Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Last of our Fall Decorations 2014

Morning Sweet Friends,

How are things in your world??  Can you
believe Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away,
and then Christmas is only 6 weeks away.
Shew.........hard for me to wrap my mind
around that with all we have going on.....

They say less is more........so that might
 just be our theme this year!  As I have
given up stressful Christmas's for years

Thought I would show you some Fall
pics that I never got to show you,  so
since I finished up the Asheville pics,
today is the day.

These pics are all from the white livingroom,  all
accept for the dining room pic, of course,
and this area with the draped chair is just to the
 right of the etagere' shelves.

If you would like to see those pics

This chair and wall sit right directly
across from the draped chair.

with poster edges affect

moved this subway print from the etagere
picture to here............

with colored pencil affect
Love this affect.........and here is some
shots from the dining room

some touches in the china hutch.

Think I may have shown you this before but not sure!

This sits above our family room

These 2 Bistro shelves were a Christmas present from
 our son,Scott.  He built them for us when he was
 in college.  Very proud of his great workmanship.

Our ceiling faults at an angle,  so they sit on the highest
 end of that fault.  Guess they don't really look all that
fallish,  but was taking pics and thought the one with
the pears did,  and don't think I ever showed them
to you before so figured I would today.

colored pencil affect again!

This one sits above our dining area, forgive the dust
on the greenery.......Since I have to get the tall
ladder out to dust this shelf,  it sort of gets forgotton.

Well,  there you have it..............soon it will be out
 with the Fall and in with the Christmas,  but that 
want happen here until after Thanksgiving for sure.

Thanks for coming by.........
see ya on Thursday!

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Have a great week ahead

Love, Hugs, and
Happy veterans Day to all our
wonderful, sacrificing service
men and women and their 
precious families. We love
and appreciate you so much.



Sister Susie Says said...

I like your grouping of pictures! Happy Veterans day to Jim (Air Force!) Love you all, Susan

Vidya Sudarsan said...

I love the way you have styled the open shelf with cups hanging and cute things on it.

Meg said...

Hey there Nellie...wonderful pics and thank you for popping into South Australia xxx