Wednesday, October 30, 2013

White Living Room etagere shelves - Fall 2013

Happy Wednesday Morning
Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having a great time
enjoying some Fall Fun ........

It continues to be pretty busy 
around here this week, but thinking 
next week will settle down some.
I seriously need it

Miss Brooklyn is taking a nap so
figured I would try to upload a 
few pictures at least, and do a 
post since I only got to post 
once last week.............

 Thought I would show you my white 
Living Room dressed up for Fall.

 Top of a cloche with these cute lil pinecone ornaments
found somewhere last year, don't remember where now.
These next shots are all from the bottom shelf.

 Another cutie pie pumpkin from Becky over at Time
Washed a few years back.  It is made of plaster of paris.
and then simply embellished,  I just love her.........

Shot of the whole shelf

These are all shots of the middle shelf

Bought this Eagle for my honey years ago for Father's
Day or his Birthday. That was many moons ago when
I worked for Home Interiors and Gifts.

The whole middle shelf

These next 2 are from the upper shelf

The whole upper shelf,  took other shots but they didn't
come out here you go!!  lol

Happy you could stop by,  
hope you enjoyed your visit.

Have a really great day!

Am sharing with:
Becky @ TimeWashed
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Cindy @ Dwellings
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Hugs and Blessings,


  1. When I saw that pumpkin I knew right away it was a Becky creation. Looks really pretty. I love white and have a lot of white serving pieces bc it just seems to go with everything!

  2. Love your decorations Nellie!:). You gotta post pictures of Brookylns costume soon:). If she's gonna dress up that is!:)

  3. I have always loved your eagle! I guess that's not surprising since I love birds so much. Our ladies' group went to visit Millie today. She was in the rehabilitation place dad was in. In their lobby they have an inside aviary behind glass with finches and other small birds that have nests like you see that are enclosed except for the hole opening! It was really comforting to watch them flying around. Love you, Susan

  4. Hi Nellie! I love the whiteware and the way that you have decorated the shelves! Fresh and clean and pretty and such a nice change from the regular seasonal colors. God blesses us all with so much beauty in so many different areas of our lives. I am so glad that He is blessing you with a season of love!



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