Friday, November 7, 2014

Thankful Thursday - November 6, 2014 - Fall in Foggy Asheville, Part 4

Praise the Lord!
 Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, 
Who delights greatly in His commandments
 His descendants will be mighty on earth;
 The generation of the upright will be blessed.
Psalm 112:1-2
New King James Version

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So what cha' been up to??? 
 Something Good,  I hope!

If you have been reading my blog lately 
You already know what we have been up to,
and are still up too and will be up to for
another month or maybe more...............
and it isn't visiting Asheville..........but visiting
the rehab center and my SIL 's house and 
all her brood of animals.

Thought I would show you the last of my photos
from Asheville, when we were there Oct. 11th and
 12th,  it was very foggy but thought the pics were
 still pretty and interesting........the first 6 were in the
town park,  the last 6 while we were on the road
as we were trying to slowly leave the area  lol

I am thankful

today is our 44th Anniversary, and that I have
been married to my best friend and soul mate
and what a trip it has been.  We have had so
 many fun and fabulous times together and have
 also weathered some not so good times
together like the situation right now, but thru
it all we have loved each other, been a team 
and have been there for one another.
The Lord has blessed us and continues to
 bless us above and  beyond anything we
 could have ever imagined.
Looking forward to going to din din tonight
to celebrate..............

that the Good Lord spared me from not one but
2 car accidents in one day, this week, and also
 helped me find my lost Discover card.
All Praise to Him to sits on His throne...........

Home tucked away in the mountains above the town park.


for not just church pews but padded church
pews and off mesquito repellent,  since I heard
from a missionary that preached last Sunday
about having to sit on a round post for a 45 min. 
sermon in Africa with mesquitoes and flys
buzzing all around him.  lol
Seriously tho, just imagine that!!  


for the 60 degree weather last weekend, it felt
awesome, and was so nice to be able to air out
our house and Susans.  Loving this weather, but
 it is going back into the 70's this week, course,
 that is way better than the high 80's.
It should be cool again this weekend too.  yea!!

 Remember these 2 photos from Part 3, this is what they
looked like on Oct. 12th,  see below to see what they
looked like on Nov. 1st...................

They got snow for Dee sent us
some pics of what they woke up to......
.thought it looked very neat with all the Fall colors
in the snow.


I am thankful
for a nice restful Sunday.....the only thing we
did after Sunday School and church was to
 run to Target real quick, and go to Cracker
Barrel for a nice change of pace,  then took
 care of the animals, then napped and rested
and watched our Pastors on TV for the rest
 of the day.

All the rest of the pics are from our foggy drive out of Asheville
as we headed home............the interesting photos!!  lol We couldn't
 believe how foggy it was and it was like 1 in the afternoon

that our Pastor if home from the hospital and resting.
 His wife took him to the emergency room right after
 the first service, think he passed a kidney stone. 
 Thankfully, it sounds like he will be fine.   


that they got more done on our church renovations, 
 they put stone on a wall where the welcome center is
and you can see it coming into the foyer, and  it has
 our Christian and Missionary Alliance Logo in the
 center.  It has quite an impact,  really stunning
 when you come in the door and see it.

for seeing a young lady that used to go to
our church years back,  and she saw us when
we were at Cracker Barrel and came over to
 us.  She used to come to some of our marriage
classes years ago,  and it was really great to 
see her. She was as cute and sweet as ever.


that we made more progress at Susan's house
 this week.


for the sweet and lovely scent of night blooming
 Jasmine that we get to smell
every night when we go to feed the animals.


for having the time to have some long phone
chats with Dee this week, that has been even more
 of a blessing, these last few weeks.


for our sweet son,  who had his 37th birthday this
 passed Tuesday.  He is a sweetie and we are very
 proud of him and his accomplishments but most of
 all for the good hubby he is to Megan and the good
Dad he is to our lil darling.  We are most proud to
call him our son...............

that the Dr. Said Susan's hip is healing well, and
 that she can put more weight on that leg now.
Altho, she has been having trouble with both knees 
now, and we were getting more than a lil worried.
Today she was able to walk about 10 small steps 
with the walker, putting more weight on her bad leg, 
and that she said it felt good to be able to do that
 and it hasn't bothered her one bit.  They are
 still icing her knee and it is doing okay for now.
Praying that continues.......

Well, here's another week at cozy place.

Thanks for dropping by,  nice to 
know you came by.............

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Have a super Friday and


Blessings, abundant 
to you and yours,


Rebecca said...

I thank the Lord for your positive attitude and ability to praise God from the heart in spite of less than "ideal" circumstances. God is good. All the time.

Happy anniversary! Our next one will be're just a few months ahead of us.

Hang in there. You'll have your "degree" in animal husbandry soon :)

Praying for continued progress and encouragement for your SIL. She is blessed to have you caring for her so diligently/faithfully.

sistersusiesays said...

#1. I remembered and said a prayer of thanksgiving to our LORD!
#2. Oh, my Dear LORD, thank Him for His Love and protection!
#3. I can't believe how wild those skeeters can get, ha!
#4. Yes, it is really nice weather!!
#5. Now I can see their see their sermons too, (Thank you, Nellie.)
#6. On my dear! Praise our LORD that He saw fit for him to pass it!
#7. I can hardly wait to get back to church! I have been going over to listen to Michael and Eunice from our church.
#8. It's so nice to see those the LORD has lead you to teach.
#9. The dogs are probably wondering what's going on!
#10. It loves the cold weather!
#11. I know you are blessed each time you hear her voice, as I'm sure she is when she hears your voice.
#12. "Her children will rise up and call her blessed!" Moms are called blessed by her children." Prov. 31:28
#13. It feels so good to be able to use my other leg! Now I'm able to pull off and put on my clothes now (with the help of my grasper!)
Thank you for all of your prayers!
I love you, Susan