Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fall and Thanksgiving Tables from past years

Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope your week is going well,
 so far!

Our's has been sad, hurtful, frustrating, and
 maddening.  I will spare you the details, but
will just say that it is hard when you see that
someone is making a poor decision for them-
selves out of impatience, and no matter how
 much you try to warn them or protect them,
they will not hear you............and you just 
have to accept they are gonna do what they
 are gonna do...........and wait for the fall out.
Nor do they care the impact their decisions
make on others, all they want is what they
want, and throw a tantrum to get it.......
Sometimes we want good things for others 
more than they want it for themselves....
Well, enough of that.........Thank the Lord
that He can give us His peace..........
 even in trying times.

Really felt a need to blog today to set my
 mind on something else, and to have some fun.
 Thought I would  share some past tablescapes
 with you today, since I don't have time for 
much else.  So hope you enjoy them or pick
up a few ideas..................

Here's some casual settings

 casual and quick centerpcs. Just using things
I already have around the house.

This  pic above and the rest of the ones below
 were a Thanksgiving Tablescape

Some plates had pumpkins other pears.

Made these on printmaster, it was what you saw
laying beside each plate in one of the 
above photos.

Thanks for dropping in............hope your 
Thanksgiving planning is coming along well.

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Love,  Hugs and  Sweet
 Thanksgiving Preparation 


Update on Susan:  Yesterday she
called and said she walked from
her theraphy room to her room
at the rehab place and back, using
the walker and help of the therapist.
Which is great progress and that is
 the most steps she has taken since 
this all started,  and she is still not
able to even put full weight on her
 bad leg yet.  So praise the Lord!!


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love your beautiful tablescapes and the tray centerpiece is so pretty. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

Sister Susie Says said...

Beautiful Table place settings (and to think, I've seen most of them myself, ha!)

Walking makes us stronger! Today I walked from the Therapy room to the O.T. room with no help! (It really helps not to watch my feet - looking straight ahead as I walk brings the body's natural rhythm!) I'm lifting 30 pounds - 3 pounds 10 times, ha!

Gotta go, battery is running low!
Love you all, Susan

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

So pretty Nellie! I can so relate to your heartfelt post...it is so hard to see poor decisions being made and even harder to be pulled into the problems they cause. Praying for comfort and strength for you sweet friend!

Laurie Ritchey said...

Such pretty tables. I love that ribbon tied around the napkins. So sorry for all of your hurt and frustration. Will say a prayer for you and your family. laurie