Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tablescape Thursday - Happy Birthday table for my daughter!

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having a good day......
it is clear and beautiful here right now!

Told you I would share Dee's birthday
table this week,  so here it is..........

I was trying to incorporate some things
that we had included in her initial wedding 
reception so she could still enjoy them, since
 they have decided to just go away, and do a
destination wedding.

So here is the birthday girl.........I finally remembered to take
some pics once they got here,  I usually get to caught
up in the festivities!!  lol

Here is her special spot at the table!
She had her own personal lil bouquet,
and she was planning to have chocolate
covered strawberries at the reception.

and her colors were going to be red, black and
white and possibly some plum.

These pics are not in the order I wanted them to be,
 but was having some difficulty losing them once they were
 uploaded for some reason. 

It was going to be red roses tho,  but at the time I needed them,
  I could not find them, so decided the red carnations would have 
to work, cause I wasn't going to spend a fortune at the florist.

Notice the black and white print on the bottom of the
vases,  those are cupcake papers in a black and white
print my daughter just loves, I purchased them to put
the strawberries in and then decided to try it at the
bottom of the vases.......and liked how it looked.

I found the lil round vases on sale at walmart for $1.49 each
 cause I wanted them to look like lil bouquets like you would carry!
  So they were perfect!  

This is a look down the center of the table.
She was the only one with a placecard!
and this is the napkin fold she had chosen,
it is called the tuxedo fold I think.  I turned
it upside down tho.

Here is a look from the side, and of course, she would
have had candles as well.

This is another look from the side.  You might notice that
some of the pics don't have the carnations in the bowl yet.
That is because I pretty much just did her placesetting, when I 
started taking pics cause I didn't know how long the carnations
 would last out of water.  So I waited till when she got here to put
them in place, so this was taken once she arrived.

Just for you information,  the carnations last well,  out of the
water for about 3-4 hours,  in case, you might like to try
using them sometimes,  then later I just floated them in a
bowl,  since the stems were already cut off. 

Here is a picture without the carnations in the
separate bowls, make a big difference .

With my fav photoshop affect - posterized

Another posterized affect

This is done with a lens flare affect,
Love the soft romantic quality it gives the photo!

This is with a paint daubs simple affect!

This is with a gradient map noise affect.
Love the colors!!

This is with a paint daubs sparkle affect!

This is with a different lens flair affect.

This is with a paint daubs dark rough affect.

Another lens flair affect!
It was perfect for filling in that bare spot!

This is another gradient map affect!

Another gradient map affect, special affects,  I think it is!!

This is a photo filter affect -  warm with Luminoscity
I loved how it looks,  with the light seemingly coming
thru the napkin, how cool is that!!

She took the vases of carnations home afterwards
and put them on her black dining room set.
Haven't seen it but she says it was very pretty,
which I thought it would be..............

 Isn't this just the perfectly heart shaped strawberry??

After dipped in chocolate it was the perfect heart shaped
chocolate covered strawberry for the birthday girl!!  lol

And since I had chocoate leftover,  hmmm,
what else could I used it decided on these
wonder German made butter cookies I buy,  they are
wonderful,  and I do a number of things with them.
First time to try them with chocolate.........but have
to say they were delcious!! 
In fact, I  have already made more...........
just for me and hubby!!  lol   

Strawberries posterized!  So whimsical!

This was the main dish,  Tilapia,  baked potatoes,  nice tossed
salad and great wholegrain bread.  This Tilapia recipe is very
easy and very delcious...............I always let them pick their
 favorite and this was my daughter's choice.  What you see
on the potatoes that is white,  it is kosher salt.  My son puts
olive oil  on them,  and then rolls them in kosher salt,  after
the taters (lol) have been cleaned well.  He learned that
 working at "Outback" Steakhouse years ago,
 when he was in college.

Maybe I will post the recipe soon on one of  my 
Heart Tips Tuesday's.

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Hope you enjoyed your visit,  
love having you come by.

Want to see what I did with the carnations that were
 embellishing the bowls...........come back next
week for Tabletop Tuesday and I will show you!!

Have a Terrific Thursday, and I will
 be posting Thankful Thursday as well, 
 just later on tonight!!

Pretty Table Blessings, 

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Karin Şen Cankan said...

Great table.

Happy Birthday to your duaghter.

Karin Şen Cankan

Rebecca said...

You clearly enjoy planning unique table settings for your special meals, Nellie. I'm sure this is appreciated SO much by those you honor. This is just lovely - and what a good idea - to use some of the reception items.

Patti said...

Oh, Nellie, the table is stunning!! (So is birthday girl, by the way!!) I love how you folded the napkins, and those white plates are to die for!!!

Oh, thanks for the tip on the potatoes. I love baked potatoes (with sour cream, no butter), and I love the idea of rolling them in salt. I bet the skins are awesome that way.

Anyhow, what a lovely birthday celebration it was.


Sister Susie said...

I didn't realize DeeAnna was not having her wedding here. The table was beautiful. In person it appeared the table clothe was a little darker than the pictures showed. Your recipe for the tilapia was delicious!
Love to you all,

Jennifer said...

Such a pretty table - and such a sweet "labor of love" making it so special!! I hope she enjoyed celebrating her special day!! The menu sounds delish too:)

Where will the destination wedding be??

Marigene said...

Very pretty the dishes.

Emily said...

How lovely, I know how you put your heart into this. Your daughter is very lovely, I'm sending my Birthday wishes her way. I'm sure it was a special day for you both.

The French Hutch

Wendy@~Chez~La~De~da~ said...

Nellie, Love you napkin fold! Always loking for new ways to use that darn anpkin.

The strawberries looked perfect...the table...:*~:*~perfect:*~:*~
Thanks for hopping over to my blog!

Alycia Nichols said...

Hi, Nellie, and congratulations to your family on your daughter's engagement! It's so nice that you put so much work into creating this table to celebrate your daughter's birthday. I am sure she loed every minute and detail of it! I love the repetitive florals down the center. It's a great look. And hey, nothing wrong with carnations instead of roses! Carnations are so pretty, have a great texture and a fabulous aroma. Clustered together and lined up down the center of the table this way is perfect! Have a great weekend!

Dannyelle said...

What a lucky daughter to have such a thoughtful and detailed Mom. You set a beautiful table!
Dannyelle @

CAS said...

What a lovely and sweet table and a delicious looking meal. Wonderful job!
:) CAS

Cinderella Moments said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter! The table looks very romantic. I love your plates! And the red flowers on top of crisp white looks adorable.

Ranna said...

What a beautiful party and congrats on the engagement!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Those red carnations just scream "Celebration!"


I am feeling red today—
Better that than blue, they say.

Red is such a cheery shade,
Sweetest color ever made,

Brightens everything you do—
Better red, they say, than blue!

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