Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thankful Thursday February 5, 2015, and could be Valentine's Table

From the rising of the sun
 to the place where it sets,
 the name of the LORD
 is to be praised.
Psalm 113:3

Greetings Sweet Friends
and Welcome to 
Thankful Thursday,

Hope you have had a good
week so far...

Decided to show you some pics from a tablescape
 I did for my daughter some years back, that could
 definitely be a perfect Valentines Table as well.
If you would like to see the whole post, 
 Just click here

Hope you enjoy the pics......and my thankful
 list of course.

So, let's get started...........

I am thankful

that we finally got to watch a movie I had seen
 the trailer for and had heard a lot about and 
it was great.  It was the
"100 ft. Journey".
 Lovely movie, highly recommend it.

that the weather was so nice on Saturday that
 we were able to clean our porch and patio
 furniture, as it has been bugging me for awhile,
 and now it looks so nice!  Yippee
Hoping for a day to sit out there

that we could just be outside in the fresh air
 and sunshine for awhile, it felt so good.

for my hubby and all his computer expertise, 
cause there is so much stuff I could never do with it.

Rolo pretzel candies, we just love those lil buggers.....
and they are just so easy to make If you want
 the recipe,   just click here.

That we had the opportunity to counsel
 and hopefully encourage a very sweet
 couple on Monday Evening.

with paint daubs affect

I finally found my kitchen phone. Discovered it
 missing on Tuesday morning and I looked every
 where and couldn't find it, then called myself on the 
cell phone but it never rang. So I just shot up a quick
 Lord, where is my phone?
 and not long afterwards I felt I should go check in
 the garage by the washing machine, and lo and
 behold it was laying right on top of the dryer. 
 I do not remember putting it

But was sure happy to find it!!

for movies called Dolphin Tale #1 and #2. 
 We saw #1 about a  month ago and #2 on Wed.
night.  What great heart warming movies that
are taken from a true story.
Highly recommend them.

for the blessing of being a Grammy.
I never really thought much about being a 
 or dreamed about it as some ladies do, nor did 
I urge or badger my children to hurry up and have
 children, cause mostly I wanted them to wait until
 they really wanted children, so that they would be 
as thrilled to have their children as we were to
 have them......because I really love being a Mother,
 give or take a few of those teen years, lol
 but I have to say that being a
 Grammy is just the greatest.......
and I truly love and cherish this sweet blessing


for Chicken Gnocchi soup from Olive Garden,
 we got some take out on Tuesday and it was
 super, along with a nice salad and bread that
I made.................
Think I am gonna have to see if I can find a
 recipe for it now. It actually taste pretty similar
to my chicken and dumplings. Maybe I should
just make much smaller dumplings.  lol

with a paint daubs affect


that the sun finally came out today after it being
 gloomy since Monday and I was able to steal
 about 15 mins. out there, and it was delicious,
 like calgon take me away moments, with
the squirrels chirping and the birds
 tweeting, and the sun
shining on my face.

that my son was able to give me some 
help with shipping info for my business. 
 He had his own ebay business for years
so was a great resource for help.
He is a very smart cookie like
his Dad.

Well, there she is another week

 at cozy place...........


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Hope you have a lovely Friday and weekend
 your family/friends or furry friends.

See ya next week.


Diane said...

Nellie, that is a perfect Valentine's table - amazing! I love the way that you did the centerpiece with the flowers all along the center of the table. I did want the recipe - chocolate, caramel and nuts with the salty pretzels!! Food heaven, indeed! Thanks for sharing with us!!

Sister Susie Says said...

#1. Another movie I will put on my list
#2. Nice, but a little bit too cold for me, ha!
#3. Usually the dogs like being out in the colder weather, but they have been back at the door wanting in sooner than normal!
#4. Don't you know it! That Adobe Reader is trying to overpower my computer. I used to be able to left click on something I wanted to copy. But now, Adobe is making me save it before I can copy it!!! Then I have to go back and delete it from my files!
#5. Yummy!
#6. The LORD bless you all.
#7. I did that yesterday with my house phone. I called from my cell phone and the other phone was ringing right in my area but I couldn't find it! Using my walker, I went throughout the house and kept hearing the ringing near. WELL, it was in my bag on the walker! :-O
#8. I always love the story of animals that have been assisted by mankind!
#9. As so it was with your parents and mine when Scott and DeeAnna were born. They would truly be proud of them today! I know I am!
#10. I love Perkins Tomato/basil soup. It is so delicious, thick and creamy. No fake flavors. I got it and a half sandwich when the Bible study ladies and I went out to eat afterwards!
#11. The Sandhill cranes and wild turkeys have been all about! The turkeys group has increased to 6!
#12. I need to check into that to sale my Beanie Babies!
Love you all, Susan

Kristen Campbell said...

I love how simple and elegant this is! Really makes the red pop! Thanks so much for joining us at the #HomeMattersParty - we hope to see you again next week!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful the elegant simplicity of the centerpiece. Gorgeous! said...

Beautiful table Nellie, it's so simple it's elegant! sounds like a great week!

Cathy Carroll said...

Beautiful table and perfect for a Valentine dinner. Love Rolo's pretzel bites - can't bet enough of them so I don't make them often, lol. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Cathy

Angela ~ Call Her Blessed said...

Everything looks lovely! The dishes are great & the red, well you can't go wrong with that!