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Welcome to Thankful Thursday - October 24, 2013

 Blessed is the man who does not walk
 in the counsel of the wicked or stand 
in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers.
 But his delight is in the law of the LORD, 
and on his law he meditates day and night.
 He is like a tree planted by streams of water, 
which yields its fruit in season 
and whose leaf does not wither.
 Whatever he does prospers.
Psalms 1:1-3

Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope your week has been a good
mixture of emotions for you like
it has been for me.........

Since I am so late will let the 
Thankfuls do the talking.........

I am thankful
for the surprise, adventurous, tiring yet exciting
and invigorating,  fun and stretching week that
we have had................
On Monday I was called about a young mom of
the age of 34, whose husband is in the military and 
who has a 10 mo old adorable but highly energetic
 baby boy.  She had taken a bad spill on her bicycle
 and was all scrapped up, with a hurt shoulder and 
 a broken rib, the baby praise God was fine other
 than a few small scrapes. The call was from another
young gal who attends our church and who is her
 friend and neighbor.... and this young mom and her
 husband just recently visited our church, brought
by the girl who called me......also my husband and
 I met them,  and thought they were a lovely young 
couple. Well, her hubby was in Texas in training and 
can't come home accept on the weekend,  and with
 her bad shoulder and broken rib there is no way she 
can pick up her son.  She hasn't been in our area
 for long and she only knows a couple of friends, 
one being the lil gal that called me, wondering if 
there was some sort of assistance our church might
 be able to help with.  I felt very strongly that the
 Lord wanted us to be that help, so I called my hubby
 and told him the situation and he agreed. The house
 was clean the guest room was ready, we had just
been to the grocery store, and because of our new
 grand daughter we had baby paraphenalia that we
could use so she wouldn't need to bring that, so 
there was no reason not to, and plenty of reason to 
do it,  so we did, and altho it was fairly physically 
challenging for me at times, (mostly cause of chasing 
this lil 24 pd crawling baby) I would not change this
 experience for anything.  Something like this is a 
really big stretch for me, but the Lord really made
 it so easy for me. So it was a new grace experience.

I am thankful
for the precious and sweet spirited gal that is her
 friend, she is a single parent with 4 children of her own,
2 that are older 12, and 10, and twins that are 4 yrs old,
 and she took the baby 2 nights,  and 1 day to help us out,
as well as going over to her friends house to get things
she needed or  forgot. Her children were amazingly
 well behaved and were such a help with entertaining
 the baby, he adores them,  and we were delighted to
 get to know them all better.

I am thankful
for several folks who brought us dinner this week
to help out.  What a blesssing that was!!
Cause I was exhausted...............

I am thankful
that anything she needed for the baby but forgot
as she was packing while hurting to come over
here,  the Lord caused us to have on hand.

I am thankful
that I was able to get a teenager to come and
help out on Thursday and Friday and she did a
wonderful job of watching him to give me some
relief............what a blessing!
He is a very curious and fast and furious lil guy,
sweet as he can be...........but too much for
 this 61+ yrs. body!  lol

I am thankful 
for some simple things that happened this week
that just showed God's love and care for this sweet 
girl.  One being that one lady brought us lasagna 
and she is allergic to beef,  and I never thought
 about it, but the Lord knew, and it was 5 cheese 
lasagna with no meat, and she was saying earlier 
in the day she wished she had some chocolate 
chips cookies and the same lady brought some,
and also brought her a get well card.
So sweet and Thoughtful

I am thankful
that we got to meet this sweet couple, and it
has really been a blessing to help her,  and to
see how the Lord has worked.

I am thankful
that because of the rest and care we have
 been able to provide for her, she is definitely
in much better shape than when she arrived.
She went home last night (Friday)
 with her hubby.

I am thankful
for so many answers to prayer that we saw
this week.  Like her hubby being able to get
a flight out early, and that he would be able
to stay longer. Typically, he would leave on
Sunday night and he is getting to stay until
Tuesday afternoon.  For strength for me to
take care of this lil 24 pd. and very busy
lil guy......and for help and the Lord surely
did provide in so many ways, and there 
were others, just can't remember them all
right now.

I am thankful
that I have such a helpful hubby as well,
as he was good with helping with the
baby in the evenings when he was home.

I am thankful
I could find some time in there to talk
with my Asheville girl.........not much
tho, cause I was pretty busy this whole

I am thankful
for the body of Christ and how God's 
people rally around and help,  and when
each one does a lil it makes such a huge
difference in a situation.  Because of all
the love this family has experienced this
 week they have decided to make our
 church their church home.........
Thrilling to be a part of that!!

Well, sweet friends,  I have missed
you guys......but it was worth it, altho,
it has been quite a busy week, it has also 
 been quite fulfilling week. No better feeling 
than that of being able to really help someone
in need...............

Thanks for your visit,  always great
to hear from you. Hope you have a great

Love, Hugs and 
Fulfilling Blessings to You,



  1. What a blessing you were, Nellie! I, too, am exhausted - but I was taking care of 2 86-year-olds :)

  2. #1. You had your hands full! What did Brooklyn think about her little rival, ha!
    #2. Praise the LORD for His help as well as those He has led to help!
    #3. I bet you were. I wondered why you hadn't posted, now I know!
    #4. All the more the LORD's leading her to you!
    #5. Taking care of Brooklyn was leading you to this. You had more strength than if you hadn't been watching Brooklyn!
    %6. Our LORD works in mysterious ways!
    #7. Proof of our LORD. And "the fool has said, 'there is no GOD!' "
    #8. I sure her hubby is so thankful for you too!
    #9. I thank the LORD he was able to get more time for her from the service he is in. The LORD is preparing you for when Brooklyn gets to going with her crawling and walking!
    #10. Brooklyn has also prepared him for helping with your visiting baby!
    #11. I know there was a lot to share with one another!
    #12. Oh, praise our LORD! Thank you Nellie for your witness of love to them! Praise GOD from Whom all blessings flow!
    Love you, Susan

  3. Hi Nellie,

    You are always there to lend a hand and assist Nellie! This couple is truly blessed.

  4. That is so terrific! You are what America is all about. This spirit of caring for one another is alive and well indeed. I think the media just tries to hide it so we feel like we live in an awful world. You are one of God's angels for sure. I adore you!!

  5. Caroline said it well, "You are one of God's angels." You were used of God, and it blessed multiple people. God bless you and your family.
    Hugs, Beth


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