
that becky does,  she used the dishtowel and 
the burlap like tissue paper, and the gift bag
looks so purty!  

Hubby got me this pretty candlestick
 quite a few years ago and it is 
one of my favorites.

This is on the other side of the vignette
as you will see in the next picture. Love
white pitchers and creamers, so just tucked
in a lil fall greenery.

This is the whole vignette.  I found that 
subway art thanksgiving poster on some
ones blog a few years back, but don't
remember where now,  so if it was you,
please give me a heads up and I will
give you credit immediately.........

By the way I really love that Poster, 
 and have enjoyed it so much..............

Well, thanks for coming by...........
Hope you enjoyed your visit.

Always good to have you!

Have a good rest of the week and

enjoy that Fall weather while you can.

I am sharing:

  with Becky @ Timewashed
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With Patti and Paula over at 
Ivey and Elephants,  to go there 
just click here!

With the Style Sisters, click here
to go for a visit.

Love,  Hugs,  and
White Pumpkin Blessings,


Sister Susie Says said...

What would fall be without pumpkins! I really like my pumpkin coffee creamer this time of the year!

I can hardly wait to try your Country French Chicken recipe! It sounds delicious and makes my mouth water, ha!

I just know you are seeing Brooklyn's growth and development exploding each week that you spend time with her!!!

After Bible study, I took Alice to the Florida Hospital in Orlando to see her social worker for her breast cancer. We had gone on Tuesday but the lady was not in her office. Alice has left many messages, but was never called back. Thank the LORD, the lady was there today! Alice has had her last chemo treatment and now will be starting radiation. Please keep her in your prayers. The nerve endings in her feet have been damaged and she has lost feeling in them. The doctor says the nerves will regenerate. What a testimony for the LORD she has been during this time of trial!

That was my Wednesday. I'm awaiting your Thankful Thursday post. Love you all, Susan

BECKY said...

Hey Nellie!
I love these photos! The lighting is so good, and they are so crisp! And, of course, I love seeing the little pumpkin I made for you!! Thank you for the shout out!! That pitcher looks great, too. I don't remember seeing that when I was over, but there is just so many Fall pretties to see!

Love ya lots!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Nellie, love your pretty white fall vignettes. Thanks so much for the recipe, I have to give this a try it sounds amazing. But my favorite is this little sweetheart holding the bird. Gorgeous!