Thursday, August 18, 2011

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - August 18, 2011

Greetings Sweet Friends,

My my my.....Can't believe it is Thursday
again already!!  lol  These weeks are just
truly clicking off in the blink of an eye.

Trust this find you doing well,  and
getting ready for another weekend.

It's been a good week around here.... a little bit of busy fun,
preparing for DeeAnna's birthday which leads me to my
first thankful.

I am thankful
for this lovely young woman we call our daughter.
DeeAnna is truly a delight and blessing from our Lord.
She is all girl........a girly girl for sure,  which this Mom
has always loved,  and she is very smart as well, and
getting sweeter and sweeter all the time.

I am thankful 
for my camera, and especially the new digital cameras,
cause you can take all the pics you want and then just
delete those you don't want,  what a wonder!!
They are so wonderful,  they can make anybody become
 a better photographer cause you can practice all you want
without it costing you a dime. Certainly works for me!!

( I've been playing with photoshop again,  this is a colored pencil affect).

I am thankful
for is just playing with the
affects,  yet have soooo much to learn,  but it is a hoot,  and
you can do a lot of things with it besides putting affects on.

I am thankful
that God made beautiful and assorted flowers for us
to feast our eyes on and enjoy so much.
All these pics came from a bouquet Jerry gave DeeAnna.
I thought they were so beautiful!!

I am thankful
for all the variety and colors that God surrounds us with
 on a daily basis.  His creative hand is just overwhelmingly
amazing!  and to think he paints a new sunrise and sunset
 daily,  and no two are ever the same!
  I call that Awesome!!

Same pic with a paint daubs affect

I am thankful
for time,  and that God gives us times to rest,  like
bedtime,  and Sundays,  or just a lil nap every so
often...........what a pleasure.

I am thankful
for my bed,  it is one of my most favorite places to be......
when I am tired!!

 Equalized and posterized affect

I am thankful
we finally got our yard done, even tho, we did have to do some
 of it in the sprinkling rain.  lol
Actually, it was kind of fun,  makes you feel like a kid again!!
Had to wash my hair anyway,  so it was perfect timing.   lol
 It has been pouring every night before now.

I am thankful
for a wonderful Christian lady named Beth Moore.  She is like
a dynamo for Jesus!!  She is a wonderful teacher and I just
heard her this morning, telling this wonderful story about some
thing that happened to her,  and she used it to illustrate a
wonderful point about how God is always ready to
comfort us in our times of need.

I decided to do a post on it for next Monday 8-22-11.
So come on by .............

 equalized posterized affect

I am thankful
that I got to spend some time talking with a long time
friend who has been feeling so bad she hasn't felt like
talking......still has the problem..... just having a better day.

I am thankful
a cute new purse I got a couple of weeks ago, and
am gonna finally use it for the first time.  It has 
ruffles on it,  so cute!  It was nice to finally find
the right color too,  it is a cream color,  and 
haven't seen to many casual purses that color!!

 Inverted affect

I am  sooo thankful
for God's leading and his protection. I was going to meet
 hubby after work, and I didn't get too far from home and it
started raining really hard, so I called him and asked him if it
 was raining where he was and he said yes, and looked pretty
bad, so we decided not to go out,  and I headed back home.
It was raining very hard, and about a 1/2 mile from our house
 my windshield wipers just stopped, but then I realized they
were like stuck together, and I was having a very hard time
seeing because the rain was coming down so hard and right
into the front of the car, so I hit the wiper gadget in the car,
 and they moved but then just got stuck worse, now I can
not see in front of me at all,  fortunately there were no cars
 on the road, and I was just praying Lord please just get me
 to the next street, which is the street before ours, then once
I turned I could see cause the rain wasn't coming directly
at me,  but as I was driving home I realized if we had not
decided to come home, I would have been on I-4 which
could have really been bad!!  Cause I could not see a thing!!
So Very Happy to be Home!!
Praise His Name........................

That wraps up my Thankfuls for the week,

Hope you share some of yours too!

Thanks as always, for your visit and
comments,  they bring joy to my heart!

Love, Hugs,  and
End of  School Vacation Blessings,

Hope you have a great end of Summer

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Thanks,  Nellie


Rebecca said...

Blessed to be a blessing -- and THAT you are!

NanaNor's said...

Hi sweet Nellie, What a wonderful list and I loved seeing the different affects with your camera and photoshop. Daughters are true blessings. I love Beth Moore, just finishing her study on Revelation and will begin one one David in the fall. Love that gal!
Have a blessed Friday my friend.
Love, Noreen

BECKY said...

Hi Nellie!

I know you made Dee's birthday so special! You are good like that! :o)

And am so glad God protected you with the wiper thing. Just think if that had happened on I-4 or something!

Seems we're playing phone tag!!
Maybe we will connect today!
Love you!

Jess said...

Hey Girlie,

Praising GOD that HE protected you in the rain!
What an Amazing Heavenly Father we have!
His angels have been busy keeping me from falling...something about the uneven pavement at our new church...I've tripped 3 times! Each time could have meant a terrible fall with all the metal in my body, but each time, there was divine assistance in keeping my balance. Praise GOD!

Have a wonderful weekend and I pray that all of your wedding prep is coming along well. ((HUGS))

Janet said...


I am so thankful that you are okay. I think the Lord had his hand in it and I am so glad that he did.

The flowers are so pretty. I have photoshop but I don't know how to use it.

Hope you have a great weekend!
Blessings & love

Sister Susie said...

#1. She has definitely been a sweetheart from birth!
#2. I've got to use my camera more! Everytime I go to use it, the battery is dead, even to the point it won't recharge!
#3. I need to switch to it. Printmaster won't let me transfer it's pictures to other files, so I usually make a copy from the printer and transfer it to my other files.
#4. That reminds me when some years ago when my teacher assistant's husband always sent her flowers to school. They was delivered to the classroom!
#5. It's the wild animal life has always amazed me. All of the birds, even the ferrel cats that play in the tall grasses in my back property near twilight! They roll and tumble, spring up into the air, run like the wind. They are so funny to watch, but if you go out, they just as quickly disappear.
#6. Oh, don't you know about the rest! I have found myself doing alot of that lately!
#7. I am so thankful the LORD has given me a comfortable place to live and enjoy!
#8. I'm still waiting to get mine done. I'll probably be helping George when both of our lawn mowers are fixed! He'll be doing one side while I'm doing the other, ha!
#9. There are so many I love to learn from; Joyce Myers, Charles Stanley, Jack Van Impe, John Hagee (his son too), so many more!
#10. Friends mean so much! Linda (next door) and I went to Mt. Dora Thursday and had lunch at the Tea Room and then walked looking in the different shops. It was really nice, not many people since it was in the middle of the day and middle of the week, ha! I'll be meeting Sylvia and one of her other retired friends (from her old school) on Monday. Then the following Monday we are meeting another friend of ours who is retired! I'm beginning to really like retirement, ha!
#11. I need to do that (get a new purse!) The one I have, I've had for years!
#12. I remember when I was going home from college one time and had to slam on the brakes due to someone who ran a red light. It popped the brake lines and I couldn't stop. I just had to coast to this gas station using the hand brake (my old Mercury Comet.) In the 70's gas stations still did auto work. Thank goodness dad didn't have to come again and "bail me out of a fix" with that old car!
Looking forward to Saturday! Love to you all, Susan

Jennifer said...

Oh I just have to second many of those...thankful for girly girlies:) and purses with ruffles! and naps (oh yes!) and digital cameras...would you pray that I can find mine?? And, for God's great protection, too!!! What a great list this week! Hugs, friend.